Fallout 4 Best Sniper Rifles [Updated in 2021]

We can agree that Fallout 4 snipers are fun, right?

If you said yes then you’re going to like this list full of amazing Fallout 4 snipers.

Fallout 4 is full of incredible scenery and landmarks. You will run into countless opponents in a huge map.

That means that you will have space to do all your snipping.

Fallout 4 Sniper rifles are among the most effective weapons you can use to eliminate the enemies. However, you need to know how each one works before you start sniping.

In this guide, you are going to learn everything you need to understand about the rifles. The information can also enable you to become a better sniper when playing Fallout 4.


Tinker Tom Special

tinker tom special

Though it looks like other sniper rifles featured in most games, Tinker Tom Special is an exceptional weapon. You only get access to it once you become a Railroad member.

Tinker Tom was the original creator of this weapon hence the name Tinker Tom Special.

You can find Tinker Tom Special from one location, which is the Railroad Headquarters. Tinker Tom himself sells the weapon at a very fair price.

The rifle has one legendary effect known as Stalker’s, which you can use to gain 100 percent increased VATS accuracy.

Tinker Tom Special has 66 damage points and a fire rate of 3. Besides, the rifle also has a shooting range of 185.

The wide shooting range makes it a better weapon to use when playing Fallout 4.

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Gauss Rifle

gauss rifle f4

When fully charged, Gauss Rifle does 441 damage points. The weapon relies on magnetic induction to release bullets at breathtaking speeds.

Holding the trigger allows you to charge your shots and maximize your damage at the same time.

You can combine the Gauss Rifle with the Ninja perk to boost the sneak critical damage. You can also use it in combination with the Rifleman perk to make a more deadly weapon.

Gauss is accessible in several places including Skylanes Flight 1665 and 1981 and Teagan’s shop lying along Prydwen.

Once you reach level 25, the weapon vendors may sell you the Gauss Rifle.

If you are pursuing the Battle of Bunker Hill quest, you will quickly notice the rifle carried by Brotherhood and Railroad troops. Gauss Rifle has a shooting range of 185, a fire rate of 66 and an AP of 40.


The Last Minute

The Last Minute

The Last Minute is a modification of the Gauss Rifle. The weapon looks slightly similar to its predecessor. You can initiate the Crippling effect on it to get 50 percent additional limb damage.

Last Minute also features a shielded barrel, capacitor boosting coil, compensator mods and night vision scope.

You can buy the Last Minute from Ronnie Shaw after completing the Old Guns quest. The rifle stands out for its higher base damage (192). The weapon has a fire rate of 66 and a shooting range of 203. – Fallout 4 Unique Weapons Guide



reba snipper fallout 4

Created by Barney Rook, Reba is an ordinary hunting rifle. The weapon comes with random mods that vary with your level once you encounter Barney Rook.

Though you will not find any Legendary effects in this weapon, it has a damage rating of 37, fire rate of 3 and a range of 131. Notable variants of Reba include Tinker Tom Special, Reba II, and Hunting rifle.

As a hunting weapon, Reba works well with perks such as Basher, Bloody Mess and Rifleman. The sniper rifle has an accuracy rating of 71. However, you need to complete the Gun Run quest to use it effectively.


Reba II

Reba II sniper fallout 4

Reba II is similar in design and structure to an ordinary hunting rifle. When acquired, it comes with the Exterminator’s effect that gives you up to 50 percent bonus damage against Mirelurks and bugs.

The weapon also features an equipped scope and randomly generated mods. Reba II has a damage rating of 55, a fire rate of 3 and a shooting range of 112.

Barney Rock is the mastermind behind the conceptualization and design of Reba II. You can find this weapon from the Rook Family House in the town of Salem.

You will need to access it from the locked room in the basement of the family house after finishing the Get Run quest. You can also get it by killing Barney or stealing the basement key from him.

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The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver is a sniper rifle that looks more like the AK47. You may find it useful due to its long shooting range that is uncommon to most sniper rifles.

When acquired, it comes loaded with the Legendary effect known as Furious.

The accessory allows your damage to increase once you consecutively hit the same target.

To effectively use the Problem Solver, you may require perks such as Commando and Rifleman. The weapon can become lethal with every damage increase on each consecutive hit.

Besides having enough Charisma, you need to pass Mason’s check for the An Ambitious Plan quest.

The Mason’s check requires you to use right-hand dialog options. You will not get any second chances after failing it. The only option you have is to start the game over.

The Problem Solver has a damage rating of 108 that increases with the Furious effect. The weapon also boasts of a range of 185 and a fire rate of 59.

Wazer Wifle

Wazer Wifle

Wazer Wifle is a laser rifle you can use when fighting the opponents on Fallout 4. The laser weapon comes with the Never Ending effect that gives you unlimited magazine capacity.

The Never Ending effect lets you challenge your enemies without running out of bullets or reloading the rifle. However, it requires you to have some form of ammunition before using it.

Wazer Wifle features several mods including an overcharged capacitor and an improved long barrel. The weapon also comes with standard sights and full stock. You can use it as an energy alternative for a hunting rifle.

To acquire it, you need to partake in a minimum of 3 unmarked quests for Shaun. You can also get it after completing the main quest.

Wazer Wifle has a damage rating of 52, fire rate of 50 and an approximate range of 203. The weapon features up to 550 projectiles and a fusion cell ammunition.

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Hunting Rifle

Combat Rifle fallout 4

Hunting Rifle is a heavy bolt-action rifle that works when handled with the left hand. You can rely on it to fight the opponents at the beginning or the middle of the game.

