Best Warrior Build Dragon Age Origins

Warrior build is arguably the best build in Dragon Age Origins. In any adventuring party, warriors are the backbone because of their ability to survive attacks that would kill most magi and rogues and their raw power.

Warriors in this game have unparalleled capability to win combats, and they can trivialize many fights in the game when built right and with the proper tactic setup. They are the characters that get deep and dirty in combat. Read on for more about this dragon build!

There are four different ways to play as a warrior on Dragons Age origin. Each of these warrior makes feature unique abilities and techniques. they include;


Two-Handed Warrior

This warrior build sacrifices about all his defense for offensive power. Two-handled warriors easily keep their enemies on the defensive by stunning, knocking them down, and quickly killing them with raw power. Nevertheless, these types of fighters tend to require being babysat for a moment because they can die quickly.

You should get them the best weapons that you can afford, and although it might sometimes be challenging to keep them alive, it is worth it. The ability indomitable is vital as the warrior will have relatively low health, and you don’t want to be stunned or knocked down.

When it comes to specialization, this can be a tough one. If you’re going to go pure destruction, Champion and Reaver are significant specializations. If you want to boost your staying power, it’s recommendable to go for Templar and champion.

Sunder arms– this is one of the best attributes as it hits twice without costing much stamina with a relatively short cooldown.

The death blowthe warrior, has massive hits that give killing blows plenty often.

Two-handed sweep this is 360 degrees sweep, similar to Whirlwind, but does plenty more damage.

-Indomitable this is a knockdown immunity and damage bonus.

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Dual-Wielding Warrior

This type of warrior specializes in using weapons. The fighter sacrifices some defense for the ability to use another weapon. This enables them to strike frequently using weapons in combat as well as using several powerful areas of effect skills.

Although the second weapon does not gain the warrior full strength bonus, its often used to attack while occasionally shielding him from attacks. To complement their skills perfectly, it is recommendable to give these fighters Berserker and Reaver or champion specialization.

Combat movement- this technique makes it easy to flank enemies.

Punisher– This skill allows you to work in some perfect spike damage with your sustained DPS output.

Dirty Fighting- this is one of the best single targets stuns in this build.

Combat Stealth- this is the ability to lose hostility and reposition for more backstabbing. It also acts as an efficient mage neutralizer


Sword & Shield Warrior

A sword and a shield are the most useful armors among warriors. Their shield offers a significant amount of defensive ability that improves as the skills increase. They can also use the shields for knocking, damaging and stunning foes over.

Generally, those who choose this path should be focused on acquiring better shields and armors. When it comes to specialization, you should go for a champion and Templar. The champion increases your general effectiveness while Templar is crucial when it comes to resisting hostile magics.

Shield wall- this acts as the lifeblood armor to your survival.

Threaten- this is the ability- to always make your enemies attack you and not your allies.

Shield tactics- this is the ability to shield flanks in tough fights.

Taunt- this helps the warrior to draw the enemies to himself when threaten does not work.

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Armor and Weapons for This Warrior Build

The significant weapons and armor for sword and shield warrior is the weapon and shield and are suitable for making tanks. The shield wall is the most crucial weapon here. Putting on a shield boosts the warrior’s defensive ability.

The warrior build emphasizes keeping the character alive while keeping all the monsters focused on attacking him. Ideally, all the enemies should be attacking your resilient warrior. Threaten should always be high to keep the enemies attacking. The warrior is not there to cause damage; it’s to take all the hits while the party does the damage.

The shield wall should hence be up to maintain the armor- and defense high. The warrior needs to be healed as they are taking most of the damage done through healing spells and health poultices. Healing spells are obtained from spirit healer mage spells and help to save money for buying health poultices. The shield warrior can survive most of the game using portions but a few points where a mage with a healing spell is needed.

Two-handed warrior uses a substantial damage output tactic, which leaves them with low defense. One of the best weapons to support the warrior with is hence a spirit healer, and a mage with abilities such as mass paralyzes, waking nightmares, sleep, and hexes. Another useful weapon for this warrior build is a shield and sword, but it might be boring sometimes.

The dual-wielded weapons efficiently make a hardcore rouge. However, if you don’t want -your attacks to miss, you will require high ability and strength to wield better weapons. A dual-wielded warrior will need the constant support of a mage and spirit healer as the strength and constitution will not be too high.


Pros of the Warrior Build

  • Mage specialist and magic spells can support you and save you from the enemy
  • Warrior build in dragon origins is easy to play once you master the ac of building a healthy body
  • You can use the durable shields and armor to kill the enemy and protect yourself from the blows
  • Most gamers say it is thrilling and have the spirit of the warrior build game

Cons of the Warrior Build

  • Some of the weapons are slow and need timely striking to hit the enemy
  • The tank contains massive armor, and one doesn’t cast enough to get fatigued when compared to other warrior modes.

With this guide, you will be able to experiment with the best warrior build dragon age origin. This is an exciting combat game recommendable to game enthusiasts who love heavy armor thrillers. However, there are other viable builds you can mix and match to change your playstyle.

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