Dragon Age Inquisition Best Armor

Dragon Age Inquisition is a fantastic game, but knowing where to get the Dragon Age inquisition best armor can be rather tough.

Usually, when you ask someone you are told to “Just kill dragons to get the best stuff” Well this is annoying and not very helpful.

Well, today I am keeping things nice and simple for you as I show you where some of the best merchants in the game are and also give you some tips to make sure your armor is the best it can be.  

The best armor for Dragon Age Inquisition is Superior Battlemage Armor for the mage, Battlemaster Armor for the DPS warrior, Refined Battle Master Armor for the tank warrior and the Superior Prowler Armor for the Rogue class.

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The Best Armor For Each Dragon Age Inquisition Class

How granted there may be someone who has figured out exactly what the Dragon Age inquisition best armor is.

However, if you want to know quick and easy what a fantastic armor is for a particular class. This helpful guide is going to set you off on the right foot.

Mage – Superior Battlemage Armor Schematic

What makes this a great set of armor for you guys who like to play as Mage’s is that it in addition to having two upgrade slots it also has two utility slots as well.

One way that you can make the Superior Battlemage Armor even better is by heading to the Hissing Wastes merchant and buying the Battlemage Armor Arms and Legs upgrades that he has for sale.

DPS Warrior – Battlemaster Armor Schematic

Battlemaster Armor Schematic

It can be kind of hard to find armor that is made with DPS Warriors in mind. What you want to get is the Battlemaster Armor.

This is by far the best choice as it gives you two upgrade lots and two utility slots as well which is good because you want as many metal utility slots as you can have when you are a DPS Warrior.

The Hissing Wastes merchant can hook you up with Battlemaster Armor Arms and Legs which can give you as much as 32 additional strength.

Tank Warrior – Refined Battlemaster Mail Schematic (Jaws of Hakkon required)Refined Battlemaster Mail Schematic

With three defense slots and two upgrade slots. This armor is fantastic due to the fact that those defense slots total at 16 materials and the upgrade slots a further 24 so it is very impressive and you can tweak it to your exact specifications.

If you only have the base game go for the Superior Battlemaster Mail and Coat which is nearly as good as the Refined one, but it loses two crafting materials. Still, if you only have the base game this is the Dragon Age inquisition best armor for a Tank Warrior you can get.

The Battlemaster Coat or Battlemaster Mail Arms and Legs upgrades work very well with both of these armors.

However, these as are random schematic drops so you will want to do some serious farming until you come across the right schematic.

Rogue – Superior Prowler Armor Schematic

superior prowler mail

When you are playing as a Rogue you need as many utility slots on the armor you craft as possible.

The reason for this is that this is the only way that you can increase your damage with this kind of armor.

That is why the Superior Prowler Armor is the way to go. You get two upgrade slots, but as well as this you get two leather utility slots. Hunter Coat Legs and Prowler Armor Arms are upgrades that will also help you get the best out of this armor.

How To Schematic Farm

While you can buy most tier 3 armor schematics from the merchants located all over the map. You can still farm for them very easily thanks to this method.

Step 1: In Skyhold get the Deft Hands Perk from the War Table. You will find it under the secrets tab.

Step 2: Use fast travel to go to the Drakon’s Rise Camp which is in Emprise Du Lion. You want to clean out all of the Darkspawn and then open the locked door that is there.

Step 3: In this room, you will find two chests. These chests can spawn tier 3 schematics. Check the chest and if there are any tier 3 schematics take them. Make sure you leave at least one item in the chest. Now when you save and then reload your game these chests will be full again. So you can keep doing this until you get the schematic that you find. Just make sure you leave one item in the chest.

Good Merchants To Check Out in DAI

There are many good merchants in Dragon Age Inquisition where you can buy armor and schematics from. Here are three of the best who have proven to offer some fantastic armor schematics.

Val Royeaux

On the North East side, you will find a merchant who is perfect if you are just starting out in the game. Probably up to level 9 would find visiting this merchant very beneficial. As well as having some of the best Dragon Age Inquisition best armor for low levels, he also has weapons and schematics as well.

Hissing Wastes

To save you wandering around for ages as this map is so large. Just head a little West of the Grand Canyon Camp Site and you will find him. He does sell some premade armor if you want to keep things simple.

However, he does also sell some schematics which is the better option to take as when you are making the armor yourself you will find that you tend to get better armor in the end.

If you are looking for tier 3 armor schematics then the Hissing Wastes merchant will not disappoint.

Emprise du Lion

Before you can talk to this merchant you will have to do the Capturing Suledin Keep quest.

Now you can get some armor here which is great, but sometimes the best defense is a strong offense and this guy sells some awesome high-level weapons.

That’s is it!

No matter if you are going to a merchant or if you are going to farm. You now know the best way to get the Dragon Age inquisition best armor.

Also, be sure to try out the suggestions I have given you for the armor to use in each class I am sure you will be very happy with the results.

If you have better ways to get armor then let us know in the comments below. For more tricks and tips here.

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