GTA 5 How to Roll

How to roll in GTA 5? Maybe is not the most popular GTA 5’s question but for those who do not know here, it is.

To Roll in GTA 5 you must press:

For PS4, while you aiming, hit the SQUARE. (R1 + Square)

For Xbox, while you’re aiming, hit the X button.  (LT + X)

For PC, While aiming, hit SPACE. (R click + Spacebar)

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When to use the roll in GTA 5?

You want to use rolls mainly in gun shooting activities. This works well when you’re online and you’re trying to shoot another player. In a head to head shooting battle, the one that wins is the one that takes less damage. Rolling does just that. When someone is shooting, just use the roll and that would make it harder for them to move the cursor and aim at you. Also, it spends their ammo quickly, therefore, giving you an opportunity to strike back.

Another way is to avoid cars crashing into you. In GTA Online, car crashes are very common, and a car hitting you when playing is extremely high. Rolling will give you that extra push to move out the way quickly enough. We all know that out GTA character don’t have a great reaction but rolling make it instantaneous. 

There are limits though! You cannot continuously roll forever as there is a cool down. If you see this happening, then the chances are they are lagging or using a sort of mods or hack.

It takes time so you need to practice a bit to get used to rolling. Again, use combat rolling for combat and you won’t regret it.

Do you have more tricks on how to roll? Let us know in the comments below.

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