You can also count on it in the later stages of Fallout 4 if it has modifications. Hunting Rifle also works well with a Legendary effect.

The kiosk at College Square is one of the places you can find the Hunting Rifle. Other locations include Mass Pike Tunnel, Kendall Hospital, and the Old North Church.

If you’re lucky enough, you may spot super mutants, Raiders, and Gunners carrying it. Hunting Rifle has a damage rating of 42, an AP of 20, a fire rate of 3 and a range of 191.

Overseer’s Guardian

Hunting Rifle fallout 4

Overseer’s Guardian is available for use on Fallout 4 as a short barrel or long barrel combat rifle. The weapon also comes with the Two Shot effect that allows you to shoot one extra projectile for every shot.

Note that these additional shots don’t affect the ammunition count.

The weapon comes with useful mods such as the short night vision scope. You can also use it as your main sniper rifle at different stages of the Fallout 4 game.

Overseer’s Guardian boasts of good damage (115) rating, a high fire rate (90) and a range of 215. You can buy it from Alexis Comber (the seller) at Vault81.

Virgil’s Rifle

Virgil’s Rifle

Virgil’s Rifle is an energy-based sniper rifle available for Fallout 4 players. The weapon features the Mutant Slayer effect that offers an extra 50 percent damage.

Mutant Slayer effect also allows you to be productive when fighting with super mutants.

The rifle comes with mods such as medium night vision, gamma wave emitter, improved long barrel, and full stock. To acquire it, try convincing Virgil to take his own life during Virgil’s Cure.

Alternatively, you can steal it to Virgil, who likes to carry it around. Virgil’s Rifle has a range of 227, fire rate of 66 and damage rating of 33.

Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

ipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Resources such as the Gun Nut 2 perk and a weapon’s workbench can help you turn the Bolt-Action Pistol into a powerful sniper rifle.

If you’re lucky enough, you can also snatch the Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle from a dead body.

The Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle uses .50 caliber rounds when it is in action. You can acquire it from any house in Concord. To get the most out of this weapon, you need to pick it up as early as possible.

Mods included in the Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle include Large Bayonet Muzzle, Long Scope Sights, Marksman’s Stock Grip and Long Light Barrel.

Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle works well with perks such as Ace Operator, Astoundingly Awesome, Basher and Rifleman.

The weapon has an accuracy rating of 63, a range of 65, a fire rate of 3 and a damage rating of 34. Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle also comes with a .308 round ammunition.

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Combat Rifle

Combat Rifle fallout 4

Combat Rifle is a semi-automatic weapon you can use to tackle your opponents on Fallout 4. The rifle uses different ammunition types and comes with a .308 receiver. Combat Rifle lets you shoot at all ranges as you maintain a high fire rate.

Suitable locations for finding it lies across the Commonwealth.

Note that you have to reach level 15 for you to use it. You can use this weapon for the automatic weapon build,

Combat Rifle comes with mods such as Medium Scope Sights, a Large Bayonet Muzzle, and a Medium Quick Eject Magazine. Others include Marksman’s Stock Grip and Long Ported Barrel.

Combat Rifle has an AP of 25, a damage rating of 33, fire rate of 33 and a range of 199. The rifle also features an accuracy rating of 70. You can use it with perks such as Rifleman, Commando, Bloody Mess, Basher and Ace Operator.

Mighty Sniper Rifle

mighty sniper

Mighty Sniper Rifle is an incredibly useful hunting rifle with a .50 receiver. You can use it with the Plasma Infused effect to get an extra 10 points of energy damage.

You also have the freedom of outfitting it with several modes as soon as you acquire it.

The mods supported on the Mighty Sniper Rifle include Long Ported Barrel, Bayonet Muzzle, and Marksman’s Stock Grip.

Other useful ones include Medium Scope Sights and Large Quick Eject Magazine. You may find it difficult to use the Mighty Sniper Rifle without these accessories.

Plasma Gun

Plasma Gun fallout4

The Plasma has higher energy damage that makes it useful for deadly kill missions. You need to get to level 16 to access this weapon. For it to be effective at long range, consider upgrading it with different mods.

They include Large Recon Scope Sights, Marksman’s Stock Grip, Improved Sniper Barrel and an Overcharged Capacitor.

Variants of Plasma Gun include Plasma Thrower, Plasma Scattergun, Plasma Rifle, and Plasma Pistol.

The weapon uses plasma cartridge ammunition and has a fire rate of 33. Plasma Gun also comes with a damage rating of 24, AP of 34, a range of 119 and an accuracy rating of 142.

Laser Musket

Laser Musket

Laser Musket is a brilliant sniper rifle for long range shooting. Though the weapon has a terrible reload system, its damage output is quite high.

You can get it from Concord shortly after exiting the starting area.

Laser Musket is useful with mods such as Beam Focuser Muzzle, Long Scope Sights, Full Stock Grip, Bracketed Long Barrel and Standard Receiver.

The gun has a damage rating of 30, fire rate of 6 and a range of 71. Laser Musket works well with Rifleman Bloody Mess perk. The energy weapon uses fusion cell ammunition and has an accuracy rating of 70.

You need to complete the When Freedom Calls quest successfully to use it.

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle

Fallout 4 is an incredibly fun game for players who like using weapons such as sniper rifles. The game allows you to use 15 sniper rifles to conquer your enemies at different levels.

Most of these weapons work well with mods and perks. You also need to complete certain quests for you to enjoy their benefits.

Additionally, you will need to understand how many to use the rifles in order to get maximum points while playing Fall out 4. Now you may need the best legendary armor and here are top legendary armor.

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