The Best Party for Dragon Age Inquisition

If you’ve been looking for the best party in Dragon Age Inquisition tips, you will find this article very timely. Your inquisition character needs to access nine different party members. Some are available right from the beginning while you will have to recruit others as you journey through the different parts of the Thedas. The aim is to acquire 3 Mages, 3 warriors, and 3 rogues eventually.

You will need to equip them with the relevant tools for the specific abilities. You will face certain restrictions as you build the specializations, but once you reach level 9, all the quests will be available to you. Every class has specializations, which you can choose to perform a quest for.


Effective Qualities of a Party Structure

You must not overlook the importance of developing your party structure. These are the players you will journey with. You will need them for their abilities, such as range, tactics, solidity, and strength. The inquisitor will need the skills of the Tank, Archer Rogue, 2nd DPS, and Support Mage. Let’s look at how you can utilize each in your party builds.

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  • Use of Multiple Characters

You can opt for a trifecta for the ‘Best party in Dragon Age Inquisition moves. It involves utilizing the tank, DPS, and Support. It is a core move for anyone who is playing an RPG game. You remain with an empty slot that allows you to add a second GPS character.

  • Tank

One of the strongest strategies when going to the tank slot is to work with the Champion spec Warrior, such as Blackwall. You get to confuse your enemies by using the tools available to the champion. You significantly improve your chances of surviving.

  • DPS 1

The best option for DPS1 would be an Archer such as Tempest, like Sera or Cole, or an Assassin. Archer rogues have higher chances of surviving against Melee rogues because they have very high DPS. You also have the option of using AI for control. Characters such as Artificer may be harder to control because you have to use manual applications.

  • Support

The advantage of the support Mage is that you get to fulfill dual roles. Some of the Best party in Dragon Age Inquisition moves includes Combos setup. You can also use Revival and Barrier to keep your party alive as well as help with Crowd Control. One good move would be to dedicate one support Mage instead of adding Revival or barrier skills to your character.

For Support, you can use any Mage companion. You will also like the fact that you can take advantage of AI for this particular role.

  • DPS 2

You get more options for your DPS 2 character. You have the option of picking the Dual Wield Rogue, Knight Enchanter, or the Reaver Warrior.

A good combination would be to use iron Bull, Vivienne, and Rogue characters like Sarah or Cole. However, it all comes down to what you prefer, because it will be hard to determine which one is better than the other. Reavers, for example, have very high DPS that are single target while Iron Bull will still live, even when you are using AI control.

Other notable support characters include Artificer, Rift Mage, Necromancer, and Templer. We will see how you can use them in your builds below.


Recommend Party Builds

Building the right combinations is critical if you hope to move through the levels quickly. You need to combine the different powers or specializations of the members strategically.

  • Build Option 1

Tank Warrior (Champion), dual wielding Rogue (Assassin), two-handed Warrior (Reaver) and Support mage (Knight Enchanter)

The tank generates the Aggro and utilizes the powers of the Vanguard and Champion for survival. The Reaver is the Aggressor, while the Rogue uses its abilities of subterfuge to help with the action.

  • Build Option 2

Supportive Tank Warrior (Templar), Archer (tempest), AoE Mage (Rift Walker) duel wielding Rogue (assassin)

With this combination, you get improved range and more versatility than in option one. One largely ignored best party in Dragon Age Inquisition tactic is to use the Archers. They are actually very powerful if you use them in the right way.

If, for example, you combine them with The Tempest specialization, they become a potent fighting tool. They have the ability to pick off the enemy from a distance, thus giving you more tactical moves. Combining the powers of the Rift Walker with elements such as storm, Inferno, and winter will provide you with all the firepower you need.

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  • Build Option 3

Tank Warrior (champion), Crowd Control Mage (necromancer), Support Mage (Knight Enchanter) and Duel Wielding Rogue (Artificer)

Putting two mages together is a risky tactical move but will give you the benefits of a strong attack. The tank warrior takes the front position, the Rogue lays the traps, and the Mages gives Support and control in the battlefield. The necromancer ability provides more power. The Knight Enchanter gives Support using defense tactics and the powers of the spirit tree.

  • Build Option 4

Berserker warrior (Reaver), Archer (Tempest), support warrior (Templar) and AoE Mage (rift walker)

With this combination, you do not have a single tank, but instead, distribute the Aggro between the Support and Berserker warrior. The game becomes a high risk, but the rewards are equally high. The Berserker causes maximum damage and relies on the Support Warrior for protection.

The best party in Dragon Age Inquisition requires that you utilize the powers of the different members as you play the game. Building your parties will help you understand what combinations work well and which ones are more fun for you.

You also have the option of using AI versus manual control. With manual control, you issue commands to the members, while AI lets the game control the characters.

You may, for example, find that during the game, you could switch off from the main character and take control of an Archer or Mage. While some may think that it is a risky move, it actually allows you to get a better sense of what is happening.

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