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  • Smithing Guide for OSRS

    Smithing Guide for Old School Runescape

    Runescape is a multiplayer, fantasy role-playing game in which you create and develop your personalized character, exploring a massive world. Compared to Runescape 3 (the newest Runescape version released), Old School Runescape is a separately released video game that adopts older gameplay elements and graphics of the Runescape series. This global video game phenomenon keeps […] More

  • Fletching guide for OSRS

    Fletching Guide for Old School Runescape

    Undoubtedly, fletching is one of the most critical P2P skills that you will need in Old School Runescape. Usually, you will need a membership or BOND to activate it. But worry not. This skill is relatively easy to learn, and you will be an expert within a short time.  This fletching guide is going give […] More

  • Firemaking Guide for Old School Runescape

    Firemaking Guide for Old School Runescape

    Firemaking is an important skill to acquire in OSRS as you will use its various levels to achieve multiple targets. For instance, it is crucial for the cooking skill because it will enable you to cook from almost anywhere. It is also instrumental in combination with woodcutting skill to set the Logs on fire immediately […] More

  • Fishing Guide For OSRS

    Fishing Guide For Old School Runescape

    Every player who sets foot on Tutorial Island will know how to fish by the time they leave. You cast a net into the water and draw some shrimp you cook. This humble skill will become one of your most essential skills in your adventures in Gielinor. Fishing provides you with a variety of fish […] More