Destiny 2: How to Join a Faction – Complete Guide

How to join a faction in destiny 2? To join a Destiny 2 faction just go to the tower. When you arrive at the tower, go to the leader of the faction and join. The question now is which faction should you join.
A lot of players, especially new destiny players, are asking the question: which faction should I choose? Well. that’s what this article is aiming to find out. There won’t be a definitive answer at the end. I won’t be saying the best faction is “Dead Orbit” but rather I’m going to try to provide you with as much information on these factions as possible. You will choose which faction base on the information. Check out how you can join all three.

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The Backstory of the Factions

destiny 2 factions leaders

Each faction is all about in terms of their lore and background. what weapons and armor are being offered by these faction vendors. How prizes work and how the first prizes are being given out. So that you can take that information and make the best choice for you. and so here are what these factions are all about. What does each faction stand?


Dead orbit
dead orbit

The members of Dead Orbit seek to escape earth entirely to avoid the inevitable as they feel the return of the darkness. They seek salvation in the stars rather than the last city or earth at all. Dead Orbit puts an emphasis on finding golden age technology in vaults and shipyards and so on to aid in this goal of escape.

Interestingly, Dead Orbit does have a fleet of spaceships that it reluctantly and lets the Vanguard use from time to time for defense, however, it’s an unknown size. Dead Orbit could have a massive fleet waiting to journey to somewhere else. Judging from the events of Destiny 2. The idea of just protecting the traveler clearly it’s attracting some bad stuff and go and start a new golden age on a totally different planet. At the location where no one will find humans.


Future War Cult
future war cult

This is a very interesting faction. During the Golden Age, they took some vex technology and were able to design a device that would let you see in the future. They found out that the future isn’t determined. There isn’t one timeline of what is specifically going to happen, but rather depends on what happens in the present there are several different timelines that will potentially occur. This device lets you see those multiple different timelines. This is kind of the origin of Future War Cult.

In fact, they treat this device that they were able to rebuild after the fall of the Golden Age. It’s rumored that this device is somewhere in the tower that’s now a little bit muddy with the Cabal invasion but in any event, they treat this device as their God essentially.

Now future war cult eventually abandoned this device because most people who used it well they went insane. However, those that did come out the other side and were able to explain what they saw described mostly war. Many different futures in which the darkness would arrive back again and I’m sure they saw the Cabal invasion as a possibility of happening.

The Future War Cult has seen the potential futures and so many contain war. So they figure that we’ve got to prepare for it future wars. All about preparing training arming themselves getting ready for future wars. They don’t see a future of escaping like that Dead Orbit in peace. they see a future of constant war.


New Monarchy
new monachy destiny 2

This is a very interesting faction because it’s almost a counter-faction. It rose from the faction wars to be kind of the driving force in trying to stabilize the last city. The best way to explain New Monarchy is to tell about new monarchies seven tenants. these are the seven goals they want to establish.To secure the walls of the last city number.

1. To secure the rights and the liberties of every upstanding citizen.
2. To sponsor the sciences of the city salvage, the ruins beyond so that the golden age may be reborn.
3. To support the Guardian orders by leading the city in technological innovations.
4. To support the natural harmony of the city and to actively dissuade any group or individual that might disrupt that harmony.
5. To hold all individuals compacts and alliances to the highest standards of productivity and right behavior.
6. To abolish the consensus and transfer ultimate power in the order that the rights and the liberties of all citizens be secured to a single sovereign of unbeatable character.

They wanted this to be Zavala of all. They figured that he is such a stand-up guy that he’s never gonna go, rogue. He would lead New Monarchy and the last city as this rightful ruler who had all the right morals and ideas and everything.

Number seven is obviously the hardest thing to come by because Zavala up to this point has refused and with the invasion of the last city New Monarchy is kind of in chaos right now. They were in charge of the city they were the protectors of the city and they really did fail with the Cabal invasion. So they’re quite frankly scrambling to rebuild in this point in Destiny 2.

This concludes a lower overview of each of the three different factions now you know who you’re pledging allegiance. Here is what you’re going to gain if you pledge allegiance to a certain faction. What are the vendor weapons and armor this time around.


All Faction Armor:

Dead Orbit’s armor as you can see it’s being sold or given out by the Dead Orbit’s vendor for leveling up dead orbit. There’s a different set for each of the three different classes.

dead orbit armor

Future war cult as you can see three armor sets for the three different classes.

future war cult armor

New Monarchy three sets of armor for three classes

new monarchy armor

Take a look at those armor sets and pick the faction with the one looks the coolest to you. You could definitely do that if you like.

Remember that those colors that you saw are essentially the colors of the given faction. They’re also going to be giving out shaders that align with these colors. If you like black armor then Dead Orbit is for you. If you like red then New Monarchy and then if you like blue and yellow and red then is Future War Cult.

Faction’s Weapons and Abilities
let’s take a look at the vendor weapons and these are the faction weapons that you can be awarded when you level up a certain faction.


Dead Orbit

dead orbit Weapons

I highly recommend checking out the vendor reward weapons each faction rally to see which ones you want most.The weapons that stood out to me are as follows. The Dead Orbit shotgun the Gravity Slingshot. It has a massive impact and can extend that range with better ballistics and field prep lets you carry more ammunition in reserves.

Future War Cult

future war cult weapons

The hand cannon the True Prophecy got a perk called timed payload where projectiles will stick to an enemy and then explode at a later time. They also got the auto rifle the number a 450 rounds per minute auto rifle which are very good right now with the perk high-impact reserves the bottom half the magazine does more damage. They also got the scout rifle Pleiades Corrector which it got a very good stats high caliber rounds and rampage.

New monarchy

new monarchy weapons

If you like high damage high range scout rifles, then you do not get any better than the Song of Justice VI. In addition to that, the Royal Dispensation II submachine gun has really good overall stats. It gets better if add perks. This thing looks actually quite solid even though it is 900 rounds per minute.

Now there is one last thing when deciding which faction to align with and that is the faction’s prize. In every single faction rally, there’s going to be a different weapon up for grabs. So make sure to go and check which weapon is being offered for each of the three different factions. Essentially whatever faction does the best overall in Destiny 2 in terms of the reputation it gains, that faction special prize weapon will be available for sale for anyone to buy.

However, people who actually aligned with that faction that one will get it for 1000 glimmer and those who didn’t will have to pay 50,000 glimmers. Obviously, you’re going to want to collect the most reputation for the faction that has the prized weapon you’re most interested in because the other two won’t be sold at all.So stay tuned when this event when Bungie release them.

These prize weapons will change from faction rally to the other, so make sure to check them before deciding your allegiance or at least before deciding which character to play the most that week. There you have it! All the relevant information you need when deciding which faction to choose.

Trick to be in all the faction

If you cant decide in which faction to be in then you should try this. I know it can be a hard decision when you want something from each faction. The way only way I found this to work is by joining all 3 charterers with a different faction. You will have to do a bit more analyzing for the armor and choose which armor given suits your character. Assuming you have a different class and not just all hunters. If you are, then this is just a simple choice for you.

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