Sims 4 Best Expansion Packs

Sims 4 is very entertaining and highly addictive. You can play literally for hours without even noticing.

All those gameplay hours and yet there is more than just the Sims 4 base game. The Sims 4 DLC provides a lot of value and a new perspective on how to play the game. From addition to having pets to living like a vampire!

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There is a ton of expansions in Sims 4 so here is the top 5 you should consider to get and start playing right away.


Get Together Expansion Pack

The DLC “Get Together” introduces a new set of North Europeans. The beam buildings are very common in this particular European style. This includes ancient ruins and smooth coffee shops with a ton of things to do.

The DLC setting visuals are un-denying beautiful however the clubs is the best feature. This feature allows you to be apart or form a niche club. So this allows your sim to meet up with other sims that have similar characteristics.

There are already pre-made clubs that you can join in the game. Such clubs like book lovers and fishermen among many more.

When it comes to the custom clubs, that is when things really spice up! You can literally create a club about anything you would like. You can make other sims that join you club wear anything you want, perform secret handshakes, and more stuff.

The DLC implements a sort of competition within clubs. You want to be the most respected and the most popular club. Sounds like opportunities to mischief? Absolutely, if you’re into that of course.

It is worth mentioning that the nightlife was also upgraded in this DLC. At parties, you have DJ and new around dancing moves.
If this the right type of DLC for you, then you can find here at Amazon.


Supernatural – Vampire


Supernatural a lot is just different for a particular liking of certain players. Not everyone wants to live the Adam Family style on an everyday basis. However, it is a new perspective an unusual playing style. Approaching this DLC with an open mind could turn out to be of a lot of fun.

Vampires are one of the things added to DLC. You can do various thing s like make people hallucinate. That’s not all, more freaky stuff like mind reading other sims for personality traits.

Although, vampires strong biting sensations is very noticeable when interacting with normal sims. You can often notice vampires making a weird noise and feel hesitant. And believe it or not, vampires do feel guilty if they bite someone. Very interesting!

Vampires in the game don’t have food bars as you may know that they do not eat. What is that food bar replaced with? You guessed it, blood. You will need to maintain the blood bar up which might change on how you play.

Like I said before, it’s a new perspective. Going from a normal human life to a vampire life is not a noticeable transition. That including appearances which could be a little more intimidating for the “normal” sims. However, when you get bored with your normal sim routine then fired up the vampire life!


Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack

Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack

This DLC is all about the customization for your pets. The among of customizable items for your pets in almost endlessly. There is so much to fire up your creativity. The only difference between previous pets DLC and this one is that you’re not going to have direct control over your pets. Which is only normal, I think.

All of your pets will have different traits and habits. They tend to do things on their own with much less interaction with you. That makes them more unpredictable like any real-life pet. There is a ton of things to do like fetching and training new moves among many more activities.

Cross-breeding is a thing in this DLC so combining animals DNA is possible. For that, you must become a veterinarian for you have to access such activity. However, if you do become one, this could be very fun.

You can get the Cats and Dogs DLC here (Amazon) at a very low cost.


Parenthood Expansion

Parenthood Expansion

Nothing like experiencing the struggles of parenthood. At least a sims game. If you’re a caregiver type then this game DLC is for you. Now, as a parent, you’re responsible for many things. Not only you have to provide for them and keep them happy but also keep track of the development.

You can teach them to be responsible and to lower emotions. Also, you have a vast influence over their traits as they could turn out to be good or evil. This will have a massive effect on adult lives.

Like I mentioned above, being a parent is experiencing a lot of struggles and this game display just that. Although, it is similar to real life like having to monitor over a toddler at almost all the time. Most of your attention in this game style will go towards developing that child. Hey, at least you influence them (mind-control) into anything you want.

Little things like scalding are also in the DLC. I totally did not expect that from the DLC but it is a real thing. If your child miss behaves, you can set them straight by applying punishment. That is something really interesting to experience.

This DLC will definitely keep you entertained for good while, that’s for sure. If parenthood is your thing, then here is how you can the DLC right now and start playing right away. Parenthood at Amazon


The Sims City Living

The City Life DLC could literally be a Sims game by itself. The view of San Myshuno is beautiful. You can look out the window and watch at the skyscrapers and notice all the different neighborhoods.

All the neighborhoods are different. They have different activities and visuals. In the downtown area, you mostly will be doing fancy activities like drinking cocktails at a rooftop bar. While a lower end neighborhood like Spice Market, there is acclivities like playing basketball and eating ramen.

The only thing you can’t do is redesign your apartment completely. You won’t be able to demolish certain walls. So demolishing your building is out of the question. This will force you to use your space wisely.

Also, you will start from an apartment and as you develop, you can get up to a penthouse. The view and space are among the best things once you’re up there. Living the luxury life is a bonus too.

Among all things mentioned, there are other additions to the DLC. Careers such as Social Media, Critic and Politician are implemented in this DLC which makes it totally aligned with the city life. Advantages like working from home or experiencing everyday life with the commute to work.

The city has events too like cultural festivals. You can take your sims to watch a street performer and take on competitions games like the Curry challenge to ultimately become the Spice Master.

You can the Sims 4 City Life expansion in Amazon and get it right away.



If you asked me, the City Life DLC followed up by the Parents DLC have the most value for your bucks. Also, the variety of things is immense. You can be doing a lot of things and not get bored for a long time.

The DLC Parents raising a child is not an easy thing to do. Yes, it might be overwhelming to get everything going at first, but once you start learning the ropes than you will be able to do a lot of things.

City Life is the best DLC because of the amount of value it offers. The variety of things is quite a few. The great thing is that they all differ. You got high-end activities to low-end activities. You can experience whichever life you want.

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