Best Race for Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

If you are a gaming fanatic, you are already aware of how cracking some gaming codes early puts you at a better advantage while gaming. In Elder Scrolls Online, one of the skills you should have to crack to create a better gaming experience is knowing the best race for Sorcerer.

Sorcerers are known to have a good steadiness between single target damage and AoE damage. When you want to go solo, you should choose Sorcerer as your player. By knowing the best races for Sorcerers, you save yourself a lot of effort and time trying new races that hit a dead end. For a sorcerer, there is no known single “best” race option. All are kept there and accessible depending on what you prefer most.

Your taste matters a lot when it comes to choosing a race while you have the Sorcerer as your player. However, Elder Scrolls Online’s best races include Breton, Argonian, and High Elf. They are believed to be healer races too. Breton has the overall best sustain by far. What makes Argonians and High Elf good choices for healers is their Magicka-based passives. There are ten different races available in ESO.

You are supposed to get the race guide to help you determine the kind of race you wish to use. The individual race has its own established skills, making them better and uniquely suited for specific Builds and roles. The following are some of the best races you should get your players from;


1. Breton

Breton is one of the ten playable races in the Elder Scrolls Online game. The Breton racial are known to have strong attention on Magicka. Among the key features that make it a worthy Magicka-based race that can often be used on Magicka damage dealers, and healers include; increased spell resistance, increased max Magicka, light armor, Magicka Recovery, and Magicka ability cost reduction.

The focus Bretons have on Magicka is heavy, making it a decent Magicka-based DPS and healers. If you plan to play a Magicka build, the Breton race is a fantastic choice because they have a spell resistance that keeps them alive longer, most probably in PvP. The cost decrease of Magicka talents, along with the Magicka recovery, provides the Bretons outstanding withstand, permitting them room for DPS or more prolonged healing before finding the need to use a Heavy Attack or Potion to recover Magicka.

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2. Argonian

The Argonians reflect their peoples’ death-defying swamp environment by their racial skills. This gives them bonuses for healing done, disease resistance, restoration staves, resources gained from consuming portions, swimming speed and base health, and Magicka.

Argonian Racial Passives used to be among the worst races in the game. However, the race has been among the best for some time now. Because of the increased healing done in the race, they are ideal if you plan to heal. Their ability to regain massive resources when they consume a portion and health increase make the Argonians make excellent Tanks. Since these things are used in Cyrodiil, the same passives also make the Argonian race one of the best PvP races in the Elder Scrolls Online game.


3. Dark Elf

You gain the Dark Elf Racial Skills as a player in Elder Scrolls Online by increasing your character level. Before the players have capped out the Skill Line, they must continue to advance Racial Passives until they have reached level 50.

The Dark Elves’ racial skills have reflected their agility and intellect, which gives them bonuses in dual-wielding, weapon and spell damage, lava and flame resistance, and base stamina and Magicka. By having these bonuses, the Dark Elves can adapt to anything.

What makes the Dark Elves an exciting race is they are similarly blameless as Stamina and Magicka’s duties. By having this, Dark Elves are an excellent selection for when you are not sure about how you wish to play your character. Additionally, the Dark Elves are ideal for taking the Vampirism Skill Line as extra flame resistance. It will help you offset some of the weaknesses associated with them to Fire-based attacks.

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4. Nord Race

Nord tribal passives are known to have strong attention on tanking-based passives. The Nord race has improved max health stamina, cold resistance, and additional bodily and spell resistance. Additionally, the Nords also get another Ultimate regeneration, which is the most essential passive.

The Nords’ racial skills reflect the solid and hardy natures they have, giving them extra bonuses on using two-handed weapons, physical, spell, frost resistance, base health, stamina, ultimate regeneration, and duration of effects excessive drinks.


5. Redguard race

Much like the Orcs, the Redguards considerably focus on using weapons and enjoy a reduced cost when using them. Combining this with stamina restoration and max stamina through attacks makes the Redguards perfect for a Tank or Stamina DPS role. The racial skills the Redguards have reflected their ancestral legacy as the masters of swords, giving them bonuses to shields stamina recovery, base stamina, movement, and duration of effects from foodstuffs. The Redguards have an unparalleled ability to flow in martial combat.

When you select Redguards as your race, you benefit in the following ways;

– increases your experience gain with the One Hand and Shield skill line by 15%

– Any eaten food gets its duration increased by 15%

– You get the cost of your weapon abilities reduced by 8%

– Snares applied to you have their effectiveness reduced by 15%

You are encouraged to consider taking the Redguards as your race whenever you feel like using weapons that are stamina-focused.

By knowing the best races to use for different characters, and their powers, you will find much more fun playing the Elder Scrolls Online than before. You must only pay attention to the kind of characters you are using and the difference you think changing the race might bring. Among the sources, you will have to check to know more about the races include internet gaming sites.

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