Best Parry Shield in Dark Souls 3

If you are a Dark Souls 3 fanatic, you would be looking for ways to subdue your enemies and progress in the game. You can use parry shields to attack your enemies and move forward in the game. The best Parry Shield counters an enemy’s melee attack using a parry-enabled weapon such as Farron Greatsword.

The parry can stun an enemy for a follow-up attack when vulnerable, leading to instability damage. Read on to learn more about how to utilize the Parry Shield against your enemy during an attack.


Using a Parry Shield

Partial Parry shields work when the parry connects with a recovery frame and an un-parryable attack. An attack cannot be deflected, and won’t make you stagger, and might reduce the damage based on the parry tool used. Sometimes a partial parry can happen on a successful parry.

On the other hand, spell parries deflect spell attacks from the enemy when correctly timed. However, deflected spell parries might not damage the enemies, but they put the enemy in a vulnerable position. You should be keen on using spells as they might not always work effectively. However, a spell parry like Farron Flashsword can be parried depending on the parry tool when the staff is parried; using the parry can damage the enemy leading to riposte.

  • Shields That Can Parry

Many shields that can parry in Dark Souls 3 include the buckler, red and white shield, target and sunset shield, Crimson Parma, Sacred Bloom Shield, Dragon Shield and Knight shield, etc.

  • Weapons Which Can Parry In Dark Souls 3

Many weapons can parry in Dark Souls 3, and they include katana, Cestus, Claw, Crow Talons, Farron Greatsword, Parrying dagger, shotel sword, etc.

  • Parryable bosses

Many bosses are parryable in Dark Souls 3, including Iudex Gundyr, Abyss Watchers, Crystal Sage, Deacons of the deep, sister friede, etc.

  • Un-parryable attacks

Many unparryable attacks exist in the Dark Souls 3 and might not interfere with the best parry shields. Some of these unparryable attacks include the Lion stance, stomp, spin splash, flame of Lorain, demonic flare, earthen wrath, falling bolt, breathe fire onislayer, etc.

You should not waste your parry weapons counter-attacking these unparryable attacks. Instead, you can dodge them and plan for the subsequent attacks, which are parriable.

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Benefits of Parrying

The buckler shield has a damage reduction of 67% with an attribute bonus of 7%, and the Caduceus round shield has a damage reduction of 69% and an attribute bonus of 10%. On the other hand, Crimson Parma has a damage reduction of 69% and attribute reduction of 7%, while the leather shield has a 69% damage control and 7% attribute control.

The parry fist has eight startup frames, eight active frames, forty-two recovery frames, and 60 parry tools. Curved swords have nine startups, eight active frames, and thirty-eight recovery, which amount to fifty-eight parry tools.

Rapier has twelve startup frames, six active frames and thirty-six recovery frames, which amount to fifty-four parry tools.

Katana had sixteen startup frames, eight active frames, and thirty recovery frames which amount to fifty-six parry tools. Standard shields have twelve startup frames, four active frames, and thirty-six recovery farms which amount to fifty-two parry tools.

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How to Obtain the Parry Shields

Playing Dark souls 3 might be intense and complicated, and different moves make it easy to obtain the best parry shield in the game. At the beginning of the game, you will find parry shields on your left hand.

You can utilize them immediately to block attacks from the enemy. Although knowing how to use the parries might be complicated, you can learn and master as you play the game in the first instance.

You can start with a shield or dagger on the equipment screen, all the arrows might not parry, and when you click on the item, it shows whether it will parry or not. Even if you use your weapon art skills on an item that does not parry, it will not affect you. However, if it parries, you should feel free to equip it for combat against the enemy.

To use the parry on the game, you hit the left trigger on your device, and it will make the parry character swing in the air in the preferred direction. However, you should ensure you are facing the enemy you should parry to hit them effectively.

You can use the lock system to aim well and begin to time the parry to avoid missing the target.

Parrying too late might lead to severe blows, which might take time to heal, and you should be at the proper distance to avoid damage, and you should aim at using the shield at the right time when the enemy throws an attack.

If you parry the attack appropriately, the enemy will be standing in the field, and it is the perfect opportunity to perform an attack that will subdue their strength.

Dark souls allow you to be aggressive when playing with an opponent, and it is wise to know if all the characters you use to subdue the enemy can parry. You can obtain the best parry shields in the game by checking the characters and choosing those which can parry.

Some defense weapons might not parry, and no altered skills you employ in the game can damage the enemy. When parrying, you should aim at the enemy’s face; you can dodge the attacks during an attack and finally replace it with parrying.


Additional Tips for Parrying

Parrying is core when playing Dark Souls 3 as it prevents blows from an enemy; however, you might not know how to use it to your advantage as a first-time player. First, you should know the attacks you can counter with parrying from those you cannot parry.

Moreover, not all weapons in Dark Souls 3 are parry-able, and you should be knowledgeable on the parrying tools and how to obtain them in the game. Finally, you can counter and dodge blows from the enemy with the best parry shields as you get acquainted with the right timing that damages the enemy.

You can play aggressively with Dark Souls 3, and when parrying, you can aim at the enemy’s face to damage your opponent effectively.

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