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  • best axe ds3

    What Is the Best Axe in Dark Souls 3?

    Though not the most sought-after weapon, axes boast high stamina damage and can roll catch with almost the same effectiveness as Straight Swords. Two-handed vertical strikes combined with a one-handed horizontal attack can pose more damage than any weapon found in Dark Souls 3. Are you looking for axes for your weapons collection? Let’s look […] More

  • Best Class in Dragon’s Dogma

    Best Class in Dragon’s Dogma

    When it comes to Dragon’s Dogma, weight and height play a major role in how strong and fast each of your game characters is. This means that you must assign a powerful vocation or class to your heroes to make them, for instance, a potent caster or strong fighter. The strength of your character will […] More

  • best katana ds3

    Best Katana in Dark Souls 3

    You would need the best katana, which offers maximum damage, slash, and blows the enemy in Dark Souls 3 to get more points and progress in the game. Many weapons are available in this game, but you should go for katana such as the Black Blade, Onikiri and Ubadachi (Dual Blade), Frayed Blade, Uchigatana, and […] More

  • best Dex Weapons ds3

    Best Dex Weapons in Dark Souls 3

    You can overcome the most difficult encounters in Dark Souls 3 with the best Dex Weapons, which effectively damage the hardest bosses. The weapons can slay all the enemies in the franchise, and you should focus on the weapons which give rapid attacks and counter-attacks against the enemy. Different weapons like Lothric Knight Sword, Sellsword […] More

  • How To Get To the Alik'r Desert

    How To Get To the Alik’r Desert & What to Expect

    Located in northern Hammerfell, the Alik’r Desert is a popular location for farming experience for new Elder Scrolls Online players. It’s home to a number of dungeons, several Mundus stones, and has two-player housing options. Perhaps most importantly, it’s the location of an easy Dolmen farm, which can allow players to quickly level their characters […] More

  • Best Hex Build in Dark souls 2

    Best Hex Build in Dark souls 2

    Are you playing the Hex Build in Dark Souls 2 and want to improve your game performance? Your performance might depend on the stats, weapons, armor, spells, and tools you choose to use during gaming. Here are the best techniques, weapons, armor, spells, and stats which will make gaming easier in this build. Stats Needed […] More

  • Best Bows in Dark Souls 2

    Best Bows in Dark Souls 2

    To have absolute fun while playing Dark Souls 2, you should have a vast knowledge of the best bows and the features that makes them superior. Having all the information with you makes it easy for you to combat your enemies and increase your chances of winning. Though the list of bows you can decide […] More

  • Best Race for Necromancer in ESO

    Best Race for Necromancer in ESO

    Finding the best race for Necromancer in ESO will provide you with a fantastic gaming experience. The necromancer class race games keep on improving and becoming better with each better rank. By playing the following games, you will get the satisfaction of thrilling living-dead magic powers as you have always wanted. Keep reading through this […] More

  • How to get to Craglorn in Elder Scroll Online (ESO)

    How to get to Craglorn in Elder Scroll Online (ESO)

    Craglorn is located in the northeast part of Hammerfell. Craglorn is an abandoned area situated between Hammerfell, Skyrim, High Rock, and Cyrodiil. It is plagued by bizarre, ghostly animals, prowling Orcs, and existences with vast control known as Celestials. An army consisting of ancient, risen warriors of Yokuda lay siege in the west, led by […] More

  • best rings ds2

    Best Rings in Dark Souls 2

    In Dark Souls 2, rings are essential kits, with some being definitive parts of a particular build. Take a look through this guide as we take you through some of the best rings in Dark Souls 2 while discussing how to obtain or find these handy trinkets. Whether you need to gain more souls or […] More

  • best shields ds2

    Best Shields in Dark Souls 2

    Relatively few games are as punishing as the Dark Souls franchise. However, when it comes to Dark Souls 2, shields play an essential part in survival as you start understanding your enemy mechanics. These shields are more than just a barrier as they help you to distance yourself against imminent attacks. In Dark Soul 2, […] More

  • Best Race for Sorcerer eso

    Best Race for Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

    If you are a gaming fanatic, you are already aware of how cracking some gaming codes early puts you at a better advantage while gaming. In Elder Scrolls Online, one of the skills you should have to crack to create a better gaming experience is knowing the best race for Sorcerer. Sorcerers are known to […] More

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