Fallout 4 Automatic Weapons Build

If you’re looking for a Fallout 4 Automatic weapons build then here is the one the builds I used when I was super into Fallout. Now, the build main weapon is an automatic weapon. That is for mid and far range engagements. As for near range, you will use melee weapons to take out your targets more efficiently.

This build piggybacks from the Mudge Puppet The Commando build as it has a lot of qualities you’re looking for in an automatic weapons build. You don’t just want spam bullets but also have a variety of ways to kill your opponents.

I am going to reveal the S.P.E.A.C.I.A.L, Perks, Best Automatic weapons, and armor. This is a solder build as the automatic weapons fit very well. You may change anything as you like. The most important thing is for you to find comfortable automatic weapons build that fits you.

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Automatic Weapons S.P.E.A.C.I.A.L Stats

fallout 4 pro military outfit

Strength: 7

Perception: 2

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 0

Intelligence: 7

Agility: 6

Luck: 2

Why so much strength? Strength allows your solder to carry heavy weapons and also allows you to wear heavy armor. This important because you’re going to be relying on a lot of automatic weapons for most of your engagement and using some power armor to elevate your Hits points.

Endurance at 6? Endurance overall is a very important stat because it defines a lot of important abilities like healing and resistance to radiation and poison. You’re going to be aggressive. In battle, most of the time so high endurance will give you an edge.

Do I need a super smart solder? Well, you don’t want to be a dumb solder in the battlefield. Intelligence stats simply lets you unlock perks. Which you want to better upgrade your weapons and armor and also grants you unique abilities. Definitely being smart pays dividend in Fallout 4.

Everything is not really needed or you can as just the remaining stats point to whatever you like. The most important ones are the one mentioned above.


Automatic Build Perks

Automatic build power armor

The perks are really important because of the advantages that they will provide so getting them is a must. The perks that fit the automatic weapons build are Commando, Big Leagues, Armorer, Sneak, Gun Nut, Medic, Mister Sandman, and Scrounger. You will have more room for more perks so it is up to which one to choose.

The Commando is the must get a perk because it provides bonus damage and accuracy on automatic weapons. As you may know, the build was built on around automatic weapons so this would elevate the damage output. You should upgrade the commando perk as soon as it is available when you level up. You want to have this perk maxed out when you reach 50 levels.

Big Leagues is a necessary perk for close range engagements. This is important for you to build because close engagement happens really often, as you may go through building, caves and narrow paths forcing you to attack enemies close range. By having an extra damage output to close range attacks, you will have a great advantage to your build.

You want to max out this perk too by the last level.

Armorer is a very important perk for almost all the builds. This perk grants you access to armor mods and that is useful. You will be able to build better armor pieces theretofore more hits points for your build.

This is an important perk to max out because the more you unlock, the bigger you armor options will be. If you want versatile options of armor, then you should focus on getting the upgrades as soon as you are able to get them.

The Sneak perk allows you to lower your detection. The more you upgrade this perk, the harder will be for the enemies to detect you.

I used to sneak a lot on close range settings like inside buildings and narrow paths. I knew that close range was not my specialty so snake attack would be more effective in those situations. Big League perk would also activate granting close range damage with melee weapons.

Gun Nut perk grants weapons mods. The mods are mainly focused on projectile type weapons. So if you’re into projectiles base weapons like turrets then it will be very useful.

If you have settlements and you want extra defense then this perk will help you the turrets. Now if you’re don’t have any settlements and just want to spam bullets, then this perk wouldn’t help much.

Medic is a straightforward must-have perk as is it allows you to regenerate health and remove radiation. The more you upgrade this perk, the larger the amount of health regeneration you will receive and the removal of radiation.

Mister Sandman allows you to kill targets that are sleeping more easily. Again, another close-range perk that would allow you to deal with close range situations.

As you keep upgrading, your sneak attack damage output will increase and this includes your silenced weapons.

Scrounger is a must have perks as is it increases the chances for more ammo drops. You will be burning through a lot of ammo with your automatic weapons so having replenish ammo is a must.

You should keep upgrading the perks as you will increase ammo drops high-quality weapons.

There are a lot more perks that you can use. I found that these perks mentioned above helped me a lot with my build. You want to get as comfortable as you can, therefore, choose perks that fit your style is the direction you want to go.


Best Automatic Weapons
best automatic weapon in fallout 4

The Kiloton radium rifle is an automatic explosive shot rifle. This is very similar to the Spray n’ Spray submachine gun as both have explosive damage and both are fully automatic. The explosive damage is impressive but the gun also has radiation damage will increase further damage to your enemies’ HP.

The Kiloton is a must get-rifle and you can get it from Brother Kane in the Nucleus. You must join them before getting the gun.

Overseer’s Guardian is another great automatic weapon. If you mod this weapon to short barrels then the gun unique ability which shots additional projectile in one shot granting you to do more damage.

The perk rifleman and Gun Nut perk will help you get the most out this weapon. You can get this weapon with Alexis Combe at the Overseer’s Guardians. You will need 3 fusion core before purchasing this bad boy.

SPRAY N’ PRAY is one of the must get an automatic weapon. You will be able to spam bullets with this submachines gun and become deadly and powerful when used correctly. This gun is very versatile as it allows you to customize it further. However, the bullets for this gun are expensive and rare to drop.

The submachine gun is not hard to get. You can buy it from wandering merchant cricket. Also, she can be found in the commonwealth if you can’t find her in Bunk Hills. The gun may drop by the legendary raiders. There totally more ways to get this gun.

The AEAR-1 laser assault rifle is another great automatic weapon. The automatic laser weapons use fusion core to power the shots. The weapon is fairly accurate and the recoil is not too bad. With a lot of fusion core and fully modded, you can do serious damage.

You find this gun on people that carry assault weapons but since the AEAR damage was buffed, it has become harder to spawn.

Now into the high tear weapons, the Plasma Rifle. This weapon is really good because of the versatility that it provides. You can use as a semi-auto rifle, assault rifle (automatic), shotguns and even sniper rifle among others.

This is not a common rifle due to its high tech components. So you will encounter with this gun later mid-game towards the end game. You either will find the weapon on high tech enemies. Also, it can be found on legendary enemies and high-level raiders.

The Combat Shotgun can be a fully automatic for to you use in this build. This shotgun can be fully upgraded and the most noticeable upgrade is the increase of rounds. A fully upgrade combat rifle carries 32 rounds drum magazine allowing you spam bullets to enemies in close range.

The Railway rifle is a high damage output rifle. The rifle shoots projectile similar to a crossbow gun. The ammunition is very tough to find but they are cheap to buy them. If you learn how to conserve and efficiently use this weapon for extreme situations they can do up to 200 damage per shot.

This is a versatile weapon as you can use it as a sniper and a fully automatic weapon.


What Armor Should You Use?

When it comes to armor, you should first consider what kind of player you want to build. If you want a player that just go Rambo on everything then a power suit would suit you better. Power suits like the T-45 and T-60 would perform better to that kind of play style. The downside to that is that your sneak would be severely hurt.

For more mobility armor, you should use combat armor. You can go with sturdy or heavy combat armor and upgrade them as you go. Although, when reaching the end game, you should really consider the heavy combat armor.


Make your own Automatic Weapons Build

The build is very similar to Fudge Muppets (Youtube) Comando builds with a few modifications that I found useful in the gameplay. The point is to find your own play style and make modifications as you go.

If you like the commando build and you have any additional tips and trick then let us know in the comments below. 

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