Best Weapons In Dark Soul 2

In the Dark Soul world, players need to up their game, better than their best. To go through some of the craziest challenges throughout the game, players need to equip themselves with the right tools. In comparison to its preceding version, Dark Soul 2 is a more refined game. The game involves a lot of killing; thus, every player needs some sweet set of weapons to complete the task. Some factors to consider when selecting a weapon include dexterity, strength, intelligence, and faith. So, which are some of the best weapons in Dark Soul 2 that will suit any play style, be it melee-focused, PvP or PvE?


1. Crypt Blacksword

The Crypt Blacksword is one of the excellent ultra greatswords we will discuss. It has quite some exciting features, which include 40/10 fir strength/dexterity and 12/12 for intelligence/faith. This weapon is acquired during early game stages and is specially meant to get through these stages. Players who get past those first game stages get equipped with more powerful weapon sets.

The Crypt Blacksword has a slow, and wide-reach moveset. Besides, its double handed attack has more significant damage per second. The weapon’s dexterity and strength are not perfect but have excellent scaling.

How to obtain it: Acquired by selling 10,000 souls and the Old Dead One Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.

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2. Sacred Chime Hammer

The Sacred Chime Hammer’s stat requirements necessitate players to focus on building strength, with some additional Intelligence, Faith, and Dexterity to supplement it. Due to various infusion options (stances, magic, and more), the Sacred Chime Hammer has a different scaling. The Dark infusion works best by offering a high DPS. Aside from its unique moveset, it has double-handed attacks working with any play styles, from PvP to PvE.

How to obtain it: Acquired by trading 3,000 souls and the Soul of Velstadt to Weaponsmith.


3. Sun Sword

The Sun Sword is the best weapon for a quality straight sword, investing both in Dexterity and Strength. The Sun Sword possesses a swift moveset, having excellent endurance and thrust attack. Furthermore, you can pair this straight sword with a shield.

How to obtain it: Acquired by reaching the 3rd Rank in the Heirs of the Sun covenant after offering around 20 Sunlight Medals.



4. Rapier

Among some of the best weapons in Dark Soul II is the Rapier. It is quite cheap and accessible in the game’s early stages. The Rapiers cores well with excellent dexterity. Also, it benefits those who like getting off with parries as it has good critical damage.

Rapier has a fast-striking moveset, which can help gamers lock enemies during attacks while also possessing excellent stamina. Like other weapons, you can back up the Rapier with a shield or extra off-hand weapon to enhance damage and defense.

How to obtain it: Acquired using 1,000 souls from the Blacksmith Lenigrast.

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5. Longsword

As for the Longsword, it emphasizes diversity. As a player builds his/her stats, the Longsword works best in the early game stages, especially for those who get past the Fire variant. Normal longswords emphasize strength/dexterity, whereas the Fire longsword emphasizes on Intelligence/faith. The Longsword has a quick moveset, plus a strong thrust attack for long-range combat.

How to obtain it: There are several ways to acquire the Longsword, bought for 1,300 souls at Blacksmith Lenigrast, or dropped by Darkdwellers in No Man’s Wharf. Also, a fire-infused longsword variation is accessible around the Cardinal Tower bonfire.


6. Smelter Hammer

Aside from being among Dark Soul 2’s heaviest weapons, the Smelter Hammer possesses an excellent thrust attack for any Great Hammer. For strength-based characters, this weapon is the perfect match. During combat, you only need slow swings to achieve more significant damage per second. Also, you get an enhanced threat range- easy for enemies to spot you carrying this weapon from miles away.

How to obtain it: Dropped by the Iron Warriors at King DLC’s Crown of the Ivory.

7. Grand Lance

The Grand Lance weapon is a favorite for gamers who want a weapon with a robust thrust attack. Although it does not have an enticing scaling, this weapon is the perfect choice for players who don’t mind short-range combat. The Grand lance works well with most playstyles as gamers can incorporate a shield during combat. With the Grand lance, never lock onto a target under a running attack.

How to obtain it: For those with the base game only, they can acquire this weapon in the Memory of Orro. Those with the Scholar of the First Sin version can obtain it on corpse right, at Forest of Fallen Giants, just outside the King’s Gate.

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8. Fume Ultra Great Sword

The Fume Ultra-greatsword is the best weapon for building an all-round character. Nonetheless, it is quite heavy, thus requires excellent weight management, thus raising the stat requirements. Dark Soul II players get to pick a weapon with good DPS, not mentioning the diversity in movesets, such as sweeps, long-range combat skills, block frames, and smashes.

Hot to obtain it: Obtained through trading the Soul of Fume Knight with 25,000 souls to Weaponsmith Ornifex.

9. King’s Ultra Greatsword

The King’s Ultra Greatsword looks more of a club, not a blade. It has 50/10 Strength/Dexterity, making it suitable for strength builds. With such scaling, it overrides some heavy weapons, for instance, the Smelter’s Hammer. The King’s Ultra Greatsword is quite durable, not mentioning that it protects the character by easing physical damage and enhancing stability (A weapon offering offense and defense, at the same time).

How to obtain it: Found by trading 10,000 souls and the Soul of King to Weaponsmith Ornifex.

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10. Red Iron Twinblade

The Red Iron Twinblade serves well in the PvE and PvP play styles. It has subtle strength scaling for higher DPS. Also, players can incorporate infusions to get further scaling. The Red Iron Twinblade possesses a specific moveset and powerful thrust attack for long-range combat. It is excellent for Poise damage, especially when combined with the Stone Ring.

How to obtain it: Acquired on a dead body in the Amana Shrines.

To sum up, there are numerous weapons to select from in Dark Soul II, but only a handful of these are worth using. There are our top 10 best weapons that will maximize your gaming experience. We hope this article helps you arrive at a well-informed weapon choice.

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