Tank build in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is quite a challenging game, but that is what makes it especially attractive to most gamers. You need quite a bit of patience to navigate because you have to fight so many enemies.

You have to be able to handle all the attacks, avoid them when necessary, and use your powers to protect the weak and innocent. Having a powerful tank build is, therefore, a critical step that you need to master.


Understanding Tank Builds

In Dark Soul 3, you rely on timing and high damage capabilities of the builds. Unlike its predecessors, Dark Souls 3 has some changes that increase the difficulty level. Enemies like the bosses are more aggressive, much quicker, and less predictable.

You do not have the option of upgrading the armor, which is significantly weaker. You may also have some difficulty managing the alternative builds.

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Attributes You Need for Effective Tank Builds

Focus on the following attributes when building your tanks

  • Strength of a minimum of 50 points will give you sufficient strength
  • The intelligence of 10 points grants you access to the magic shield
  • The vitality of 40 points and above gives you better physical defense and can handle your equipment loads
  • Vigor within the range of 27 to 36 point
  • Attunement of 10 to 18 points for your shield and some extra buffs. If you use magic, it gives you the ability to increase the number of spells.
  • The faith of up to 30 points if you want to use spells
  • Endurance of up to20 points and above to give you stamina against your enemies
  • Dexterity of up to 25 points, although you can survive on 10 points, which is a basic requirement for any weapon.
  • Luck varies depending on where you will need it, such as when you are using the Spiked Mace or the Anri Straight Sword.

Different attributes will give you different benefits. You will, for example, find that you can do more damage with a weapon of choice if your dexterity and strength stats are higher. If you infuse some of the attributes with other factors such as the blacksmith, you become more lethal to your enemies.

One excellent tip when starting is to have a good balance with regards to gear and stats. Your armor should, for example, allow you fast movement and the ability to dodge your enemies comfortably. Also, factor in stats such as endurance and vigor so that your stamina levels are high.


Best Armors and Weapons

Some of the best weapons you can use to your advantage are:

  • Moaning Shield is the primary shield with the Magic Number 82 at+5 reinforcement.
  • Dark Knight Shield is a regular shield and requires 18 points on strength and Intelligence.
  • Black Iron Greatshield gives you protection against 99% of fire damage.
  • Dragonslayer Greatshield gives you 100% and 95% physical and lightning reduction.
  • Cathedral Knight Greatsword gives you 99% dark reduction when you infuse it with deep. You also get 95% physical damage depending on the situation.
  • Lothrick Knight Greatshield is excellent when you are facing challenges with magic.
  • Havels Greatshield gives you excellent resistance, but it is quite heavy and can be unstable.
  • Hexes allow you to use unique spells against enemies. Balance intelligence and faith and allocate a minimum of 30 points for each.
  • Assassins are quick and stealthy and have access to some useful spells.
  • Hallow gives you access to hallow gems in your weapons.
  • Bleed gives dexterity and Rapid Response capabilities against some bosses and enemies.
  • Clerics use spells and rely on faith to give you an edge. You can, for example, get better healing potency and damaging miracles by allocating 60 points to faith, or even upgrading to sunlight talisman.
  • Mage does a player’s bidding. You have the option of pure or hybrid mages; in the former, focus on attunement and Intelligence. For hybrids, focus on dexterity and strength.
  • Pure strength using weapons such as Greatswords gives you formidable strength. Allocate a minimum of 60 points to strength to take full advantage of this build.
  • Onikiri and Ubadachi are katanas that give you a fighting chance against enemies. Focus on dexterity and strength with this build
  • Ledo’s Great Hammer is a powerful tool, but you need timing to land effective blows. Ensure your strength is at minimum 60 to be able to handle the week on.
  • Pyromancer can cause a lot of damage, so focus on 40 points for both Intelligence and faith.
  • Sellsword Twinblades is another powerful tool, so focus on dexterity allocating 60 points and above.

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Weapon Combinations to Consider

Focus on your preference and stats when choosing your weapons. If, for example, you are at 50 and 10 points on strength and dexterity respectively you can go for:

  • Yohrms’s Great Machete +5 for an AR of 633
  • Dragonslayer Greataxe and Lorian’s Greatsword are a powerful combination for maximum physical damage
  • A heavy Broadsword +10 gives you over 400AR. You get excellent buffs and quick and light swings.


  • For maximum equipment load, consider the Havels ring.
  • For invincibility and better buffs, the Lingering Dragoncrest ring is your best bet.
  • For Moar Tank, go for the ring of steel protection.


Some of the spells you need to have include, the magic shield, the protection, sacred oath, and tears of denial.

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Pros & Cons of the Tank Build


Tank builds give users the following capabilities:-

  • Ability to withstand more damage
  • Quick recovery from mistakes
  • Ability to play without focusing too much on timing, or dodging iframes
  • Excellent tool when battling bosses and useful for backstabs
  • You become invincible when your shield is up


  • The duels are longer
  • Your tank defense become vulnerable to bleed builds
  • You do not have protection against certain weapons
  • You need to be extra vigilant at all times

Dark Soul 3 may have some notoriety as a very challenging game, especially if you compare it to its predecessors. You, however, have the option of different tank builds to overcome enemies.

Every player has different attribute combinations that they prefer to use. Find one that works for you and enjoy the gaming experience.

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