Woodcutting Guide for Old School Runescape

Woodcutting is a very useful skill used to cut down trees and acquire logs. You can sell these logs to get some profit or use them for other purposes like Firemaking, Construction, and Fletching. In this Woodcutting Guide for Old School Runescape, you will learn everything you need to become an expert in the skill.


Unique Attributes

As your level improves, you will unlock better Axes. The general thumb rule is that the better the Axe you are using, the quicker you will increase experience. You will also get access to various woodcutting locations and other trees as your level progresses.

Every tree can get depleted, but the chance of depletion varies according to the type of tree. Having a high Attack level is also essential as you will be able to equip your Axe so that you can save one inventory slot.


Advantages of Woodcutting

Woodcutting can be utilized as a starting point for players at low levels to make money early in the game. Selling your Logs at the Grand Exchange is completely up to you. However, it is advisable that you sell them at early levels so that you can get XP more effectively as you won’t have to get into your bank savings.


Step-by-Step Woodcutting Guide

Before we get into the main section of this Woodcutting Guide, I need to repeat that you should always utilize the best possible Axe you can. The best Axe in the game is the Infernal Axe, and it can get you 2,000,00 Firemaking(Check 1-100 XP Guide) XP progressing to Woodcutting level 99. So, it is genuinely worth reaching at level 61 where you unlock it. But you need to remember that the Axe needs 85 Firemaking to utilize. So, if you are a super-efficient player, this is an excellent option to save your Firemaking XP.

Here’s the step-by-step Woodcutting Guide through level 1 to 99:

Level 1 to 15 (Ordinary Trees)

From level 1 to level 15, the only thing you chop is normal trees, and they are dispersed throughout Runescape. You can already use the Iron Axe at level one. However, the Iron and Bronze Axes don’t have a big difference in cutting time.

Level 15 to 30 (Oak Trees)

At level 15 to 30, you can begin chopping Oak Trees, which are essentially remarkably excellent for profit. The lower levels can earn about 40,000 to 50,000 every hour, cutting Oak Trees. They are located in various locations throughout Runescape.

However, I would recommend two sites – Varrock and Draynor – because they are very near to a bank. You will unlock the Black Hatchet Axe at level 11, and you should utilize this to chop the Oak Trees. It takes about 500 Oak Logs to reach level 30 from level 15, and that can take you about 30 minutes.

Therefore, from now on this Woodcutting Guide, we are going to go through the quickest XP methods – not exactly the ones that will generate profit for you. We will look at those profitable ones after discussing the fastest ones.

Fastest XP Processes

Level 30 to 60 (Willow Trees)

From level 30 to level 60, the quickest XP you can achieve is cutting Willow Trees. If you are a Free to Play player, I would recommend that you cut Willow Trees at Draynor Village, and if you are a Pay to Play player, I would recommend that you cut at Catherby.

Cutting Willow Trees is the fastest Free to Play Woodcutting XP in Runescape. So, if you want a fast XP, you should play from level 30-99 to cut Willows as a Free to Play player. You will unlock the Rune Axe at Level 41, which is the best Axe for free players. The Axe assists in speeding up your XP rates per hour up to 45,000 XP.

Level 60 to 99 (Teak Trees)

For members, level 60 to 99 is the fastest possible XP in Runescape, generating you 60,000 to 70,000 XP every hour while cutting Teak Logs. You can cut them at Castle Wars or Ape Atoll. You will unlock the Dragon Axe and the Infernal Axe at level 61, and these are the best possible Axes in the game. From level 60, you will need to cut around 150,000 Teak logs to reach level 99, and it will take you about 200 hours.

Level 90 to 99 (Redwood Trees)

You will unlock Redwoods at level 90, and you can get them in the Woodcutting Guild. These have a decent XP per hour, earning you about 70,000 XP per hour and 8,000,000 profit from level 90 to 99. You need 75% Hosidus Favour in the Zeah location to cut Redwoods.

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Profitable Strategies

Here is the profitable part of our Woodcutting Guide:

Level 60 (Yew Trees)

When you reach level 60, you unlock Yew trees as both Free to Play and Pay to Play player. Varrock Castle and the South of Falador ar the best places to cut Yew trees for Free to Play players. As a member, I would recommend that you chop these at the Tree Gnome Village of Catherby. All these locations are close to a bank. However, XP and Gp per hour for Yew logs is about 60,000 GP and 30,000 XP per hour. To get from level 60 to level 99 with Yew Logs, you are going to cut 67,000 Logs or earn 23,000,000 coins.

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Level 75 (Magic Trees)

If you are a pay to Play player, you will unlock Magic Trees at Level 75, and that is where you begin making a profit. You will earn about 120,000 GP per hour. However, the XP rates are slower than Yew Logs, ranging around 25,000 XP per hour. You will cut 47,000 Magic trees to reach level 99 from level 75, which is 46,000,000profit.

Therefore, in conclusion, I would only recommend doing the profit methods from level 90 and above for a faster Woodcutting rate. Doing the methods at level 75 and 60 will make you cut logs at a very slow pace, and it is going to be uninteresting to play as your levels will be going very slowly.

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