Best Healing Class in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

How you inflict damage and acquire healing is unique in ESO compared to other games. You can effectively heal with any class depending on the skillset available on different skill lines. However, some class choices are better than others, depending on the playstyle. For example, some classes offer self-healing and can be self-sufficient. The class you choose should be user-friendly; the classes are versatile as you can play casually or competitively. If you want to enjoy the game casually, you can pick any class that seems fun to you. The effectiveness of the class you pick will depend on your group’s composition and the content you run. However, these are the best healing classes you should consider when playing ESO.


1. Templar Class

Templar is the most sought best healing class in ESO and is by far the most user-friendly class; it has a bright-light theme and holy magic. This class can be potent in competitive raiding and is suitable for beginner players. The class has a skill line dedicated to healing and requires minimal positional awareness to protect enemy blows.

Benefits and Healing Properties of the Templar Class

· Rushed ceremony

The rushed ceremony healing offers a full single-burst healing power that unlocks your inner abilities to heal an ally. The breath of life morph associated with this healing power can heal an ally target with half the amount of power.

· Healing ritual

The healing ritual is powerful and costly; it utilizes the rebirth power to heal an ally outside your ability’s radius. Moreover, the Hasty prayer morph increases the movement of the speed of the allies that need healing.

· Cleansing ritual

The cleansing ritual in this class can cleanse the allies from adverse effects when activated with the purifying synergy. However, the cleansing ritual can make the enemies more susceptible to damage as it increases the amount of time the harmful effects can cleanse you.

· Restoring aura

The restoring aura applies the Minor Magicka steal to damage all the enemies around you and increase your radius while promoting sustainability. Moreover, the rune focus can increase your resistance and make you highly sturdy.

· Spear shards

This skill increases the damage over time and can return lost skills to the allies, thus strengthening the team’s resistance to damage.

· Rite of passage

Templar utilizes the rite of passage which is a burst of healing properties that makes you more resistant to damage

· Nova

The nova is a powerful power that makes it possible to evade damage inflicted on the whole group. It can maim the enemy for a short time and increase the time you have to inflict damage on them.

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2. Warden Class

Although Warden might be less flexible than Templar, it is the best healing class whose healing relies on positional awareness and group utility. It is a highly sought healer class, as it has a skill line dedicated to healing that increases the allies’ survivability.

Benefits and Healing Skills of the Warden Class

· Fungal growth

The fungal growth healing skill gives allies minor endurance and intellect, which is key in tackling the enemy. Intellect increases their ability to calculate the moves that can subdue the enemy.

· Healing seed

The healing seed placed on the ground lingers for some time and bursts healing properties when it expires. Thus, the energy will defile enemies in a given area.

· Living vines

The leeching vines steal life from the enemies, while the lotus flower utilizes your light which shades healing power onto the enemy.

· Enchanted growth

The enchanted growth is a primary healing skill with intellect and endurance buffs that are powerful and worth keeping.

· Dive

The dive skill damages the enemy and can set off balanced enemies who are more than seven meters away. The off-balance is an important asset for group play as it causes more damage to the enemies far away from the radius.

· Swarm

The swarm applies minor vulnerability to the enemy for ten seconds which is an important buff and allows you enough time to calculate your next move.

· Falcon’s Swiftness

The Falcon’s Swiftness gives you a major expedition which is used in some situations. For example, it gives you the Berserk when slotted.

· Secluded Grove

This is an enchanted forest morph that gives you the ultimate healing on an ally under 50% health, and it continues to heal the enemy after they leave the area.

· Sleet storm

The sleet storm can boost your protection and ensures the enemies in the area are snared. Thus ultimately, increasing your Max Magicka activation, which chills the area, increasing the potency of the snare.

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3. Necromancer Class

Necromancer class stands out as the best healing class with a dark theme that has a skill line dedicated to healing. The class utilizes many corpse play mechanisms, which increases a corpse’s power. In addition, the necromancer has group utility and offers other class skills which are not in the healing tree and thus are among the most sought classes.

Benefits and Healing Properties of the Necromancer Class

· Render flesh

The render flesh increases your resistance to damage using your missing health and blood sacrifice morph, which can be converted into a limited target burst heal when the corpse utilizes the skill

· Life amid death

The life among death skill removes about three negative effects which consume the corpse

· The spirit mender

The spirit mender conjure with the ghostly spirits for about 16 secs thus healing you and any other allies on the lowest health every 2 seconds

· Expunge

The expunge reduces the cost of your abilities by 3% and can remove two negative effects at the expense of your health. In addition, it returns stamina and Magicka based on the negative energy.

· Bitter harvest

The bitter harvest heals you based on the corpse you used, which means you would gain the enemy per corpse consumed.

· Reanimate

This ultimate can resurrect three allies at a specific target location, which gives you the power to resurrect the allies.

Although you can find the best healing class in the ESO game, the selection of the class might need an in-depth thought process. The class you pick will depend on how you intend to play the game. Whether you play the game as friendly or competitive gaming, you should choose a more user-friendly class that makes it possible to utilize all the skills in the class. Good luck in finding a suitable class.

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