Best Katana in Dark Souls 3

You would need the best katana, which offers maximum damage, slash, and blows the enemy in Dark Souls 3 to get more points and progress in the game. Many weapons are available in this game, but you should go for katana such as the Black Blade, Onikiri and Ubadachi (Dual Blade), Frayed Blade, Uchigatana, and Chaos Blade. You should know where to find these katana as they are located in different areas in the game. Again, you can choose the katana based on its strength, Dex, and how it attacks the enemy. These katana offer the needed benefits, strength, and damage to the enemy, earning you more points that increase the game’s progress.


Black Blade

The swordsman wields the Black Blade, a short katana with a shiny, thick blade shorter than the typical katana. The swordsman uses different skills and traces, which give the weapon a strong attack against the enemy. It is the best katana for the short category of katana, and it has a strong holding stance, which makes it possible to execute an attack on the enemy rapidly.

Again you can pair the black blade katana with a deflecting parry to give a normal attack, and you could buff and infuse it with other spells and skills. Although it is the shortest katana in the game, it has the highest base damage out of all katana and is reinforced with Titanite.

It offers a one-hand attack with a horizontal slash followed by a regular thrust, and it is the only katana with 2H downwards vertical slashes with a knockdown on the enemy.

  • The move-set compensates with the effective range as the katana has both 1H heavy attacks with a significant forward step compared to other katana. It has a 2H heavy attack forward-step which is convenient for roll-catching
  • It deals with over 800 damage, and at Dex/Luck 40/40, the hollow infused black blade has an AR of 423/440 1H/2H.

How to acquire the weapon

  • It is found from a mimic chest near the Flame Demon
  • You will find on the way to the smoldering lake

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Onikiri and Ubadachi (Dual Blade)

The Knight Black hands hunters wield the deal blade, which the prince looks over in Kamui. Kamui brought Onikiri to the Undead Settlement and was forged by Ubadachi and prepared to join the ranks of the royal hunters. It has the Onislayer skills, which makes it possible to leap forward and slash the enemy mercilessly.

Onikiri translates to ogre cutter, and Ubadachi means old lady sword. Compared to each other, the Ubadachi is longer than Onikiri. However, they complement each other when fighting the enemy.

  • It is the best katana as it is high quality and is good for hallow builds
  • It offers soft caps base stats comparisons between str/dex heavy/sharp. The Dex does not scale with increased strength; thus, there is little need to level or go heavy when playing the game.

How to acquire the weapon

  • You will find the weapon at the black hand of Kamui
  • It is at the top of the floor of the Grand Archives

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Frayed Blade

The Frayed Blade is a soul transposition katana, and it is the best katana for slaying the enemy when frayed at the hilt. Without its sheath, the katana crumbles into nothing. This weapon holds a stance in which a normal attack sends a devastating shockwave to the enemy leading to a series of deadly slashes.

It has a holding skill with a strong stance that offers a normal attack that sends shock waves along with the earth, thus devastating the foes. Again it is reinforced with Titanite and has the highest dexterity requirement of any weapon, making it the best katana. However, you will not buff and fuse it with other skills and have low durability, and would not have repair powder and repair sorcery.

  • It is the best for critical hits as it is the best chaos blade against the enemies at 60 DEX/ 16 str AND HAS 468AR
  • It offers a down slash which deals more damage when you wield both blades, thus hitting the target without missing.

How to acquire the weapon

  • The weapon is transposed with the Soul of the Darkeater Midir


The Uchigatana is the best katana you can find early in the game and is characterized by the fine craftsmanship of the eastern learn where it is forged. It has a finely-shaped blade that cuts the flesh of the enemy leading to bleeding. Again, it assumes a strong stance hold, leading to rapid execution of the lunging slash with a normal attack and paired with a deflecting parry with a strong attack.

  • You can upgrade with a Titanite, and you can choose the mercenary class and use this weapon right away without any leveling.
  • It is the first katana you would find earliest in the game

How to acquire the weapon

  • The swordmaster drops the katana outside the Firelink Shrine
  • You would find it in the Uchigatana where it falls after the swordmaster drops it there

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Chaos Blade

The chaos blade is a cursed sword with uncanny streaks on it, and its origins are unknown. The sword damages the wielder and enemy and brings chaos by itself. It assumes a holding stance which rapidly executes lunging slash with a normal attack.

  • It inflicts more damage than other katana but would also damage the welder
  • At 79 LCK, the chaos blade offers +5 and 51 bleeds.

How to acquire the weapon

  • It is located at the top of the Firelink Shrine
  • Found at the shrine ahead of the Champion Gundry/untended graves

It is wise to find the best katana in dark souls 3 as it offers the best damage to the enemy, paving your way in the game. When choosing the katana, you would examine its strength, Dex, and critical hits. The best katana offers the highest protection to the wielder and gives the best damage to the foes. Good luck finding the katana that meets your gaming needs.

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