Best Strength Weapon in Dark Souls 2

If you have been playing Dark Souls, you know that it has an incredible array of weapons. Dark Souls 2 features an even better collection of swords that will elevate your game to the next level.

Suppose you have been thinking of playing and do not know which weapons you should pick on; worry not. Here is a list of some of the best-strength weapons in the game. You get to know where it is, found, how to acquire it, and use it to your advantage. Let’s delve into the details of the swords in question.


Pursuer’s Ultra-Great Sword

The pursuer’s ultra-greatsword is known as a mite and straight sword in the game. Wielding it requires you to have great strength and dexterity. The player who has it hunts down the people who have the curse.

You can get it by trading with Straid of Olaphis with the souls of the pursuer and 1,500 souls. These are some of the tips and hints when it comes to this sword

  • you can upgrade it with petrified dragon bone to +5
  • The weapon shares a moveset with the Lost Sinner’s sword
  • It comes in handy at the early stages of the game due to Its desirable dexterity scaling and top-end strength coupled with a 390 base damage at +5.
  • The weapon scales well with the player’s strength and dexterity as it swings vertically, making it helpful in narrow hallways.
  • It attains an attack rating of 545(390+155) at a Normal +5 with 40 Strength and 40 Dexterity

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With zweihander, you get the heaviest of the swords in the pack. The zweihander is held with two hands, just like the name suggests. Even with this, wielding it is not as easy because the sword itself is heavy, and in order for you to wield it, you have to be very strong.

You get the zweihander in the dragon keep. Once you reach the smelter demon boss Gog, turn around, go straight in the same direction as the Dull Ember, and jump over a small gap. Continue to the iron chest at the end, where you find the zweihander sword.

Here are the hints and tips when it comes to the zweihander

  • You can upgrade it with titanite to +10
  • It makes the best weapon for attacking a large group of people due to its 2-handed thrust attack that can throw humanoid enemies a few feet and knock them down. Additionally, the 2-handed “golf swings” are susceptible to parrying and can push characters off a platform, consequently granting an insta-kill.
  • It has an attack rating of 472(360 + 112) at a Normal +10 and 40 Dexterity
  • The Zweihander can be infused with a weapon buff from a Fire Intrusion. For instance, 24 Strength and 12 Dex with +10 Fire Zweihander would be ideal to allow you to use your point on other stats as you retain UltraGreatsword Damage and DPS.

Drakewing Ultra Greatsword

This sword is one of the two lightest Ultra Greatswords together with the Zweihander. With this strength weapon, you get to decorate Drakewings. If you want to unleash its power, then you should use a lot of strength when attacking.

Since the sword is divided into two, you make the most out of it by smashing motions as compared to the slicing ones. You can acquire it from the weaponsmith Ornifex by trading it for 1500 souls or the guardian dragon soul.

Here are the tips and hints when it comes to using this strength weapon,

  • A petrified dragon bone can amplify it to +5
  • You can fire a projectile attack from the weapon, but it will lower its durability by +10
  • You can use it to fire two projectiles simultaneously
  • If you want to reduce the durability cost by half, then you can use the bracing knuckle ring
  • Firing off a ranged projectile attack lowers durability by 10 points. However, you can fire two projectiles consecutively.
  • Take some repair powder with you if you plan on using the special attack often. Alternatively, make sure to duplicate your swords or the Repair Sorcery. (You will need 15 intelligence for this spell, and you only have a single slot)
  • Its damage level reaches up to 1730, which rewards you with an Instant Kill during P2P.

King’s Ultra Greatsword

This greatsword comes from the soul of King Vendrick. It is known to inflict much damage on the enemy’s armor. If you would like to get it, then you would need to trade the souls of the king together with 10,000 souls with weaponsmith Ornifex.

Here are the main tips and hints when using the King’s Ultra Greatsword. It is good to remember that with this sword comes a great power that many people are not able to wield:

  • You can upgrade it with petrified dragon bone to get to +5
  • You can use a moveset that is identical to a crypt backsword.
  • It does excellent damage(3 Durability) to the enemy armor or rings thanks to STRIKE (damage type). You can also use it to break low-durability items like the third dragon ring and the old knight set.
  • It is the second highest weapon after melter Hammer at Strength 40 and 40 Dexterity, which attains an Attack Ranking of 632.
  • To beat the Smelter Hammer, you would need 87 Strength and 10 Dexterity against Smelter Hammer’s 91 Strength and 6 Dexterity.

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Black Knight Ultra Greatsword

One of the things you realize when wielding this sword is the greatest sword is wielded by knights. As such, these knights must be fearless and willing to fight in defense of the kingdom no matter the cost. As the quote from the game goes, “Even after their flesh was charred by flame, they remained as strong as ever and stood watch, challenging visitors to their land.

There are two areas where you can get this sword from, and that makes it the most exciting. You can get the sword first in brightstone cove tseldora; here, you get it in the second spider temple beyond the two walls in a chest. The second place you can get it is from a rare drop from Aldia’s keep.

Here are the hints and tips when you are using the Black Knight Ultra Greatsword:

  • It can be upgraded to Twinkling Titanite to +5
  • Its move set is similar to that of Zweihander
  • The minimum power stance on this weapon is 45 strength and 24 dexterity
  • If you want it to be better, then you can infuse it with anything from magic to Bleed by getting it to a slightly better C level.
  • It is a formidable fire weapon when infuse it with firedrake stone and buffed with a flame weapon.

Getting a good strength weapon is what will make your game more interesting. Take your time and figure out which weapons you need during your game. They will come in handy when you play in the game, especially when you want to play for longer, get the special weapons, and play on your game without a hassle.

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