Best Class for You in Dragon Age Inquisition

Deciding to play Dragon Age: Inquisition will warrant you a journey capable of over 100 hours of playtime. Due to the length of the game, it wouldn’t be wise to pick a random class without any thought, as you could have a regretful character build later on in the game; you will be forced to either stick with a class you don’t enjoy or restart the game after already committing to a few hours of playing. Because of this, the best course of action is to know what each class is capable of in order to choose your Dragon Age Inquisition best class.

When starting your play, creating your character is the first thing to do. First, you build the physical attributes such as gender, selecting one of four races, and customizing their appearance. Next, it is time to choose one of three classes, including mage, rogue, and warrior.

Although there are only three to choose from, it’s very important to choose the correct one for your desired build and play style.

When beginning your journey and onward, you will come across companions to follow and assist your character, so maintaining a balance between them is also important. Some players will research the available companions, choose who they want in their team before playing, and then mold their playable character to balance out the entire team.

Another point to consider is the role-playing aspect of the game. Most of the Dragon Age: Inquisition’s narrative is dependent on your character, such as including them in cut scenes. If your original character is important to you on a story or role-playing level, then choosing the right class for armor style can be vital.

Now that the reasons for choosing the correct class have been established, let’s discuss the performance and abilities of each one for you to choose your Dragon Age Inquisition best class.



Mages are important in your party, as they can create barriers, control enemies, and various other magical abilities.

If you choose to create your playable character as a Mage, the main benefit will be that you have more control over the accuracy of the spells they are casting. Casting control is not as secure if you only have a Mage as a companion.

The pros of choosing a Mage involve a great capability of support and a high area of effect damage. The cons are utilizing light armor and a lower single-target DTS.

The advantages of Mage are that the starting health is 450 points (lowest among all 3 classes), a critical damage bonus of 40%, and a flanking damage bonus of 25%.

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Mage Specs:

The inferno school of magic offers unrelenting fire to hurl towards enemies. Your enemies will be terrorized or burned if not killed by the flames.
The spirit school of magic creates barriers and dispels enemy magic with the power of spirits and the fade.
Thunder and lightning cause paralysis to foes and can stretch from one enemy to another when utilizing the school of storm magic.
The last school of magic, winter, creates a cold that enemies cannot endure to weaken and slow your enemies.



The great thing about playing Rogue is that this class has the highest damage, utilizing ranged attacks with a bow or close-range fighting with dual-wielding daggers. A lot of people choose Rogue as their main character due to the artificial intelligence of computer-controlled Rogues being quite lacking.

The pros of playing Rogue also include utilizing high mobility. The cons include using medium armor, stronger than the light armor used by Mages but still not the highest-rated armor.

The area of effect damage is poor and may require a sort of babysitting if you have rogue companions. However, for some players, the amazing single-target damage can make up for some of these cons in battle.

The advantages of starting the rouge class are 500 health points, 100 stamina points, and 41% critical damage. You can increase the critical chances up to 53% if you’re holding double daggers.

Rogue Specs:

By using archery skills, your character can easily avoid close-range attacks from enemies and attack from a distance.
Double Daggers
These are close-range attacks but are very fast and even deadly to opponents.
Sabotage talents include utilizing defensive passive skills such as creating traps and poisons. This is great for weakening enemies to make them easier to destroy.
These abilities are stealth-based. This includes leaping away from attacks using the shadows to your advantage to bring damage bonuses.



The warrior class are tanks of the battlefield, usually the first to run into the line of danger. They can serve as drawing attention away from support classes and staying strong with their high levels of defense. Warriors command control of the fight by leading and defending.

The pros of playing as a Warrior prove to be a great defense with high chances to survive, an awesome range of buffs and taunts, the ability to destroy enemy guards, and good character control. However, they are very slow with poor mobility and do not cause as much damage as a Rogue.

Warrior Specs:

Battlemaster abilities involve learning how to take control of the battlefield by aiding allies and hampering their enemies.
Two-Handed Weapon
Utilizing two-handed weapons provide awesome fighting skill and damage, oftentimes destroying enemy guard.
Using vanguard abilities will make the Warrior bait or distract the enemies from fighting support classes.
Weapon and Shield
Focusing on these abilities will create a great defense for Warriors, as they will be able to withstand more damage than their counterpart classes.

The warrior class stats advantages are 550 health points (high among all 3 classes.), 100 stamina points, the same as the rouge class, and a 40% critical damage bonus. These stats are not impressive, and you can see why players choose the rouge class more often.

If you are looking to choose a warrior, then you need armor. We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the Best Armor in Dragon Age Inquisition.

After reading and considering all the information provided, it will vary depending on your play style and what you hope to gain from Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, if this is your first play-through, most will recommend trying out the Rogue class.

Rogues are generally the most balanced between the three classes and will give you a little taste of both sides of the spectrum. It is important to note that if you choose to play as a Rogue, it does not matter if you choose the Archery or Double Daggers attribute, as you can still utilize both weapons.

Although this could vary from person to person, the most recommended class to choose as your Dragon Age Inquisition’s best class will often be Rogue.

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