6 GTA 5 Secret Locations Offline You Want to Check Out

The GTA V has so far lived up to its expectations as one of the most exciting games of all time. However, what many people do not know is that the game’s map is so expansive and that there are specific hidden locations that most gamers do not know anything about.

Interestingly, most of the hidden sites are full of surprises like access to instant wealth or free time for recovery. Here is a list of some of the most interesting GTA-5 story mode secret locations that you should check out for the next time you play the game.


Mount Gordo Ghost Whisperer

Mount Gordo Ghost Whisperer

Chilly as it may sound, the Ghost Whisperer is one of the GTA five secret locations found offline and online. It is located on Mt. Gordo Drive, which is in the North Eastern part of the map, Blaine County. The place is found at a large campsite by the side of an expansive sea.

There is a peculiar mountain at the scene where an apparition appears typically. For you to have a supernatural experience, you need to be by the seaside between 11 PM and midnight. The apparition disappears when the clock strikes midnight.


Abandoned Mine Shaft

Abandoned Mine Shaft

Once you get to the location at the right time, you will see a little apparition in the shape of a man standing stoically on the mountain. Suddenly, players will hear an eerie scream coming from the mountain. Also, gamers can hear some whispers from the seaside during this ghostly hour.

The location of this secret place in the game is in the mountains. When gamers venture out into the mountainous regions, they may encounter an odd-looking wooden door. The door seems to lead to a very expansive mine that is hidden deep inside the rocks.

However, there is no other way of getting past the door except by blowing it up first. Players can use a grenade or any other explosive device to blow up the door and access the inside of this secret mine.

But the inside of the mine is more puzzling than the outside. For example, there is a mysterious body of a man who is in old-fashioned clothes. There are also several hidden and dark alleyways that lead deep into the labyrinth of the mine.

Although the mine may not be of great strategic importance to players, accessing it while playing the game remains one of the biggest adventures in GTA V.


The Richman Hotel Terrace Giant Swimming Pool

RichmanHotelgiant pool gta v

There is a large hotel in the middle of the Los Santos map. The hotel is very prominent, and players can access it with relative ease. However, many players fail to realize that at the back of the hotel is a very expansive swimming pool.

It is difficult for one to visualize the beautiful pool while moving in the streets. However, players moving around in a helicopter can easily spot it. One can access the pool through the main doors of the hotel building. There is a large corridor that leads to the back of the building and the poolside.

The size and beauty of the outdoor swimming pool make it an ideal location for groups to gather for interaction. Although players may not find the pool very useful for their missions, the fact that it takes some effort for one to access it means that it is a little wonder in the game.


Los Santos Clock Tower Building

Los Santos Clock Tower Building

The clock tower is on the Western sides of Los Santos. Gamers rely on the clock to know the time while pursuing different missions. It is easy to identify the clock tower, thanks to its size and position within the city. However, many players fail to realize that the roof of the tower is a large and flat area that one can use for other purposes.

For example, it is easy for a player to hide atop the tower and avoid encountering law enforcement agency operatives. Also, experienced players know that it is very easy to shoot down a plane when one is at the top of the tower.

Regardless of all the benefits that players can gain when they are at the roof of the clock, they must use advanced piloting skills to get to the place.


Fort Zancudo Military Control Tower

This is another one of the GTA five secret locations offline or online that many gamers do not know exists. The location of the control tower, it is inside a military base, makes it very difficult for players to get in. To access the tower, you need to break into the Fort Zancudo military base.

Once you break into the area, you must use the invincibility cheat to dodge the surveillance systems. There is a fenced area with a door around the tower. The door leads to a staircase that players can use to ascend to the control tower.

However, accessing the tower at this stage requires a lot of grit because one meets fierce opposition from the army teams guarding the area. But getting into the tower is worth the effort because once you access it, you win a Mini Gun. Besides, you can get a clearer view of the whole base when you are in the control tower than anywhere else.


The Coveted Cove

Coveted Cove

‘The Coveted Cove’ is the informal name of a cove that is found in Blaine County. Once one travels to the waterfront, it is easy to spot the cove from a distance. Because of the location of the clove, many players find it an ideal place for relaxation as well as hiding from the police.

Moreover, the clove has a secret space inside that is large enough for one to pack a boat. Therefore, keen GTA gamers can use this secret location to their advantage when pursuing specific missions.

These are some of the hidden locations in GTA V that gamers need to explore. The developers of the game intentionally designed these secret locations for specific purposes. Whereas uncovering some places may help players to gain strategic advantages when pursuing their missions, getting to others may be purely for the sake of adventure.

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