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  • best rings ds2

    Best Rings in Dark Souls 2

    In Dark Souls 2, rings are essential kits, with some being definitive parts of a particular build. Take a look through this guide as we take you through some of the best rings in Dark Souls 2 while discussing how to obtain or find these handy trinkets. Whether you need to gain more souls or […] More

  • best shields ds2

    Best Shields in Dark Souls 2

    Relatively few games are as punishing as the Dark Souls franchise. However, when it comes to Dark Souls 2, shields play an essential part in survival as you start understanding your enemy mechanics. These shields are more than just a barrier as they help you to distance yourself against imminent attacks. In Dark Soul 2, […] More

  • best staff ds2

    What Is the Best Staff in Dark Souls 2?

    Having a staff as part of your weaponry in Dark Souls 2 is not only crucial to creating a spell caster; it also boosts the damage caused by your game character. The best staff for you will depend on your base levels, spell buff, scaling, and intelligence stats. In this article, we review the 6 top staves […] More

  • best armor ds2

    Best Armor In Dark Soul 2

    As a game series, Dark Soul features numerous exciting weapons and armor sets to choose from. Both these equipment are essential to keep your character alive during combat. The more a player becomes skilled in Dark Soul, he/she stops focusing on the stats but puts more emphasis on looking good. At the back of every […] More

  • best greatsword ds2

    Best Greatsword in Dark Soul 2

    Dark Soul 2 is a part of the dark soul trilogies, and most players think that this game is like that middle child in the family. This best greatsword is a wonderful Dark Souls game, which gives users essential Dark Souls experience as it has the most iconic and epic battles with a generous selection […] More

  • best weapons ds2

    Best Weapons In Dark Soul 2

    In the Dark Soul world, players need to up their game, better than their best. To go through some of the craziest challenges throughout the game, players need to equip themselves with the right tools. In comparison to its preceding version, Dark Soul 2 is a more refined game. The game involves a lot of […] More

  • best build ds2

    Best Build in Dark Soul 2

    In Dark Soul 2, your beginning class characterizes how you play toward the start, not what he/she will resemble late in the game. With a variety of details, weapons, and spells to browse, there is an incredible scope of customization. Each character fabricate isn’t equivalent to another. The game’s wide scope of weapons, spells, and […] More

  • best gift ds2

    Best Gifts in Dark Soul 2 you Should Try

    Are you a gamer? Then you are aware that gifts are starting inventory items you ought to select from in the process of creating your character. To get the most out of your game, you should choose your gift wisely since they provide a temporary advantage in the game. This article explores the best gifts […] More