Best Longswords on Monster Hunter World

If you are a gamer, you must know that choosing the right weapon can shape the impression of the game. Longswords are preferable weapons because they tend to reach a wide area and, in the right hands, can slash off any part of the monster’s body.

It is not just the ideal weapon if you want to draw blood but can also be used for jabbing. In this particular article, you will find a list of top longswords in Monster Hunter World as well as their strengths and weaknesses to help you in decision making.


Best Longswords on MHW to Try

There is a wide range of weapons in Monster Hunter World. Some of the top wide-reaching swords in the game include;

  • Divine Slasher: 210 Raw + (150 Dragon)

Divine Slasher is among the top long swords in the game Monster Hunter World. It is designed after Rathalos and Rathian. This unique weapon is made of a robust supremacy blade and can cut through the monster’s body like slicing butter. With the right handicraft, you will find this weapon highly effective in slaying monsters and even gaining more points.

The icing on the cake about this weapon is that it easy to use. The disadvantage of this longsword is that it needs constant decorations, which is hard to maintain. It is also less durable in comparison to other weapons.

  • Empress Sword “Styx”: 180 Raw + 240 Blast

This beast also makes it to our list of top-ranking Longswords on Monster Hunter World. It has a blade that compares to razor in sharpness and is all white in color. This piece is easy to acquire because it requires only a tenderizer and two critical jewels to have this beast. The dealbreaker about the Empress sword is that it is designed to rip things apart with the help of a blast.

  • Extermination Edge: 210 Raw + 120 Dragon

The extermination Edge is a razor-sharp sword that can cut through a weapon’s sharpness. It boasts of a solid raw design coupled with Dragon + High Elder seal bonus. Also, the sword has a beautiful design that is likely to attract you. This weapon has got skills to keep you in the game longer and speed sharpening to maintain its blue color. Because of these reasons, it is just but fair to conclude that this sword is indeed effective in the slaying of monsters. It is an ideal weapon because the Extermination Edge is multipurpose in nature. This weapon also allows you the benefit of extra points in the dragon for a little extra bite against the bigger dragons.

  • Wyvern Blade “Holly”: 190 Raw + 330 Poison

Wyvern Blade is also one of the best Longswords you will find in Monster Hunter World. This blade has a poison feature and, therefore, ideal for group hunts. The poison can be effective in slaying monsters who have weak immune to the illness. You ought to posses the right handicraft to master this weapon effectively. The downplay on this weapon is that you will need a tenderizer jewel as the poison attack may not be entirely necessary in all cases

  • Reaver “Calamity”: 230 Raw + 210 Dragon

The Reaver Calamity also counts as top longsword in the game. The thing about this piece is that it incorporates critical thinking and math to master excellently and therefore tends to engage your brain when flinging it. On the flip side, it has a double augmentation potential feature. Also, important to note is that, to boost its raw attack, you will require Agitator 5 instead of Handicraft 5. It is, however, smaller and less think compared to other longswords on this list. Despite its small size, this sword is as good as any slaying your monsters.

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Insights About Monster Hunter World

Just like any other game, the monster hunter will have you hooked. It is therefore imperative to be conversant with some general knowledge pertinent to it as below;

  • Upgrade when you can-this game is not built for persistent hoarding. You ought to make continuous progress and upgrades not to be left behind. You need to keep up to date by continually upgrading your armor and weapons for a good gaming experience each time.
  • Remember to Eat Meals. Before Hunts-while a trip to the armory may seem paramount, you should also not forget to eat meals before hunts. Another trip to the canteen will help boost your health and immune system. Eating also gives the required stamina to last longer in the game.
  • Choose the Right Weapon-there is an array of weapons in Monster Hunter’s world to choose from. Weapon selection is, however, not very important because you are allowed to switch between weapons.
  • Use Game Breaks to Your Advantage-sometimes in the game; the prey may retreat or flee. Though you may be tempted to be in pursuit, it will also be beneficial to regroup and plan your next encounter.
  • You Have the Power to Re-Farm Monsters at Will-unlike other games. This game allows you to re-firm specific monsters repeatedly. You can, therefore, choose to hunt particular monsters that you want.
  • Be Wary of Scaling During Multiplayer-while multiplayer may sound quite fun; you need to be wary of scaling of monsters. This is because monsters get their difficulty upgraded when you incorporate many people in the game.
  • Keep Bounties Running Constantly-you ought to keep abreast with the research team who ensures a constant supply of bounties with different goodies. Do this, and you will ensure you have no shortage of points and materials in the game.
  • Patience is a virtue-you might have heard this phrase before. It applies to Monster Hunter’s world. Unlike other games, the monster hunter is not about killing many enemies speedily but a tactical game that involves destroying a single monster gradually.

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In conclusion, Monster Hunter World is a tactical recreational game that is popular globally. When talking about the top longswords present in the game, you need to view the list mentioned above. On top of that, you should consider the insights given in the article to improve your gaming skills and even last longer in the game.

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