How to age up in Sims 4

Like the predecessors, you will find various life stages in the Sims 4. It gives you the different stages including baby, toddler and child, teen and adult stages. The more they age, the more abilities you get. While you have the option of letting your character age naturally, sometimes you want to speed up the process. In our article, we show you how to age up in Sims 4. We will give you a step-by-step tutorial, which you can implement in the next game.


How Using the Age of Function Makes the Game More Interesting

One of the main features of the Sims 4 that you will really enjoy is the ability to create your family. You can watch them grow and navigate the different aspects of life. While it may be fun and engaging to change diapers and deal with the other issues that come with the stages of life, sometimes you want to jump them all together.

Each stage in life comes with restrictions; you cannot, for example, control an infant. You get to pick the traits and aspirations of school kids. Teens go to school and can also find part-time work. Factors such as pregnancy will also stop the aging process until after the Sims delivers. Once the baby comes, you can simply age it up by clicking on the cradle. You will then go on to use the steps we will outline below if you want your toddler to age up faster.

The elderly will continue to work until the day they die, as there is no retirement option. You can, however, give them more time, by purchasing the Potion of Youth or using the Cow Plant feature where you get the Essence drink from a dead Sim. With Sims 4, you do not have to go through the aggravation of passing through all the stages of life. Using the age up feature is simple, and our easy-to-follow prompts will show you how.

In employing the age up feature, you have the option of using the games system, or you can use the cheat feature.

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How to Age Up With the Game System

You get seven different stages of life on Sims 4, namely baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, and elderly. The toddler stage came as a later addition to the game. You can jump through some of the stages using the birthday cake.

  • If you allow your Sim to attend a birthday party, you age up the character. If you want to age up a toddler, for example, select an adult and click on an oven.
  • Use the select Cook and bake a cake. Now add the required birthday candles on it and allow your adult character to help the toddler blow out the candles by choosing the right option. It will allow your Sim to move to the child’s age. The cake option is available for all ages other than the elderly.
  • If you feel that you do not want to use the birthday option, you can allow for the natural aging off-screen. Any Sims that are not active in the household will automatically age off-screen. You have the option of switching off the auto age or choosing the only active household auction.

In some instances, a Sim may get invitations from friends to attend birthday parties. It could even occur several days before the Sim sending out the invitation is actually due for an age up. You can decline the invitation, which will mean that the latter will age at the time they are supposed to.


How to Age Up Sims 4 on a PC with the Cheat Feature

It is important to note that when you’re aging up in Sims 4 on your PC, you do not need any downloads or mods. Follow the steps below.

  • While in-game, press the control + shift + c to open the command console. You will get a white command line on the top of the screen.
  • Enter the command testingcheatstrue. By doing this, you get access to the age cheat and other additional features. cheats activated will pop up if you have entered the information correctly
  • Type in casfulleditmode. You will now be able to edit things like age which is what you are after when you want to age up in Sims 4. You also get the option to edit additional things depending on what you want to do.
  • Press the escape key to exit the console
  • Press down on the shift key, and then click on the age you want. A menu will appear in the circle around the character. Select modify in CAS button that will appear on the menu.
  • At the top of the screen, you will find the different life stages that are accessible to you in the game. If you want to change the gender, you can do so as well.
  • Click on the checkmark, and the process will be complete. Your character should now be the age you desire.

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Controlling Aging Lapse

In the case that you want to control the lapse of time, you can do it from the game tab. By choosing this option, there is no age up altogether. Kids remain kids, and adults remain adults until you decide otherwise.

You can also determine how quickly your Sims moves on to the next age group. You will need to alter the lifespan by setting it to Short or long. You are better off going with the long option so that you allow your character to accomplish more things in life before they die.

Sims 4 gives you a lot of flexibility with how you can age up your characters. As mentioned earlier, you will really enjoy the ability to create your family, where you can watch them grow and navigate the different aspects of life.

You also manage to avoid having to pass through certain stages of life, and can simply move on to the next. Further, you can concentrate on the ages where you feel you are most productive. Your character will be able to achieve more, thereby making the game more interesting for you.

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