The Best Armor in Dragon Age Origins

To subdue your enemy and make reasonable progress in the Dragon Age Origins mage game, you will need good armor. You will get some of the weapons automatically in your inventory, but you could complete quests and fights to get some of the best armor for this build. Here are some of the mage armor for this build that can help you subdue the enemy and make reasonable progress in the game.


Cailan’s Armor

The Cailan’s armor enables a fighter to avoid missile attacks, and it helps to weaken nearby darkspawn, with its 6 damage powers. It has 0.75 to about 1.5 healing Regen in combat and stamina regeneration. The set of armor has 5 damage abilities that allow a user to destroy an enemy. With this armor, you have an increased 20% ability to dodge attacks from the enemy, and it helps you restore 5 points of health.

The weapon also restores the power lost due to fatigue by 25% and improves your mental resistance by 10 points. Cailan’s weapon is useful in backstab damage to the enemy when they least expect it.

A fighter can acquire this armor in the Ostagar return as loot when returning from the Ostagar DLC mission. The armor consists of Maric’s blade and Cailan’s shield gloves and boots, which are crucial elements in fighting an enemy.

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Imperium Ring Set

Imperium ring set contains 4 strengths, 3 cunnings, and has 2 sets of armor. These set of weapons are vital in overcoming incoming threats from the enemy

This weapon in the one of the best armor in this build and is acquired in the Brecilian Forest during the final battle. The fighter has to use stamina and strengthen gathered to acquire this weapon, and it consists of two rings, the Dawn and Dusk.


Griffon’s Ensemble

Griffon’s ensemble has 15 electricity resistance, and its set has flank immunity, and it consists of Griffon’s Beak and Griffon’s Helm.

The weapon is among the best armor, and a fighter can acquire as a reward from the Zathrin for the quest of Nature of the Beast. One can also acquire this weapon form the Grey Warden Vault.


Juggernaut Armor Set

Juggernaut armor set is among the best armor for dragon age origins mage build, and it offers 20% fire resistance, cold resistance, electricity resistance, spirits resistance, and resistance to nature. With this weapon, you get an additional point for armor, and it gives you 10 points for mental resistance and 3 points each for strength and constitution.

The set consists of chest helm, gloves, and boost, and you will acquire it after the successful Mage Treasure quest, which takes place in the Brecilian Forest. You have to overcome adversaries and come out victorious to get these useful weapons as a reward for your fighting skills.

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Effort Armor Set

With the efforts armor set, you will receive 15% healing effects form this armor get 1 point each for strength and armor. You will also receive 2 constitution points and receive 10% fatigue and strength restoring powers. The set of armor consists of boots, gloves, chest, and helm.

You will acquire the effort armor set in the Dust Town in Orzammar and the Dead Trenches. You can also acquire these weapons in the Deep Roads after proving your fighting skills.


Blood Dragon Armor Set

These weapons have 3 points for strength, willpower, and defense, and they can also help restore health by 50 points and offer 10 points that deal with fatigue.

You acquire the chest piece from the set of weapons in your inventory. You will get the helmet, the boots, and gloves in the Bodahn Fedic in the party camp, and you do not get the helmet automatically as it is not a requirement for the set.

Wade’s Dragonbone Plate Armor Set

Wade’s armor set gives a fighter 35% fire resistance and helps restore fatigue, and it consists of gloves, boots, and chest. These weapons help a fighter gain stamina, regenerate combat, and recover powers lost through fatigue.

This weapon is acquired in the Derim, and a fighter has to overcome tests that prove brevity and ability to subdue an enemy to get the weapons.

Vanguard Plate Armor Set

Vanguard plate armor set offers 6 points for defense, 10 points for both mental and physical resistance, and 2 for attacks, 3 for both constitution and defense.

One acquires this armor at the Hurlock vanguard, and it begins at the Darkspawn Chronicles. At this stage in the dragon age origin game, you will be equipped with these weapons.

Chevalier Armor Set

Chevalier armor set consists of 3 points for the constitution, but using these weapons could drain you of 3 points of willpower.

You will acquire these set of weapons in the Frostback Mountain Pass and randomly in other places like the Denerim. The quality of these weapons will vary according to the level of Warden and where you found them. The more the strength and fighting skills employed in acquiring the weapon, the more powerful it will be.

Diligence Armor Set

This set of armor requires 34 strengths and will provide you with 0.5 to 1 health and regeneration in combat. It also has 8 points for armor, 6 points for defense and 5 points for will power

You can get this armor from the Redcliffe, Orzammar, and the Ruined temple after completing a different quest and fighting off enemies.

Darkspawn Plate Armor Set Made Of Steel

These set enhances your defense by 3 points and offers 2 constitution points which help you fight the enemy fiercely. This is one of the best armor which is made of steel and prevents you from damage from the enemy.

You will be automatically equipped with this armor on the Enthralled Hurlocks and in gunlocks. You will also get this armor at the Darkspawn chronicles.

Getting the best armor in dragon age origins helps you overcome the enemy, you will get some of the weapons automatically on your inventory. You will, however, have to complete quests and fights to get more powerful weapons that restore your stamina, add you willpower, strength, constitution powers, and the ability to fight back. Having the right weapons is critical in getting more points in dragon age origins and helps you progress in the game.

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