Best Rings in Dark Souls 3

Finding the best rings in Dark Souls 3 is a critical component of the game. A player can equip themselves with up to four rings at a go, thus getting access to specific benefits. You can obtain a ring at each playthrough level. You do not need to have all the rings at once, just pick the right one, when applicable. We will look at some of the best rings in our article below, and the powers you get.


Life ring

Location: The Shrine of the Handmaid in the Firelink Shrine. You will need 1500 Souls, which you get from the acquisition of the Dreamchasers Ashes. There are three versions

  • Version +1 The Undead settlement behind Siegward,
  • Version +2 White Castle
  • Version +3 untended graves behind King Lothrics Throne.

Effect: Raises HP maximum by 7%

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Sun Princess Queen Ring

Location: Anor Londo in Gwyneveres chamber.

Effect: The gradual restoration of HP

Gwyneveres was the eldest daughter of the first lord, Gwyn; she was also his eldest. When you hold the ring, you get a warm feeling, much like you would, if you are holding a beam of sunlight.


Ashen Estus ring

Location: Untended Graves. The ring will be inside the coffin within the Corvians.

Effect: It allows you to increase FP that you have restored with Ashen Estus Flask.

The Lothric queen enshrined the ring in the untended graves cemetery for the benefit of the unkindled.


Chloranthy ring

Location: Undead settlement.

  • Version +1 behind the ring of the sun’s firstborn pedestal at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
  • Version +1 Road of sacrifices bonfire
  • Version +1 the ringed City


  • 7 point per second stamina recovery
  • Version +1 8 points per second stamina recovery
  • Version +2 9 points per second stamina recovery
  • Version +3 10 points per second stamina recovery

The Chloranthy ring is one of the best rings, and will assist with a speedy recovery and raises stamina. You will notice the difference when you are using the large weapons or when you need to recover speedily.

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Hornet ring

Location: Untended Graves at Dark Firelink Shrine.

Effects: The Hornets ring allows you to increase the damage you will cause with your hits, whether backstabs or parries. It is especially useful for the warrior character and gives you 30% more power.


Covetous Silver Serpent ring

Location: You will find the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring above Firelink Shrine. You must, however, first purchase the tower key from the handmaiden for 20,000 souls.

Effect: You increase the number of souls you attain by 10%

Ring of favor

The Ring of Favor is a symbol of the favor the Goddess Fina bestows.

Location: at the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

  • Version +1 Sulyvahn’s Beast
  • Version +2 Cathedral of the deep
  • Version +3 the Dreg Heap


  • An increase in stamina and maximum equip load and HP by 9%, 5%, and 3% respectively
  • Version +1 – hp increase by 4.5%, stamina 10% and equip load 6%
  • Version +2 – hp increase by 5%, stamina 11% and equip load 7%
  • Version +3 – hp increase by 6%, stamina 12% and equip load 8%

Prisoner’s Chain

Location: Soul of Champion, Gundyr

Effects: Increases END, VIT, and VGR by 5 points for each

The prisoner’s chain will give you better vigor, vitality, and endurance. It does, however, take on quite a bit of damage, as high as 4%. To get the ring, you must transpose the soul of Ludleth of Courland with that of the champion Gundyr.

Ring of Steel Protection

Location: Archdragon peak

  • Ring of steel production –
  • Version +1 – untended graves on the corpse that you will find behind the Shrine
  • Version +2 – the Catacombs of Carthus
  • Version +3 – the Dreg Heap

Effects: The ring of steel production increases your ability to absorb physical damage better. You get 10% better absorption capabilities with this ring.

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Magic Stoneplate Ring

Location: Consumed King’s garden

  • Version +1 Farron Keep
  • Version +2 – Profaned Capital


  • Ability to absorb magic damage by 13% or 4% in PvP
  • Version +1 – magic damage absorption by 17% or 5% of PvP
  • Version +2 – damage absorption by 20% or 6% in PvP

The stone plate is synonymous with knights, and the blue ones are for the royal palace guards.

Flame Stoneplate Ring

Location: Undead settlement on the cops hanging on the highest cliff

  • Version +1 Profaned Capital
  • Version +2 Smoldering Lake


  • You get a 13% or 4% in PVP increase in your ability to absorb fire damage.
  • Version +1 increase by 17% or 5% in PvP
  • Version +2 20% or 6% in PvP

The stoneplates are true knight symbols. The red ones go to those who face Chaos valiantly.

Thunder Stoneplate

Location: Archdragon peak

  • Version +1 catacombs of Carthus
  • Version +2 Lothric Castle

Effects: Thunder stoneplate increases your ability to absorb lightning by 13% or 4% in PvP

  • Version +1 increases by 17% or 5% in PvP
  • Version +2 20% or 6% in PvP

The stoneplates are true knight symbols, and the yellow ones go to those who will become Dragons.

Speckled Stoneplate Rings

Location: Smoldering Lake

• Version 1 is in the Cemetery of Ash


  • Speckled stoneplate ring increases your ability to absorb lightning, fire, dark damage and magic by 5% or 2% in PvP
  • Version +1 increases damage absorption by 7% or 3% in PvP

To get access to the stone, you must destroy the wall using one of your arrows. A speckled stone goes to knights who have endless journeys ahead of them.

The True Dark Ring

Location: You can purchase it from Yuria of Londor for 5000 souls.


It is an illusory ring that allows the player to retain the human appearance while in the hollows. Wearing the ring ensures that you remove any phantom or Weapon Buff aura. You also get rid of the smoldering effects that are common when the player is in Embered.

Dark soul 3 gives you access to more than 100 rings, each having its benefit to help you on your journey. We have looked at some of the rings we consider the best. Determining the best ones depend on the level you are at, and what powers you would want to take advantage.

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