Best Mage Build in Dragon Age Origins

Mage build in Dragon Age Origins is a magic game that involves the use of armor to subdue the enemy. To win the game, you must collect enough strength, dexterity, willpower, magic, cunning, and constitution. As you go up the levels, you will earn points when you conquer the enemy and the challenges presented at each stage.

At first, you acquire 60 attribute points from the first to third levels and other 2 points from the couple at Tomes of Mortal Vessel, which is a rare consumable item that adds strength and power. For strength, dexterity, and constitution, you will need 72 points to get the desired attributes and scores.

One of the first quests happens at the Circle Tower, and it gives you additional points. The Circe tower is the easiest, and you could get extra points that help you get rid of the enemy.


Armor & Weapons for This Build

Wearing shields increase the chance of a character to defend themselves against the enemy; the armor helps in self-defense. As the enemy will be attacking you from all directions getting the right armor will help in preventing damage to your body and losing the game.

When playing, check the armor and ensure that you boost their recharge rate, as this helps create stamina and the ability to fight the enemies. It would help if you also changed how you play in a favorable way that helps with subduing the enemy. Spells and magic can help you win the game as they are weapons that help in auto-attacking the enemy.

Holy smite

Holy smite a Templar specialization in warrior talent in the dragon age build origins deals with willpower and spirit damage. The weapon requires mental resistance and physical resistance. It can knockback the enemy using Templar’s willpower, and its range is about 25m, and this ability does not damage the enemies but could knock them down, giving you the ability to control a crowd.

Arcane shield

The arcane shield is used by a warrior as a spell caster, casting spells using this weapon enhances the abilities of the might of the spell which helps you gain more defense against the enemy. The bonus added by the arcane shield remains till the spell had been deactivated completely and changing the equipment while the spell is still active does not change the defense bonus.

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Rogue assassin

The assassin the dragon age origins focus on backstabbing and critical hits on the enemy; it has two dexterities and about 2.5 critical chances. Poison is the weapon of choice as it can have crippling effects on the enemy and could inflict serious injuries. Some forms of the rogue assassin powers in this build include:

  • Mark of death

The mark of death has 40 activations and 60 cooldown powers. The assassin marks its target and determines its weakness that it can exploit. All the marked targets give you additional points and can cause great damage to the enemy.

  • Exploit weakness

To exploit the weakness, one has to be on level 12 here, and the assassin exploits the weakness of the enemy. You can backstab the enemy when they least expect the blow and earn additional points.

  • Feast of the fallen

It would help if you were on a level higher than 12 to enjoy the feast of the fallen where you thrive on the moment of death of the enemy. You will restore the stamina used to fight the enemy, and you can use this energy to fight other enemies.


Spirit healer magic

Spirit healer magic in dragon age origins is a type of mage specialization weapon that has two magic, 0.25 to 0.5 combat health and regeneration powers. Not all entities in the dragon age origins are demonic as there as many benevolent entities are consisting of life energy. The entities can be called to mend flesh and heal diseases, and spirit healers focus on channeling the energies of these entities to make fighters indispensable to any adventurers. Some forms of spiritual healing in dragon age origins include:

  • Group heal

Group heal can be activated on the allies, and it contains activation of 40 points and 20 cooldowns. The caster of this healing bathes the allies in energy, which heals them by a moderate amount.

  • Revival

The range of the revival powers is medium and has 60 activation, 120 cooldown powers, and it works best on level 8. Here the caster can revive a fallen party member and can raise them from unconsciousness and restore them to good health.

  • Lifeward

The lifeward healing powers are of medium-range and have 55 activation and 30 cooldown powers, and this works on level 12 of the game. The caster places a protective ward on an ally, which automatically restores their health when the ally falls close to death.

  • Cleansing aura

The cleansing aura as a personal range with 60 upkeep, 5% fatigue, and 30 cooldown powers, and it works on level 14. The power using this healing magic originates from the caster, and it helps restore the health of nearby allies, and it can help cure their wounds.

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Pros of This Mage Build

  • Mage build in dragon origins is easy to play once you have mastered the art of collecting strengths and building a healthy body
  • You can quickly kill the enemy using strong armor and shields, and these shields protect you from the blows thrown in your direction
  • Spells and magic can save you from the enemy
  • Most of the gamers say that this game is thrilling and has the spirit of the mage build-game

Cons of This Mage Build

  • Some weapons are slow and could require timely striking to kill the enemy
  • The tank has massive armor, and you do not cast enough to get the fatigue compared to other mage build games.

Mage Build in Dragon Age Origins is an exciting magic game, and I would recommend it to players who love the thrill of heavy armor. You can subdue the enemy using the shields and magic spell, and the game offers additional bonuses at every stage which sums up to the energy required to win this game.

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