Best Bow Builds for Monster Hunter World

In the Monster Hunter World game, bows are one of the three range weapons in the underworld. Generally speaking, bows offer greater mobility, are ideal for starters, provide a wider range of maneuverability, are incredibly better than before, and give off a wide range of ways to play the end game. However, having the right bow build is important, and here is our best bow build in MHW.

The best part is that you can try this on the PC version and PlayStation 4, as the game is typically for the most part.

The typical bow provides both the arc and power shots. Their strengths and efficacies vary greatly in reliability depending on the coating. To maximize the shots’ efficiency, you will have to position yourself at a critical range distance.

Quite a number of bow builds do exist. In our discussions hereunder, we will discuss the top six bow builds of those kinds, what makes each of them stand out, any unique capabilities or special features, how to obtain them, and the various methods of acquiring them. It’s time to ditch the sword and shield!


Elementless Bow Build

Elementless Bow Build free

As the name suggests, these bows contain no elements. They are, as such, all-around DPS builds that may be used against any monster. In all, though, this bow build is mainly great for those monsters that are not so strong and potent.

To make the most of this build, you will need the Empress Crown beta, temporal mantle, and Drachen Vambraces Alpha, alongside many other pieces of equipment. Your weapons will have to possess some Affinity Increases in them for greater efficacy.

Your use of this bow will also entail the input of a couple of skills. These include the critical eye, attack boost, and weakness boost, to mention a few! Lastly, you will have to incorporate some jewels too. These could take the forms of Elementless Jewel 2, Attack Jewel 1, and the Mighty Bow Jewel 2.


Elemental Build

Elemental Build

Generally speaking, this bow focuses on elemental damage. It can also work with any weapon that has an element. The only precondition here is that that element ought not to be hidden from view. For this build, you require the input of the Rath Soul Helm Beta, Empress Coil Beta, and Fitness Charm III equipment and increase your damage output.

A couple of augmentations are also necessary for the smooth functioning of this build. Two of the most significant are the slot upgrade and the Affinity Increase. As for the jewels, you will have to take the three mandatory ones, i.e., the Dragon Jewel 1, Mighty Bow Jewel 2, and Forceshot Jewel 3.

It gives you a fairly great defense against fire. However, it leaves you vulnerable to both ice and dragons. Be sure to replace the various parts and components as you move along the game. Let us know if you like this elemental bow built in MHW.


Free Element Elemental Build

This is a very high elemental DPS build. It focuses on the core to rough hidden elements. For this build, you require the Kaiser Crown Gamma, Rathalos Mail Beta, and the Kirin Longarm Gamma, alongside other enhancers, for the best outcomes.

You will have to implement the Affinity Increase to make it all the more effective. At the same time, you will also have to incorporate a couple of jewels. The mandatory ones are the Spread Jewel 3, Forceshot Jewel 3, and the Mighty Bow Jewel 3.

Ideally, this bow build works well with weapons that have power coating. You may drop the weapon for a physique jewel if the weapon doesn’t. Mind’s eye jewels guarantee to inflict more damage when you are close to a monster. They are particularly effective at close range when the critical distance is smallest.


Elemental Fire Build

This is pretty similar to the standard elemental builds. It, however, focuses mostly on the DPS. It also makes room for better survivability as it is mainly a defensive Build. Your use of this build will also reduce the costs associated with damages.

For you to be able to make the most of this build, you will have to make use of the Empress Crown beta or the Attack charm level III enhancers. You will have to put in some additional attack jewels to get a little bit of extra agility. Consider this build if you are struggling with a monster and want a little endurance.

For any hope of managing this build effectively, you must have gained some little expertise. For this to have happened, you must have played the game for some time and mastered the basics.
Powershot Bow Build

The Powershot Bow Build comprises four essential skills for bow and constitution. These work hand-in-hand to reduce the depletion of stamina considerably. Its negative affinity is offset to only 5%. On the same note, its attack boost 5 brings the attacks to 318 with no buff. It also contains some 210 dragon elements and a high older seal.

Generally speaking, the build incorporates all skills, weakness exploits, and Critical Boost into one comprehensive build. This means your use of this particular build frees you from the need to acquire separate builds.

With regards to this, you get to enjoy the benefits you require all ‘under one roof.’ The downside of this particular build is that you have to be a pro to use it. This stems from its somewhat complicated and extremely difficult operations.

Needless to say, there are several other top bows in MHW that we inevitably had to leave out for the sake of time constraints. It is in your best interest to take on from where we have left more if you do not find any of these quite satisfying. On a quick note: try these builds in single-player before online multiplayer.

Also, as you may have already noted, these bows are quite complicated and intriguing to use. To be able to make the most of them, you have to carry out extensive practice. This can only happen if you take time to play a couple of sessions and keep track of your progress or performance.

In closing, you definitely want your peers and colleagues to also gain from the information we have furnished, don’t you? Why not share these builds with them? Let us know if you liked this bow build in MHW. Happy hunting!

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