How to get to Craglorn in Elder Scroll Online (ESO)

Craglorn is located in the northeast part of Hammerfell. Craglorn is an abandoned area situated between Hammerfell, Skyrim, High Rock, and Cyrodiil. It is plagued by bizarre, ghostly animals, prowling Orcs, and existences with vast control known as Celestials.

An army consisting of ancient, risen warriors of Yokuda lay siege in the west, led by Celestial Warrior. At the same time, atronachs fill the land available in the east, under Celestial Mage’s command. Iron Orcs, under the rule of Celestial Serpent, resides in the surrounding lands in the northern part.

The main storyline that revolves around Craglorn is the vanishing of the constellations and how the unearthly Celestials (The Mage, the Serpent, and the Warrior) are impacting Craglorn. The Unconcerned offers 12-player trials in which the players strive for a place on the leader boards while being servery exposed to environmental hazards, limited resurrection, and bosses that use unique tactics.

Craglorn has been divided into two regions. Lower Craglorn, first introduced in update 1, contained Belkarth and Elinhir and was the original version of Craglorn. The other division is the Upper Craglorn which contains Dragonstar. The region was recently added in Update 4.

Originally, Craglorn was an escapade area, where all dungeons, trials, and quests were crafted for sets of four seasoned players. Nevertheless, the adventure region model was stopped, and Craglorn was re-worked so that some of the dungeons and quests were accessible to solo players, too, with the One Tamriel update. The others were to remain group content. The following article will deal with how to get to Craglorn.


How to get to Craglorn

To make your way to Craglorn, you are expected to travel to your capital city- Elden Root, Mournhold, or Wayrest. There, you will locate Star-Gazer Herald, who is going to offer the first quest to you. The quest to be offered is known as the Star-Gazers and will take you to a city called Belkarth in Craglorn.

There is also another quest giver by the caravan on the city’s north side by the docks and houses. Though you are not necessarily supposed to accept the quest, having the caravan activated will automatically take you to Craglorn. You are required to check your guild roster if you are in a guild.

Visiting a person is one way you can use when you don’t know how to get to Craglorn.

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Star-Gazers; the Quest

The quest starts with a dire warning. A Herald comes with tales of dire threat in Craglorn taken from the Herald. If it has been taken from the noticeboard, it reads a bulletin in Belkarth that remarks an ominous menace to Craglorn.

The Star-Gazers, with their leader named Hara, asks for help about how to get to Craglorn. You are required to locate the Star-Gazer Herald in Mournhold, Elden Root, or Wayrest, or read aloud a dire threat near Bangkorai Gate or in Belkarth. You can ask the residents of Belkarth about the Star-Gazers.

Afterward, you will be required to talk to Hara in the Star-Gazers Observatory and receive the Star-Gazers blessings. Onwards, you will talk to the Thief and later to Hara.


Star-Gazers Trivia

Prerequisite Quest. This quest is offered when you reach the Veteran Rank.

Next Quest: The call from the Warrior, Elemental Army, The Corrupted Stone, the Shattered, and the Lost.

Player notes, videos, Trivia, fun art, and such go at this point.

What to Expect In Craglorn

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Quests in Craglorn

Among the Craglorn Quests, you can try in the Elder Scroll Online game include Waters Run Foul, Trial of the True Path, Uncaged, The Warrior’s Call, Trial of Martial Knowledge, The Gray Passage, Message Unknown, The Missing Guardian, The Reason We Fight, Dawn of the Exalted Viper, Gem of the Stars, Souls of the Betrayed and many more.

You obtain the quest from Regen Cassipia outside Serpent’s Nest. The reward from completing this quest successfully is very low leveled gold. The quest is located in the Valley of Scars Wayshrine.

Near the Valley of Scars Wayshrine, you will speak to the leaf for the walkthrough.

You obtain this mission from an unusual stone carving. It is located in Zallgaz’s Den, The Seeker’s Archive. The reward you get from the quest is very low leveled gold.

You are required to look for a plaque with statuettes inside a place called Zalgaz’s Den and carry the panel to a place named, Hermaeus Mora at the Seeker’s Library.

You will have this quest by talking to Little Leaf in ragonstar once you have known how to get to Craglorn. Near Dragonstar, you will be required to speak to Regent Cassipia.

The prerequisite quest is the Serpent’s Fang, while the next quest Slithering Brood. By completing the quest, you are rewarded with Leveled Gold.

The quest is obtained in Ogondar’s Winery, Rkundzelft, Spellscar, and Elinhir Sewerworks by speaking to Star-Gazer Nudryn at Crossroads Tavern. To finish this quest, you will be required to;

  • Speak to Star-Gazer Nudryn outside the Crossroad Tavern and High Elves in the tavern.
  • Gather three gems around Spellscar and talk to Ahlora at Ogondar’s Winery. These gems are charged by defeating three magical anomalies.
  • Return to the Observatory, where you will talk to Hara and use the Seeker’s Sight. Onwards, you will be required to find the first Mage aspect situated in
  • Rkundzelft and the second one in Hircine’s Haunt.
  • Talk to Valla in Ogondar’s Winery and find the severe entrance beneath Elinihir.

Knowing how to get the quests and complete them successfully for the rewards to be offered is one of the motivations that should keep you going even when you are likely to lose to your enemies. Also, having merciless and brutal enemies will help you thrive since you will be the best to survive; else, they will kill you. When you know what to do in certain quests, you will slowly learn all the required tactics to win.

Having a partner to challenge is among the ways you should employ to make the game more interesting. How to get to Craglorn will give you the thrill you would like to fill because the quests there are breathtaking. However, it is good to consult whenever you feel as if you need help to maneuver.

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