Best Class Ranked Dragon Age Origins (DAO)- Complete Guide

If you enjoy playing the Dragon Age Origin game, you must already have a class that you enjoy playing. The classes have their unique characteristics and would differ from one another. Probably you can find the best class by experimenting with different origin builds. Even if you have one class you love already, it is not an excuse to stop experimenting with other classes. Here are different origin builds you should try.


Arcane Warrior

This class is a cookie-cutter and is built for power; the arcane warriors existed alongside the ancient elves, and it is a specialization of the mage. The class has enormous melee damage, can equip most weapons, and uses spells to destroy the enemy.

The combat magic is one of the best warrior weapons in arcane warriors and can sustain 50% fatigue and cools a player in 10 seconds. When you use combat magic, the arcane warriors’ channel all the magic inward, reducing fatigue, thus increasing the spell power capability of overpowering the enemy.

The mighty aura is a warrior spell with +12 passive which offers bonus attack, defense, and damage when activated. On the other hand, a shimmering shield is another warrior’s spell that reduces fatigue by 5%, cools down a player in 30 seconds, and has 40% upkeep. It is a potential weapon that blocks damage and has many bonuses to armor; if you activate it, it consumes mana rapidly.

You can unlock the arcane warriors by completing the nature of the beast quest. The specialization is located in the lower ruins and the Brecilian ruins on the northern parts of the map, south of the eleven burial chambers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

· The arcane warriors have high resistance, but you would run on the unique constant-draining ability to tap into the resistance. With this power, the enemies will not know you down unexpectedly.

· However, the blood mage spells and battlemage spells might be overpowered and yield little energy to fight the dragons. The class can be boring if you love nice swipes.

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Spirit Healer

The spirit healer is the best class available on the mage class in Dragon Age 2, and it focuses on restoration. They work similarly to the arcane class, and they will cast more spells with minor damage, unlike other builds. The class can revive fallen comrades, and it is the best class for players who don’t love staying on edge.

The class has many swords and shields that are two-handed and can cause healing stretches beyond the battlefields. The healing aura increasing healing among allies and can restore health by 25% for all the parties in the game

Advantages and Disadvantages

· The positive thing about this class is the ability to cast spirit healing which can revive allies and restore the fighting force

· However, the class does not allow the players to damage the enemies, which can be a disadvantage as the enemy can quickly destroy the player.


Spirit Warrior

The berserkers, which are part of the spirit warrior, are dwarves, and they sacrifice fitness for dark rage, which increases their fighting strength. They are terrifying adversaries and can overpower the enemies easily. They have +2 strength and + 10 healing powers.

The champions are war veterans, and they are confident with their fighting skills; they make good leaders and are well-suited to fight, making it the best class in the mage. The champions easily demoralize the foes with their impressive hand skills and are army heroes. The champions have +2 willpower and +cunning ability.

The class has reavers, which are demonic spirits that terrorize the enemies and feast on their souls, and they have a +1 constitution and +5 physical resistance. On the other hand, the Templar is the servant of the chantry, and they are a means of controlling the spread and use of arcane powers. The reaver has +2 magic and +3 mental resistance.

Advantages and Disadvantages

· The class can turn melee damage into spiritual damage

· It can buff all the allies

· However, it has a few tools to hold aggro

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Legionnaire Scout

Legionnaire Scout is among the best class specialization in dragon age origins, as it has many talents. It has the mark of the legion talent, which had great fortitude and +10 bonuses to strength and constitution. When the strength of the stone is activated, it has 60% upkeep, 10%fatigue and cools the player in 60 secs.

The legion is immune to damage, and knockdowns affect it moderately. The blessings of the ancestors gave the legion an ability to resists magic, and the character is immune to spells that are hostile or friendly

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The first spell is effective, and you would go free-range after casting the spell
  • The scout has universal survival tricks and additional bonuses that keep you going in the game

· However, significant damage can occur later as a price of the additional stamina you use when executing your skills



The shadow executes damage on the enemy and does not miss its mark despite the precaution. You can shoot an arrow or wield a blade from nowhere and aim precisely at the enemy, and your opponents might not know how their defenses failed. The attacks are flank and surprise and could significantly damage the enemy. The shadows rob the opponents of certainty and are not as dangerous as when employing damage face to face with the enemy.

Advantages and Disadvantages

· The start points in this class go into skill and talents, and it needs more focus on dual to wield to give results

· The player should learn how to use poison effectively

· However, there might be some micromanagement which might require more input from the player.

· Additionally, the DPS powerhouse might be hard to hit.

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Finding the best class in dragon age origins might not be as easy as you think, as you have to experiment with many classes available in the game. A person’s favorite class might not meet your gaming expectations, and you should experiment with the games to find the most suitable one. Good luck in finding an appropriate class that is enjoyable and easy to play.

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