Injustice 2 How is Green Arrow alive?

I’ve seen recently on the forums that people really don’t seem to understand or really just have the information of exactly which Oliver Queen in Injustice 2. We know that in the Injustice comics Superman kills the Green Arrow. However, Injustice 2 brings back a Green Arrow from somewhere with minimal explanation. How is Green Arrow alive?

In the injustice multiverse, we’re currently aware of three universes. For this article, I am going to call them Earth one two and three. Earth one is the main Injustice world. This is where the entire story has taken place. So far Earth two is where all the good guys came from Injustice one.[wd_ads advert=”6059″]

What does Black Canary have to do with…

In the comics, Black Canary get into a fight with Superman and she knocks up badly. However, Dr. Fate rescues her and sends her to another universe. That universe is Earth three.Dr. Fate sends Black Canary there in order to save her life. In that universe, Oliver Queen is still alive however that universe Black Canary is dead. The chances of the description of that story are that Oliver Queen most likely came from.

Most likely Earth…

Let’s go through all these Earths and find out which one is the most likely for Oliver Queen to come from. On earth one Oliver Queen was killed by Superman in the first year of the comics. Earth two Oliver Queen most likely returned to his own earth mainly because there was nothing keeping him here on Earth one. Based off of some of the dialogue in the story, it sounds like he had his own Black Canary back home. So I guess there’s just really no reason for him to stick with he on Earth one. However, Earth 3’s Oliver Queen the one that was paired up with the Black Canary from Earth one and the most likely. We do not really get to see much of him but even with the limited knowledge. We do know about him. I have no question that this is going to be the Oliver Queen in Injustice 2. [wd_ads advert=”6060″]

What the officials say

The Green Arrow of bio on the Injustice through character page reads as followed, “As this Earth Oliver Queen gave His life in the fight against the regime now as an alternate us all of us steps in to honor that sacrifice. You’ll join his wife Black Canary in Batman’s crusade to set things right.” This description obviously best fits Oliver Queen from Earth 3. This isn’t exactly confirmed but I mean it’s as close as you can get.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you disagree? Tell us where do you think Green Arrow came from? More article on Gaming tricks and tips and video game reviews.

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