I am Henry and maybe like you, I love to play video games. I have been playing since I was a baby back in the 90s until today. I’m the type of gamer that you usually is your go to when you don’t understand how to beat it or stuck. I love breaking video games puzzles, formulating strategy and finding new ways on how to play video games.

That’s is why I created this little blog to teach other players that are stuck and help them succeed. I know how it feels being stuck in a video game for hours and not having a single clue how to beat the level or that annoying boss. A lot of people run out of patience and might simply give up. Not me! Until that level is beaten or that boss defeated, there is no giving up.

I’ll be posting many more tutorials and games recommendations in the future, so expect more from Nexgengame!

If you like my tutorials and recommendation don’t be shy to let us know. I would really appreciate criticism as well to help me improve the site and provide a better quality service for you. You can use the contact us on the menu if you wish to leave a comment or concern.