Best Rings in Dark Souls 2

In Dark Souls 2, rings are essential kits, with some being definitive parts of a particular build. Take a look through this guide as we take you through some of the best rings in Dark Souls 2 while discussing how to obtain or find these handy trinkets.


Whether you need to gain more souls or boost your stats, enhance your stamina and health, among other tweaks, we shall be discussing how and where to go to locate the needed ring for that.

The Dark Souls 2 has introduced an array of new weapons, rings as well as armors which has opened lots of build options. In fact, Dark Soul 2 is known to have the most builds in all Dark Souls franchises. This has been made possible by the four-ring slots as opposed to the two slots in the previous games. With that said, let’s get started on today’s topic.

Third Dragon Ring

The most versatile in Dark Souls 2, Third Dragon Ring combines the Royal Soldier Ring, Life Ring as well as the Chloranthy Ring to form one ring. Obtained from the Dragon Shrine, the Third Dragon Ring is without a doubt one of the best rings, if not the best, in Dark Souls 2.

This ring offers small but noticeable bonuses, which tend to be helpful on every build. However, you should note that you cannot wear First, Second as well as Third Dragon Rings simultaneously.

The Third Dragon Ring is located in a chest in Dragon Shrine castle. Once you find the two Drakekeepers with mace and sword, you can turn around and look for a group of boxes. Go ahead and drop down and then follow a path that leads to the ring.

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Clutch Rings

Every DLCs in Dark Souls 2 have an elemental ring known as the Clutch Ring. These rings are responsible for reducing player’s defenses in exchange for enhanced elemental damage. Clutch Ring reduces the defense ability of a player by 80 in exchange for a boost of +30 in Attack Rating on an individual element.

A caster will have great use of it; however, when using resin or infused weapon to buff your gear, you will notice an increase in damage. As long as you are careful when it comes to positioning and avoiding damages, the increased damage bonus will outweigh the negatives.

The Dark Clutch Ring is located on the eastern side of Eleum Loyce in the DLC of Crown of the Old Iron King. On the other hand, the Fire Clutch Ring is situated in Eleum Loyce’s inner wall in the DLC of Crown of the Old Iron King.

The Lightning Clutch Ring is located in Dragon’s Sanctum in the DLC of Crown of the Sunken King. While the Sorcery Clutch Ring is situated in the DLC of Crown of the Old Iron King.

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Rings of Blades

Rings of Blades falls under one of the best rings in Dark Soul 2 thanks to its ability to grant flat physical damage to every attack, even when worn. This ring’s base version offers 20 flat physical damage, while the +1 version offers 35 and the +2 version offers 50.

As a player, you can earn this ring early once you slay the Pursuer in Forest of the Fallen Giants. This ring offers noticeable damage, and it does not feature any downside. For a melee character, this ring is a no-brainer.

To locate the standard variant of this ring, you will need to defeat the Pursuer boss in the Forest of the Fallen Giants. +1 version, on the other hand, is dropped by a Pursuer in the Iron Keep. And lastly, the +2 version is earned after conquering the Pursuer duo in the throne room of Drangleic Castle in NG+.

Chloranthy Ring

In Dark Soul 2, stamina is something every player needs to survive. This becomes much easier with Chloranthy Ring. You will receive a 25% recovery bonus to your stamina along with the ring’s +2 variant with this ring.

Generally, every build will benefit from Chloranthy Ring. Melees and Mages characters alike rely on stamina to use weapons as well as a sprint. Thus, making Chloranthy Ring a perfect option for them. The standard variant of this ring is located behind the Pharros’ Contraption in the ballista room in a forest of the Fallen Giants.

+1 version of the ring is located in Shaded Woods at the end of a narrow path. While +2 version of the ring is earned in NG+ after conquering Executioner’s Chariot boss.

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Flynn’s Ring

If you have played Dark Soul 2, you understand that it is not strange to ring that enhances damage. Flynn’s Ring is a perfect example of a damage-enhancing ring. In addition, this ring offers enhanced attack ratings as the total equipment load of a player decreases.

As a player, when you are under 60 units, you will gain a +50 Attack Rating for each attack. Since Flynn’s Ring is a flat buff, it is ideal for rapid-attacking weapons like a claw or sword. This ring will be less potent if you have more than 60 units.

The Flynn’s Ring is located in Dragon’s Sanctum in the DLC of Crown of the Sunken King. You can find it once you drop into a room full of Corrosive Egg Crawlers as well as going up a nearby ladder.

Clear Bluestone Ring

Clear Bluestone Ring is one of the best rings in Dark Souls 2, and it suits best individuals who cast spells, pyromancy, hex, or miracle. With this ring, you will be able to enhance the casting speed of each spell while gaming.

The ring reduces the casting time by 20% while granting a 35% speed bonus when using the +1 version, along with a 55% casting speed boost when using the +2 version. The standard variant of this ring is sold by Carhillion at the cost of 2,000 souls.

+1 version, on the other hand, is located inside a chest in a misty part of Shaded Wood. +2 version is earned in NG+ after conquering Skeleton Lord boss.

You will need some of the best rings in Dark Souls to conquer this game. And if you are on the lookout for some of the best rings in the game, you should consider settling for the ones discussed in this article.