GTA 5 Secret Mission Offline – Epsilon Mission

There is a lot of hidden mysteries in GTA 5 waiting to be discovered but this time is a mission. This GTA 5 secret mission that can be done only offline is Epsilon. The Epsilon Cult missions is a side mission that you completely outside of the main storyline. If you complete this mission successfully, then you will earn $2,100,000 for your troubles.

The Epsilon missions (Kifflom) are a parody of the deceiving cultist behaviorism. An example of real life is Scientology. The character you’ll complete these missions with is Micheal. You will have to complete many ridiculous missions and donating money.

The Kifflom missions require time before each mission. Every time you complete a mission, you’ll have to wait a certain amount of time before the next missions appear.

There is a couple of way of skipping the waiting time. You can restart the game after you complete the current mission. Just make sure you save the game before exiting the game.

The second way is going to sleep. If you don’t want to restart the game, then sleeping is your best option for skipping time. Although, some missions require to go sleep a lot of time before appearing.[wd_ads advert=”6059″]

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Now that you know what is the mission is about, let’s start with the missions walkthrough.


Seeking the Truth

seeking the truth gta v

To begin the mission, as Micheal, go to your phone and search Epsilon. Sometimes banner would appear on your phone but search it if it doesn’t.

There is going to be a questionnaire for you complete. It does not matter how you completely as long you submit something for each question. Here are all the questions.

1 – Do you have red hair?

2 – Do you ever experience deja vu again?

3 – Do you want to understand completely to be complete?

4 – Do you have the endurance to lie with nine partners a week?

5 – Do you consider attractiveness relative to your own attractiveness?

6 – Do you have a birthmark on your face?

7 – Do you want to be famous?

8 – Are you able to look at things and see them as metaphors for other things, like trees and eagles?

9 – Can you easily ignore your entire family and join a new group of friends?

10 – Do your checks clear?

You can have some fun answering these questions or just put whatever. Once you’re done the get results and then the mission should start.

In the map, a location should appear to Raton Canyon. Go there and a cut-scene should appear. Make sure you take a taxi. That is the fastest way to make it there.

After all the weird stuff just happened and you wake up on your boxers and proceed and make a donation of $500 in the Epsilon website. The next mission should appear after some time.


Accepting the Truth

accepting the truth gta v

After you paid the $500 then the next mission should appear after 12 hours in-game.

Go to the Ice Queen Jewelry store up at Vinewood and enter the green-colored door to begin the mission.

You will meet with Marnie and her assistant. They will ask you to donate another amount of money and this time is $5,000, which completes the mission.

Once again, go to the website and donate $5,000 and the next mission should trigger after 18 hours.


Assuming the Truth

assuming the truth gta v

The next mission you will have to meet with Marnie over at Grapeseed.

She will send you an email with a list of 5 vehicles that you must deliver to a designated location:

  • Pegassi Vacca
  • Benefactor Surano
  • Declasse Tornado
  • Enus Super Diamond
  • Dinka Double-T

Pegassi Vacca can be found at the house just south of Franklin’s Vinewood Hills mansion. You can buy it online but it is expensive.

Drive up to the Lake Vinewood area to find the Benefactor Surano parked at the cul-de-sac.

The Declasse Tornado can be found parked between the 24-7 Store and an Auto-Exotic auto repair shop in Hawick.

Enus Super Diamond parked behind the building called Leopold in Rockford Hills.

You can always find a Dinka Double-T motorcycle parked right outside of the Life Invader building.

That’s it! The mission will be completed once you delivered all the vehicles. You will have to wait 6 hours before the next mission appears.[wd_ads advert=”6060″]


Chasing the Truth 

chasing the truth gta v

When you arrive, approach Marnie and Johnny to start the mission. She will ask you to start finding an “alien artifact” along with Johnny, who gives him a sort of detector. Weird looking detector lol.

You will find 3 artifacts along the way.

The first artifact is a television.

The second artifact is a metal box.

The last artifact is a workboot located on the southeast right next to Johnny’s blue pickup truck. Approach to it to complete the mission.

Note: There is a gold level achievement for this mission. Just find all three artifacts without the detector. The controller should rumble when you’re near it.

The first person will not work so you should stick with the third person view.

Once you complete the mission, you’ll have to donate $10,000 through the Epsilon website. Click donate $5,000 twice and should trigger the next mission. This one takes about 18 in-game hours.


Bearing the Truth

bearing the truth gta v

You will drive over to the waypoint by Vinewood/Hawick and meet up with Marnie in an alleyway.

For this mission, she will ask you to buy the Epsilon robes and then wear them for 10 consecutive in-game days.

Note: Do not engage in activities that change clothing like sports. The best way is to sleep your way through this. Also, do not switch to another character.

Go to the Epsilon website and buy the Epsilon robes for $25,000.

The robe will take 24 in-game hours to receive it. The robes will be in Mike’s closet. A confirmation email will let you know when it is there.

Once the robes arrive, put them on for 10 in-game days.

After 10 in-game days, you will receive a text message from Cris to complete the mission. After that, then you’ll have to wait another 48 hours for the following mission.

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Delivering the Truth

delivering the truth

You will have to drive on down towards Fort Zacundo to find a large blue airplane waiting near the beachside. Speak with Tom, then board the plane and fly it to the waypoint on the map.

Note: There is a gold achievement for this mission. You’ll have to fly under two bridges and have a smooth landing.

After you land the plane, then you’ll speak to Jimmy and complete the mission. The next mission should appear after 12 hours in-game.

Exercising the Truth

Exercising the truth - gta v

Go to Marnie’s location at the Grand Senora Desert to trigger the mission. For the mission, Michael is required to run in the desert for FIVE miles.

Make sure you still have the robe on before reaching the destination.

The area just south of Marnie’s trailer is where you will need to run for the time of the mission.

As you run the desert area, a notification will indicate every 0.1 miles that he successfully completes.

Note: Wild animals might get in your way, so have a weapon ready just in case!

It takes about 30 minutes of running in the desert to complete a full five miles.

During the 4th mile, Mike receives a call from Cris Formage with an update on his status.

Once you complete the fifth mile, he will receive another call from Cris Formage to complete the mission. The next mission is available right away. Have $50,000 on hand ready for the next mission.

Unknowing the Truth

Unknowing-truth-gta v

Meet with Cris Formage and he will ask you to deliver the blue vehicle to the drop point nearby. Follow the Epsilon security to the meeting area.

From this point, you will have two options:

Accept the special “gift” or Enlighten himself by taking the money. This is the time you where you take the 2.1 million for you.

When you reach the drop point, start killing everyone and take the blue car and escape the police. That’s it!

If the first option is chosen, you will be given a broken tractor and the mission ends.

For the Gold achievement, you will need to choose the second option to kill everyone.

You will receive an angry phone call from Cris Formage if you took the money.

This will open up the Epsilon Tracts collectibles sidequest.

That’s it, guys! If I missed anything in this GTA 5 secret mission offline. then please let me know in the comment below. For more GTA tips here.

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