Best Armor In Dark Soul 2

As a game series, Dark Soul features numerous exciting weapons and armor sets to choose from. Both these equipment are essential to keep your character alive during combat. The more a player becomes skilled in Dark Soul, he/she stops focusing on the stats but puts more emphasis on looking good. At the back of every gamer’s mind, they want to create a unique character. To achieve this, you can blend several armor pieces or typically rock a full boss armor set. So, let us look into Dark Soul II’s best armor sets.


1. Elite Knight Set

One upside about Dark Soul’s series is that all the characters and art it uses are present in the game. So, if you saw something on a poster or trailer, be guaranteed to find it. The Elite Knight Set is one of these poster armor sets in Dark Soul, making it quite popular among gamers. This armor is first spotted don by Oscar, who is the undead knight.

The Knight set offers a perfect balance between weight and poise. A player who is yet to reach optimal endurance can equip this armor and won’t be slowed down. The Knight Set is available in the semi-hidden Darkroot Garden, but you can also pick it from Oscar’s corpse.

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2. Astoria’s Set

Similar to the Elite’s, the Astoria set is a poster armor but has a long history. It originally belonged to the mighty and unpopular Knight Artorias. Artorias sacrificed himself to contain the impending doom and darkness in Lordan, resulting in him becoming berserk and corrupted.

Typically, the Artorias set is among the best armors in Dark Soul. Despite being popular in Dark Souls, this armor does not match up the stats of other sets. You can buy the complete armor after defeating Artorias, form Domhall of Zena.


3. Dark Set

The Dark Set makes your character resemble a supervillain while donning a skeleton costume? This armor set lets you play your fantasies as you instill fear to unsuspecting players you attack. The stats for Dark Set are quite encouraging, but it does not provide any curse resistance (insignificant though).

Acquiring the Dark Set is not a walk in the park. Do not think you will kill Darkwraiths several times and expect to earn this armor set. You must join the Darkwaith covenant, and attain rank two after securing 30 humanities for Kaathe.


4. Havel’s Armor

The Gutter has quite some exciting features, but none can match up Havel’s armor stats. The Havel’s armor has the highest durability, and defensive rating stands at 399+5. It is quite heavy and might slow you down during combat- suitable for tanks builds and requires a high vitality.

Similar to Dark Souls, Havel’s armor bleeds resistance is quite high. This armor won’t protect you from poison. If you are searching for an alternate, check out Gym Armor Warrior. It is heavy but lacks in overall resistance and defense.

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5. Alonne Knight Set

In these shortlist of some of the best armors, we cannot go without mentioning Allone’s set. Sir Alonne dons it, perfectly crafted from the leggings to the mask. Besides, the long ponytail feels pleasant to touch. Complement this look with a great samurai sword and feel like the big dog you are.

The Alonne has no petrified resistance or curse. It has excellent damage per second, 324, considering it is a +10 armor. The high bleed, fire, dark, and magic are a few reasons why most gamers opt for this particular one. You can find the Alonne Knight’s set at the Iron Keep, dropped by Alonne Knights.


6. The King’s Armor

Despite being an old armor, it is comfortable in some way. Typically, it is an averagely massive set with high resistance against bleed, magic, petrify, poison, and fire. Its physical defense is 215 at +5 (considerably high for its weight). However, poise is relatively low in comparison to other heavy armors.

Upgrade the King’s armor with twinkling titanite. Find this armor at the Shrine of Amana. The player should find the secret location before unlocking the door (while in human form).

7. Velstadt’s Set

Traditionally imbued in the power of miracles, but now sinking in dark, prolonged exposure in the Undead Crypt; another best armor option is the Velstadt. It has a physical resistance of 330 at +5. The Velstadt’s armor has an excellent dark and bleed resistance, but is vulnerable to lightning. The durability and poise stats are high. Generally, this armor type gives subtle strength all over.

The Velstadt’s set is acquired through trading (45.5k souls) with Maughlin the Armourer. With the Royal Aegis defeated, Velstadt, 15k souls traded to unlock the boss armor sets.

8. Smelter Demon Set

Out of all our best armor shortlists for Dark Soul II, the Smelter Demon set is the toughest, making it an excellent armor choice. It has a physical defense of 324 at +5, not mentioning its superior bleed and fire resistance. Although it is somewhat vulnerable to poison, it is entirely consistent with other resistances. This set strikes the perfect ratios for physical rating, weight, poise, and high resistances.

The Looking Glass is a bit heavier but lacks some resistance. Smelter Demon Set accessed through the sale by Maughlin the Armourer for 33.3k souls. Once you defeat the Smelter Demon, you will spend 15k souls to unlock other boss armor sets.

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9. Drakekeeper Set

‘Something dark indeed eats away at the drakekeepers, eternal guardians of the shrine.’ The Drakekeeper set is a granite-black, but kind of a bit heavier version of the Velstadt’s armor. Its physical rating/defense stands at a shouting 330 at +10. The Drakekeeper’s resistance is high and neutral across the board, but slightly more in the curse and bleed ratings.

The Drakekeeper has no petrified resistance and not durable due to its heaviness. There are some delightful alternatives, such as the Gyrm or Faraam set. It is acquired at the Dragon Shrine (dropped by the drakekeepers).

To sum up, there are 9 of the best armor sets in Dark Soul II. We hope you enjoyed this article. Remember, a set won’t offer specific benefits, so you should optimize your build by mixing and matching preferred parts.

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