Should you become a werewolf in Skyrim?

You’re thinking about becoming a werewolf but you’re you not sure. If this is you then here are all the pros and cons of becoming a werewolf in Skyrim. After you should be able to decide if you want to be a werewolf or not. Should you become a werewolf in Skyrim?

In the article is going to go over all the pros and cons of becoming a werewolf. To be honest, the werewolf might be a cool ability but it isn’t that all great. It all depends on your game style and how well you can maneuver and the timing you use the werewolf mode. Here are the pros and cons of the werewolf.

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What are the Werewolf Cons?

Werewolf mode

You will not get any rest bonus in human mode.

No menu access while the werewolf is on. So no access to portion, spells, weapons or just about any item. You can only rely on your werewolf abilities.

You cannot use healing potions or magic spells. This is big deal if you’re a mage or really any character that rely on portion. If you’re the person, then you’re going to get used not to use it in the werewolf mode.

You’re going to be vulnerable vs large group enemies at once. Dragons are going to be a pain using this mode to defeat them. Even a large number of bandits are also a challenge if you go werewolf on them.

You can be hurt while feeding. This is one of the reasons why many enemies at the same time could be a pain in this mode.

Human will be either afraid and run away or hostile to your werewolf mode.

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What are the Werewolf Pros?

eso werewolf

There are certainly a lot of cons in using the werewolf mode. However, these are pros on using this beast mode in Skyrim.

If your play style is mainly charging to your enemy, then the werewolf mode will fit you good. Like a warrior of any kind that relies very little on range attacks.

You won’t get sick. One of the werewolf abilities is immunity to deceases. That is one less thing to worry about in Skyrim.

One on one boss fight can be a big boost. Werewolf mode could help you immensely if you know how to use its skills well against a boss. I would suggest to only use it on a one on one fight only.

Life point will increase by 100+ and stamina. This is one of the werewolf perks and a really good one.

High speed sprinting. This is mode will make you really fast. Again, if you like charging to your enemies then this mode is definitely just that with greater speed and attack power.

Lost of power attacks. The werewolf is all about power and stamina. So this is one of the abilities is to do a lot of close range DPS.

Roar (howl) ability to scare away enemies for about 30 seconds. This could be useful when fighting a lot of enemies at the same time. Use this ability and then focus on attacking one enemy at the same time.

You cannot be recognized in the beast mode, so you may kill whoever you want and get away with it.

The added weight is another ability which allows you to carry more stuff in your inventory.

The mode is a lot easier to become one than a vampire lord. And if you don’t want to be a werewolf anymore, you can reverse the mode.


Time to make a decision

There are certainly more small advantages and disadvantages of becoming a werewolf. Being successful with this mode heavily depends on your play-style.

If you’re someone that likes to tank damage and close damage would be a good fit for this mode. Maybe not for those that heavily rely on spells, portions and range attacks.

You can try it out and if you don’t like it for any reason then you could reverse it. There no major setback using this mode.


Recommendation for you to Become a Werewolf

werewolf in eso

We really recommend to you at least trying it out. The werewolf mode grants you a lot of overpowering abilities to your advantage.

Stick with this mode and learn to use the abilities effectively and we assure you will have not issues surviving with this beast mode.

Newbies should definitely use this ability due to grants you a lot of survival power like more health and speed. You can either run away or fight more effectively in this mode. So it does have a lot of option using this mode.

The counterpart of this mode, the vampire lord, is a lot more complicated to use. The vampire lord does have a lot of advantages as well but it has to be carefully used.

Like mentioned before, you can try it out and see if it fits your character playing style. Your worst case scenario is that you reverse the mode and really that is it.

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