Best spears in Dark Souls 3

It’s no secret that to ‘git gud’ at Dark Souls III, you need to make peace with the fact that you’re going to die several times before getting the gist of the game.

Most players can agree that unlike other video games that have tones of built-in tutorials, Dark Souls III does not provide a lot of mechanics for newbies. It does not matter whether you’ve chosen PvE or PvP; having a great combo of weapons is essential in creating excellent builds. For this article, I shall discuss the best spears to wield in Dark Souls 3.


Arstor’s Spear

According to various video games weapon ratings, the arstor’s spear is among the best spears for PvP. This spear is a pike-like weapon that is scaled using titanite, which prevents it from being infused. Also, it is wrapped in poisonous meat.

Due to its lightweight nature, it provides an extended reach compared to other spears. It has 36poison, which makes up for its lack of AR. It, therefore, allows the player to poke the opponent without having to get close to them.

To get this spear, the player must go through soul transposition. It also requires 1000 souls as well as the soul of rotten Greatwood. The player must have 11STR and 19DEX, 16FP, and weapon durability stat of 60.

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Dragonslayer Spear

The dragonslayer spear is one of the best spears in dark souls 3 due to is cross spear nature; that is, it serves as both a spear ad a sword. It is a hunting weapon from the gods that provides close to 600 damage. It’s also massive, broad and has a tapered edge.

The spear has a horizontal L2 attack and a poke attack for R2. It gives the player a starting bonus of 200 lightning damage. Its lightning bolt allows the player to perform several thrust attacks such as one-handed, jump attack, rolling as well as kick attacks.

The player obtains this spear by getting to the Archdragon Peak after defeating the Oceiros king of the consumed garden. Once you get to this area, you will see it lying on a grid. It has minimal strength requirements. If you buff it, it pushes your AR by 50+ stats. The player should have 20STR as well as 20DEX. The cost of FP is 17, and the weight is at 14.5 and the durability at 80 stats.

It requires a faith build of 18FTH to wield it and comes in handy if you don’t want to use sorcery.


The Partizan Spear

The Partizan is just about one of the most well-hidden weapons in dark souls 3. It provides extended reach and has a blade attached to it. It’s ranked among the best spears effective for slicing enemies primarily when used alongside a spear.

This weapon has a great moveset. However, you will have to get used to its tight hitbox since it’s typically shorter than other spears. Unlike the four-pronged plow, you need more considerable skill, precisely the spacing between you and the enemy when running R1.

Also, when running R1s, you’ll notice that your opponent will try to avoid getting stabbed by the spear by rolling. The opponent’s move creates an opportunity for you to use an R2. The R2 allows you to hit parry spammers through its extended range, unlike the R1.

The Partizan’s R2 is excellent when performing mixups because of their DPS even when they are not charged. By using the L2 to R1, this will keep your opponent rolling until you can catch them. Also, due to its hyper armor, it comes in handy helpful for players without FP.

Obtaining the Partizan spear builds is a relatively more straightforward task compared to other weapons’ builds. This spear is located in the undead settlement on a hanging corpse. This requires the spin sweep skill as well as 11 FP, 6.5 weight, and your durability should be at 65.

You will also need 14STR and 12DEX attributes. Also, if you have a 66STR and 12 DEX, or a 40/40 quality, you get access to this spear. All these builds will give the player almost identical AR.

Players on low levels can also access this spear by buffing a raw infused Partizan with a bundle.

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The Lothric Knight Spear

The lothric knight spear is one of the three pikes in dark souls three that can be infused as well as buffed. It is among the best spears that provides the player with poise. The best damage is through a poke attack, which can either be a sprint or kick attack.

When combined with the Leo ring, it provides significant damage and excellent strength. This spear is unique in PvP duels when it’s fully charged and could give up to 700AR. The weapon art charge provides poise, but only if you have learned your opponent’s move and are at a close range.

This spear is obtained from Greirat, an NPC from the undead settlement. You can also get this spear by defeating the lothric knights. It requires 14STR and 20DEX, and the player must have the charge skill. The weapon’s weight is at 8, durability stats is at 80, and the FP cost is 13.


The Ringed Knight Spear

Just like the lothric knight spear, this is also a pike-like spear. It is a large, black, and heavy spear meant for poke attacks. Its parry attack makes it unique to other spears. However, its two-handed attack is similar to other weapons. Its flame charge from the ember causes substantial damage to the opponent. The player can upgrade this spear using twinkling titanite

This spear is found in the ringed city on the right side of the swamp. It requires ember skill and can be buffed using weapon art, which will result in 90AR.

Finally, the best way to ‘git gud’ at dark souls 3 is with practice. Also, it would help if you worked on your fighting approaches to make them unpredictable to your opponents. Other excellent tips include incorporating hard swapping and not being shy to incorporate some of these spears with less conventional weapons.

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