How to Defeat Ancano in Skyrim – Easiest Method

Ancano may be a very annoying boss to defeat if you do not know what’s going on.

In fact, here is very easy to kill once you know what to do.

So, if you’re looking how to defeat Ancano in Skyrim then here is the best and easiest way to kill him.

If you still have trouble after reading the easy tips then watch the video below. It will show you exactly how it’s done.

Keep in my mind to hold Staff of Magnus on your hand (either) as is needed to complete in order to finish the mission and defeat the boss.

magnus staff skyrim

At the beginning of the boss fight, Ancano and Tolfdir will have a little chat until Tolfdir escalates and attack Ancano. Toldfir shoots a spell at Ancano but it does not work.

Ancano is immune to spells and physical attacks. You need to use the Staff of Magnus on the Eye of the Magnus. As you keep using the staff on the eye, Ancano will lose his invulnerability.

Your allies at this point will die. They do come back towards the very end though and help you finish the mission.

To defeat Ancano, attack him when he is invulnerable, he should have a glowing sphere on him. When you use the staff for long enough on the eye, the sphere should disappear. That is when you should attack Ancano.

Tip: If you do not want to engage in a fight with Ancano, then you should just keep rotating while using the staff on the eye. This will allow you to avoid Ancano attacks for the most part.

You will still get hit by his attack sometimes.

You can attack him directly then once he loses his invulnerability.

Keep in mind, he can eventually get it back. During the fight, he will approach the eye and regain his invulnerability sphere back.

You will have to apply the same tactics mentioned above.

Be aware that during the fight, the eye loses some energy looking hovering balls that rotate around Ancano, that means that he is gaining strength back from those energy balls.

So, what you do is use the staff back in the eye and hold it there.

The hovering balls will attack you even when the Ancano dies.

So killing them is a must to finish the mission. By then, your allies will be back alive and help you finish them off.


Once all the fight is over, you’ll be congratulated and become an Arch-mage. Psijic Order will come in a retrieve the ball. Supposedly, the Eyes of Magnus is too unstable to stay there.

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