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DPS Necromancer Build in ESO

There are some of the general questions to ask yourself while considering Necromancer build in Elder Scroll Online (ESO). One has to consider going with ice mage or going classic necromancer. In both choices, there is the existence of hybrid synergy and also completely viable for those who like getting technical with things.

For mage class, they are capable of many things such as making use of the world spirits drawn from death causing them to fight on their behalf, cause magnificent damage to their enemies or inflict unending fear among the opponents. Becoming this type of mage makes someone indirect damage master to the extent where you can battle even after your death.

In most cases, mage tends to be the most lethal class and when it focuses on the necromancer, the damage caused is usually mostly by unconventional means which has been evident by the high abilities such as walking bombs or other techniques such as spirit mark.

This makes sure that you become the group core damage-dealer and while in an ideal situation you will have a cover provided by several front tanks as you take the role of battlefield control as the main character.


Unique Abilities and skills

Necromancer build abilities and skills can be divided into three classifications namely Grave Lord, Bone Tyrant, and Living Death (Blastbones, n.d).

i. Grave Lord skills

This is the classification of the necromancer build with most skills such as frozen colossus, frame skull, blast bone, and the boneyard, and so on.

The skill of frozen colossus is lethal in unleashing frostbitten colossus that is fresh in the intention of pulverizing the enemies in the nearby. It smashes the over 3 seconds 3 times causing 1866 frost damage for every smash. It causes damage of 30% to the enemy increasing their vulnerability for 8 seconds other attacks.

The other skill mentioned under this category is flame skull skills which are lethal in lobbing explosive skull at the opponent causing more 739 flame damage. Blast bone is another useful skill that recalls flaming ground skeleton after 2.5 seconds so that they can run after the opponent upon which they explode cause 1232 damages to the enemies.

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ii. Bone Tyrant Skills

Under this classification necromancer build, there are different skills such as bone goliath transformation, death scythe, bone armor, bitter harvest, and so on. In the case of bone goliath transformation, the necromancer build can increase their max health by 3000 for 20 seconds with an immediate 3000 health restore.

Light attacks are also restored to 174 health when transformed and then a 437 of fully charged heavy attack restore. In the case of death scythe, one can cause 615 magic damage, 1311 health heal for the first enemy, and additional enemy hits of 437.

Other skills under this are bone armor which gives the necromancer ability to harden their bones to increase their spell and physical resistance.

iii. Living death skills

Under this classification, there are skills such as reanimate, render flesh, expunge, life amid death, and many others. In necromancer build reanimate can resurrect up to 3 allies bring them back to life in the brink of death and this may include other skills such as renewing animation and animate blast bones.

The skill of render flesh gives the ability of self-healing or repairing of damaged flesh by sacrificing your power. This skill of render flesh has other sub-skills such as resistant flesh or blood sacrifice all for self-healing for 1232 health and healthy recovery of 15%. Another skill under this category is expunged which gives the ability to remove negative effects by embracing the power of death.

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Armor and Weapon

Armor and weapon for necromancer build-depend on many factors such as whether minions under your control or the kind of damage you want to makeover time (Clouter, 2014).

  • Flashfire – When necromancer skills are paired with inferno, the best results are gotten because burning is caused by these fire spells for 8 seconds, 20 cooldowns, and 65 mana. The weapon has a damage of 300% and can also cause panic and blistering pain with fear duration bonus of 8 seconds.
  • Fortifying blast to form barriers where it is raised for protection, i.e 10% raised barrier.
  • Walking bomb a weapon that causes damage at 200% per second and at the end, 600% damage and an explosion of about 5 meters, 65 mana and 20 seconds cool down. These walking bombs are ideal for an explosion when the enemies are in groups.
  • Virulent which was a weapon that when it dies, other targets were affected by its spread. For instance, when a target is killed by the walking bomb the effect will cause a secondary explosion due to its spreading nature
  • Spirit marks a weapon that kills when the mark is on with a charm duration of 15 seconds, 12 seconds of 75% per second damage, 20 seconds cooldown, and 50 mana. It is an essential weapon of dealing with enemy barriers or rifts through the use of dispelling.
  • Winter Grasp which causes damage through freezing and cooling down. Damage caused is 200%, 4-second freeze, 16-second cooldown, 8-second chill, and 65 mana. More so there is 3 meter AoE winter’s chill.
  • The fade cloak which was an unforgettable weapon which could pass through foes for 2 seconds, 20 mana, and 12 seconds cooldown.
  • Ice armor which could reduce damage by 50% and +3 Willpower. The ice armor fits for this build because you will need to freeze enemies running towards you and also in case of frost dragon it is still handy.
  • Blizzard with a 75% damage per second, 24 seconds, 8-sec chill, and 5 mana.

What are Pros & Cons



Necromancer build has some pro such as (Regime211, 2020)

  • Easy to access major buff to destroy the enemy and keep you alive due to the presence of AoE Damaged and heavy ranged attack.
  • Single target damage is very high
  • Defenses are solid thus high survivability
  • It has the unique and new playstyle
  • There is versatility
  • For those enjoying playing healer, there is great heals thus requiring no resto staff for competent


Necromancer build also has some cons which are

  • A bit slow according to some gaming experts.
  • There are extra tweaks in the rotation due to the requirement of corpses for performing various abilities
  • Lack of buff completely for in-class skills is also considered as a con by most.
  • Lack of zombie pets and pet damage buff which may make it boring or tedious for some people Major brutality or sorcery no access
  • There are restrictive passives

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