Horizon Zero Dawn How to use the tripcaster

If you’re wondering how to use the tripcaster in Horizon Zer Dawn, then this is for you. This is fairly easy and will not take a lot of time to accomplish this. All you need to do is just practice in tall grass and you’ll get in no time.

What is a tripcaster anyway? The tripcaster is a trap that you set for the machines. You set a rope between two trees, rocks or any tall objects. When a machine goes through that rope, it damages and freezes them.

More like electrocute them. Once that happens, you basically go in for the finishing move and kill them.

For new players

horizon zero dawn tripcaster

If you’re new to this trapping method, then I would recommend practicing in tall grass. What I mean, while you set up the traps try to be hiding position. If the machine notices you, they will charge at you.

This could be very annoying if practicing this trapping method so definitely want to avoid that. Once you become more adjusted and comfortable then you can go out in the open a set the tripcaster however you like.

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Is this traps any good?

horizon zero dawn tripcaster shock

The tripcaster could be very useful if you know how to utilize them effectively. I find myself using them a lot when the enemies where they are in large numbers.

An example of that would be in the Horizon Zero Dawn challenges. Also, when space is constricted, the tripcaster could save your back. There are a lot of different wires that you can use that does different things.

A shock wire will do electrocute the machines and disable them for a while. A blast while will explode on the machine.I am sure there is a lot more situation that you would use this trapping method.

Everyone plays the game differently, so I am sure you will find your situation while playing.

If you still not sure what the heck I just said, then do not worry. Check this video by Tobywan Gaming and will do as exactly as I said in more detail.

Check out his Youtube Channel TobyWan Gaming

Are you new to this game? Then here is my Horizon Zero Dawn Review. This is a game that it is a must-have. I will let you know why this game belongs in your gaming arsenal.


Do you have other ways to use the tripcaster? Let us know in comments below.

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