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Sagat Street Fighter

Fighting style: Muay Thai

Once an elite member of Shadaloo, Sagat is also a champion in Muay Thai who is from Thailand, he is also in the first street fighters as the original final boss.

He wanted to make Ryu pay for his scar, but he went ahead to give Ryu his respect as a rival.

How about we begin with the negative side of Sagat first. Sagat is a slow character. If an opponent manages to avoid a Tiger Shot from Sagat, at that point, Sagat will be wide open, and his body can take hits after a shot.

He also requires a long time to play very productively. Other than that, he’s effectively the best character in the game.

Sagat is also well known as The Emperor of Muay Thai; he is an incredible Muay Thai specialist.

Due to his tallness, he can easily attack his opponents in a long-range. His attacks do a great deal of damage to his opponents, and his defense is also on point.

Sagat’s High and Low Tiger Shots makes up a wall that is hard to break through. Sagat additionally has a mighty uppercut; however, it’s one that you have to become familiar with its timing.



Ryu Street fighter

Fighting style: Ansatsuken-Kikouhou (With styles from Taekwon-Do, Karate & multiple grappling techniques incorporated)

In the Street Fighters series, Ryu is one of the main characters. Ryu is among the greatest fighters in the world.

Ryu and his companion Ken practiced a mythical martial art that was rooted in assassination style which he learned from Guoken.

Ryu is s warrior who is in search of becoming a True Martial Artist.

Ryu is one of the most balanced characters on the list of characters. He doesn’t have any glaring flaws; he likewise isn’t exceptional.

His short-range game is first class, and the best thing about Ryu is that he’s anything but difficult to get.

Ryu’s unique ability is the Hadouken, the Shoryuken, and the Tatsumaki. Some other special moves of Ryu are; Shakunetsu Hadoken, Shinku Hadoken, Metsu Hadoken, and Denjin Hadoken He has increased reflexes, and it has been said that he could evade gunfire if the need at any point emerged.

Ryu has likewise indicated extraordinary accomplishments of strength, (for example, lifting a large rock over his head) and incredible measures of stamina. He has astonishing power also.



Dhalsim street fighter

Fighting style; Mysteries of the Yoga.

Dhalsim is an Indian who is also an expert of Yoga who ventures to every part of the globe taking part in street fighter competitions to fight to earn cash for his family and his devastated town. Before we get to his good qualities, we should see some of his flaws.

Dhalsim is a very slow character. Truly damn slow. He additionally doesn’t have any combos.

His attacks don’t generally drop into each other, as a great deal of Dhalsim’s offense originates from single strong hits.

Overall, his signature stretchy body can be hit by certain moves giving him a huge hitbox.

That being stated, he has a marvelous defensive game. Those same stretchy bodies permit Dhalsim to keep the pressure off himself and on the opponent as they battle to draw near to him. Dhalsim also has incredible anti-air moves with his Standing Roundhouse Kick and Jumping Punch.

Dhalsim’s anti-air moves joined with his Yoga Fire, make for an effortless yet destroying combo.

Dhalsim is an extraordinary character with incredible reactions when appropriately mastered, giving him an amazingly comfortable spot on this list.


M. Bison

M. Bison Street Fighter

Fighting style: Psycho Power-infused style

M. Bison – in Japan, he was known as Vega – is the pioneer of the evil association Shadaloo, whose reason for existing wax to control over the world.

His overbearing frame of mind is just as dreaded as his combat ability, energized by the vitality of the Psycho Power.

The huge terrible boss of Street Fighter, M. Bison is a totally offensive character.  

He can without much of a stretch go from the cross up to combo and make his opponent dizzy. From that point, he can do a similar cross up to combo again to finish off his opponents.

His ability to dizzy his adversaries originates from his high strength and speed.

Bison is a very tricky character to go against, as he has a lot of devices available to him and can disturb his opponent. Because of this, it requires a significant period to figure out how to battle as him successfully.

Bison is a highly-skilled fighter and requires a long time to become familiar with his style.

Bison’s general defensive game is not that strong. It’s anything but difficult to place Bison in the corner and keep him there.

Some of Bison’s abilities incorporate the Psycho Crusher, where he encircle himself with energy as he flies, turning at the opponent, the Bison Warp, where he can teleport, and he also gleams with energy.

The Psycho Cannon, a bundle of energy that he tosses at his opponent and the Psycho Punisher, where he assembles energy into his hand, at that point, drives his hand into his foe’s chest and flames the energy through them.



balrog street fighter

Fighting style; Heavyweight boxing.

Balrog is a previously a champion boxer that was banned from boxing permanently for illicit moves, after his ban from boxing, he joined Shadoloo and turned into Bison’s enforcer.

He is an annoying character, as he can trap his rivals effectively in the corner and after that go into his super combo, which is truly outstanding in the game.

Balrog’s super combo is genuinely straightforward, as it’s a progression of straight punches; however, it’s power and how natural it is to combo into it is incredible.

To add to the majority of the fun, his walking rate is quick, and his Dashes permits him to attack and cover more grounds at the same time.

Balrog is a great boxer, but his fighting style has various moves not permitted in boxing, for example, stomping on his opponent’s feet and headbutting.

