Dragon Age Inquisition Best Staff

So, in your 300 hours of gameplay for Dragon Age and the Dragon Slayer DLC, you somehow haven’t started a mage yet? Sure, the magic makes them squishy, but are you using the right weapon for your goal?

Let’s take a second to talk about your staff(wiki).

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The Dragon Age Inquisition best staff can make yourplaythrough a walk in the park. Whether you are going up against demons of the Veil in multiplayer or Coryphyus in the storyline, these are the top five staffs in Dragon Age Inquisition.


Encore Schematic Staff

Encore Schematic Staff

The Encore Schematic Staff is widely regarded as the best staff in the game. The kickeris that you can only obtain this staff by purchasing and downloading the TrespasserDLC, an epilogue to the main storyline.

You can carry it over to a second playthrough (or a different mage) by using the Golden Nug in your workshop.

This staff will run you through the game with a hefty 94-125 DPS. Along with alarge number of upgrade slots, this staff also has the ability to cast one of three unique buffs to your entire party: Battle of the Bands (instilling a 20% attack bonus), Mark of the Riff (guaranteed bonus 42 elemental damage), or Sing-Along (a health regeneration of 2%).

You can find this staff only in the Trespasser DLC. You will need to follow the treasure maps to a variety of places in the Winter Palace.

If you get this schematic and can craft the staff, you will only have it for a couple of hours of gameplay, but the Golden Nug bypasses this and allows you to carry on your staff to another playthrough or another mage.

Unfortunately, this staff has to be crafted, which means that it is not available in the multiplayer server. However, this staff will make your PvE campaign a walk in the park.

It is definitely recommended to transfer this to a new character and see the difference between your DPS and play styles.

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Pyre of the Forgotten

Pyre of the Forgotten

The Pyre of the Forgotten is a unique staff that delves into some of the Dragon Age Lore. Pyre is named after the Old Elven gods who are also called The Forgotten.

These gods, such as Mythal and the Dread Wolf, are seen worshipped in the game. This staff is said to have belonged to one of the priests of Daern’thal.

You need this staff for the DPS! This staff has a high DPS for the base game (110-113). Add in the three upgrade slots and that should be enough to entice any player. With the +16% Attack and the +14% Guard Damage Bonus, you can do some serious damage with this staff. Great for dungeons.

Ironically, it also has +14% armor penetration, however, the buff is now completely useless in the game because staffs have no physical attack.

Although we used this with templar to avoid major hit points due to their good defense and switch weapons when needed.

With this being one of the strongest staffs, a lot of people are concerned that it might only be available in single player DLC. The good news is that it is not.

Pyre of the Forgotten is available for purchase in the Western Approach, as long as you have The Short List Inquisition perk.

This is definitely worth the grind to overtake Griffon Wing keep, even if you are only buying this item.

For the multiplayer fans, you get lucky here. This is also available for purchase in multiplayer…with the same stats. You can unlock this staff to deal fire damage to all of the demons you come across.

Moving one with our Dragon Age Inquisition Best Staff list.


Staff of Corruption

Pyre of the Forgotten

Staff of Corruption is a tier 4 schematic staff that is also available to purchase.

This is for a mage that likes to get up close and center…especially if you intend on building toward a Rift mage for your character.

The combat system for Corruption offers you a high DPS: 94-125, depending on the materials you use to build it.

Thanks to the awesome three headed snake that it sports, you can also do elemental damage from three different elements! This means there aren’t a lot of enemies that will be able to withstand your magic power.

This schematic is purchasable from our slightly dubious merchant friend in the Black Emporium. You just need to obtain the Emporium’s Schematics of Legend for a hefty 17k gold.

Even at that price, the DPS alone makes it worth the grind.

Slow down there!

The Staff of Corruption is crafted. Just like the Encore Staff, you won’t be able to take it into a multiplayer game with you and reek havoc.

However, you can use your Golden Nug to take it to another playthrough without having to go through the gold grind that you did the first time!

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Wrath of Lovias

Wrath of Lovias

The Wrath of Lovias is the only staff in the game that has two different variations. The first variation is a great beginner’s staff that will decimate your competition.

The second comes in the form of a tier 4 schematic. It’s great for Mage (Wizards or W.e. you call it) and Templars.

This staff is a great crafting choice because of its high DPS, but, also because of its elemental damage. It is built to work for a Knight Enchanter’s high DPS and is a great way to enhance your magic power.

The three upgrade slots also allow you to customize the staff to different builds easily.

The base staff will help to give your stats a boost at the beginning of the game. It also will mean that you won’t be switching out staffs every couple of levels because your staff will already be superior.

The schematic tier 4 staff can be purchased from our friendly Black Emporium. If you haven’t downloaded this DLC, you should pick it up to ensure you are getting the best weapon stats possible.

Our base staff, however, can be easily looted from the elite Rebel Mage during the Apostates in Witchwood quest.

But, Does It Carry Over?

Time for some good news/bad news. Your tier 4, crafted monster won’t carry to your multiplayer adventures with your friends. However, your base staff can!

You can loot this from your chests in multiplayer and it will be a great starter staff for your multiplayer mages!

And our last Dragon Age Inquisition Best Staff list.


Deathward Staff

Deathward Staff

Deathward has an awesome lead-up questline and the best stats for your Necromancer build. The staff is taken from the Mortalitasisect from Nevarra, a Necromancing guild that is said to be the first.

Why Is It The Best Choice For My Necromancer?

To start off, you have three empty upgrade slots to play with. These can be enhanced with the correct grips and staff blades to deal undead damage and to increase your health return. The DPS is decent, but the real beauty lies in the stats!

With this staff, your Necromancer will run +10 Constitution, +9 Willpower, and gain an on hit heal of 1% of your maximum health. This means that your Necromancer mage can take a beating, even if they have to get up close to enemies.

What’s The Deal With This Questline?

The questline to obtain Deathward is a fun grind that you can play through in the Emerald Graves. You will need to obtain the Astrariums in the Graves quest by interacting with any of the astrariums.

There are only three, so you can make this quick or just do them on the way to another mission.

Once you have activated all three of the astrariums, a cave will be revealed to you. The main chest in the cave will hold a free Deathward and a maul for your warrior classes.

The good news here is that Deathward can be purchased or looted in multiplayer. The better news is that it was built to be one of the strongest staffs on the multiplayer servers.

You can wield this for maximum undead damage against some Lyrium Knights.

Whether you are taking down villians in multiplayer or you are doing battle against the armies of Coryphyus in the story mode, your mage deserves the best staff that you can get.

Focus on your build to find the best staff for your playing style. And, hopefully, you can build toward one of these!

What do you think of our list of Dragon Age Inquisition best staff? Do you agree with us?

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