His abilities include; Dash Straight, an incredible charging punch, Buffalo Head, where he jumps into the air, hitting his opponent with his head, Gigaton Blow, an incredible turning punch, where he surges into his opponent, and Dirty Bull, where he gets his opponent, head butts them, steps on their foot, and wraps up by smacking them in the face with his elbow.



Vega street fighter

Fighting style; Spanish Ninjutsu

Vega is a Spanish aristocrat who was born to a lovely mother. Be that as it may, the prestige of his family had dwindled and his mom was compelled to remarry in order to gain more financial security.

Vega is a hardheaded, manipulative, and inflexible narcissist. He supposes he is the most handsome man on the planet.

He hates anything revolting and will murder anybody he esteems “flawed” decisively. He has a broad range, his kicks and punches go far, and he’s probably the quickest character in the game. In light of those elements, it’s amazingly challenging to get close to him.

Vega doesn’t have any projectiles, so his opponents can utilize that to their benefit, yet even though he has no projectiles, it’s hard to draw near to Vega in view of his agility.

Vega’s wall jumps are hard to manage, and it can also cause a great deal of confusion to his opponents.

His only drawback is that he’s very predictable, as he doesn’t have a lot as far as combos are concerned. He’ll concentrate on the wall jumps a great deal, in this way, in the event that you can anticipate his moves, Vega can be beaten.


Chun-Li street fighter

Fighting style; Chinese martial arts

Chun-Li is a martial artist profoundly established in the Chinese Kung-Fu, she is also an agent of Interpol who has a score to settle with M. Bison and Shadaloo over the disappearance of her father.

Chun-Li is also known as ‘The Strongest Woman in The World.’

She is a truly balanced character, as she doesn’t have a ton of flaws or weaknesses. Her anti-air isn’t the best in the game, yet it’s still very much useful.  

Her Kikosho is an excellent projectile, and the best part of using Chun-Li is her speed. Chun-Li’s movement speed is quick, and her attacks come out rapidly.

Chun-Li has great jabs as well, which are significant in deciding distance and keeping opponents off. Everything relies upon the situation you intend to create.

A typical strategy with Chun-Li is rushing towards an opponent and completing the combo off with an incredible throw.

Her signature move is the Hyakuretsukyaku, which was her capacity to throw various kicks in a single sitting. Because of its easy access (just by rapidly pressing the kick button) has turned into a staple in numerous games.


guile street fighter

Fighting style; Martial arts and professional wrestling

Guile is a major in the American Air Force, and closest companions with Nash. After the passing of Nash, he began exploring, in the long run starting an encounter with M. Bison and his association Shadaloo.

Guile is one of the best defensive characters out of all the characters in the game.

His Sonic Booms keep his opponents under control, and on the off chance that anyone moronically hops in, he Flash Kicks them out of the air. With that stockpile of moves, Guile can trick his opponent into jumping, as he can throw his Sonic Boom, or annoys them by jabbing them into jumping, and when a fighter gets excessively edgy, Guile is prepared with a Flash Kick.

Guile’s signature ability has been the Double Flash, some of the time otherwise called the Somersault/Flash Kick Strike; he performs 2 or 3 back to back Flash Kicks in succession.

He likewise has the Sonic Hurricane, a short-range ‘twister’ shot that traps his opponents on the off chance that it hits.


ken street fighter

Fighting style; Shotokan Karate


Fighting style; Shotokan Karate

Ken is the companion, opponent, and training partner of Ryu. Ken is also one of the main characters from the Street Fighter series of games.

As a main character, he has showed up in the majority of the Street Fighter games alongside his closest companion and opponent, Ryu. Like Ryu, Ken will probably test his ability to fight against a wide range of fighters and endeavor to be better.

Ken is a great all-round fighter; he is a lot of fun to play as. He’s flashy, and he’s easy to get it. He uses the same moves just like Ryu: he has a somewhat more weak Hadoken, and a horizontally even Shoryuken that can hit up to multiple times and set opponents on fire, and a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku that can land up to five hits without a knockdown.

In spite of the fact that his fireballs aren’t that great, as they’re weaker when compared with Ryu’s Hadoken, Ken has great combos, yet on the off chance that he messes up a combo, it leaves him wide open.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay street fighter

Fighting style; Kickboxing and breakdancing.

Dee Jay is an all-round better than average character, and there’s not much to complain about with Dee Jay, as he can do everything entirely well.

He is a Jamaican kickboxer who has made considerable walks in popularity in the Street Fighter world as a contender, yet additionally as a world-celebrated musician and recording artist.

Dee Jay is a charge character. In that capacity, he has a decent range of protective alternatives. His Double Rolling Sobat enables him to approach a fighter while also stopping a ground-based counter.

Jackknife Maximum and Machinegun Upper can be utilized as both an anti-air and a combo finisher.

The significant part is that Dee Jay has dubious combos and can be quite unpredictable. He can juggle his opponents and keep them in the corner.

Additionally, on the off chance that you have great timing, Dee Jay can utilize his Machine Gun Upper to block incoming fireballs.

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