Best Weapon in Dragon Age Origins

The best way to achieve success in Dragon Age Origins is to have the best weapons. You equip your character with the right accessories to fight off enemies. With so many options, it can be challenging to know which the best is.

Our guide below will give you some excellent options, which you can consider.


Tips on Choosing the Best Weapons

Your characters have a wide array of some of the best weapons. It allows them to inflict maximum damage on their enemies. You also get bonus points on your choice of weapons.

The weapons offer armor penetration. Your characters also have the option of more than one weapon at a time. For the latter, ensure you build upon the duel wielding capabilities.

Some of them come with requirements on the stats, as we will show you below. Let’s check out some of the best weapons you have available.

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Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are some of the best weapon choices. Your main target with melee weapons is rogue builds and warriors. You want to give the maximum strength attack of the enemy. Some of the two-handed options available include battle access, Greatswords, and mauls.

One-handed options include daggers, war axes, longswords, and maces. The latter gives you low damage, but with high dexterity. You want to focus on damage as your primary stat. Your weapon should be able to do maximum damage with the hit.

  • Best materials to go for include iron, Steel, Dragonborn, and Silverite.
  • The attribute modifier determines how much of the stat goes into the damage. You get 85% and 125% range with a dagger and maul, respectively.
  • Armor penetration determines the strength of the weapon against armor. A penetration rating of 10 will ignore the same rating on enemy armor.
  • The speed modifier focuses on the speed of the swing. Always opt for a lower speed.
  • Critical chance is what you get on top of the melee critical chance. Always go for a higher stat.

Two-handed melee weapons

Chasind Great Maul

The Maul is a powerful weapon that can be used to smash through armor with ease. Unlike other common weapons, the bonus damage stat on this weapon makes it as powerful and desirable as a two-handed sword. This is because among its stats are excellent armor penetration with a strength modifier that makes it top-notch for any warrior of level 13 or higher to have in their inventory when they’re questing through dangerous territory like bandit camps.

This maul is a lethal weapon that can only be purchased in the Denerim Market District. The wielder of this maul needs to have completed three main quests after Lothering, with Gorim being your vendor.

The Chasind Great Maul offers some perks many people are looking for: both good for ranged attack (from afar) as well as melee distance attacks (up close). It does just about everything well which makes it hard to replace as you level up.


  • Armor penetration: 14
  • Damage: 12.8/14.4
  • Critical Chance: 0.8%
  • Strength modifier: 1.25
  • Requirements: 38 Strength
  • Runes: 3

Other stats:

  • +5 damage
  • +2.5 armor penetration
  • +0.5 stamina regeneration in combat
  • +75 stamina

Value: 137 gold coins, 45 silver

Ageless Greatsword

Ageless is a powerful and sought-after treasure in the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition. To obtain it, one must slay the dragon that appears when three pressure plates are activated simultaneously by standing on them while inspecting an ancient throne located deep within Orzammar’s Royal Palace.

However, completion of this quest can only be achieved before completing A Paragon of Her Kind quest; for any player to activate these pressure plates after choosing their new king would destroy said monarch with an onslaught from every direction at once!


  • Armor penetration: 5.25
  • Critical Chance: 2.25%
  • Damage: 16.5
  • Strength modifier: 1.1
  • Requirements: 34 Strength
  • Runes: 2 or 0

Other stats:

  • Weakens nearby darkspawn
  • Messy kills
  • Increases intimidation and hostility
  • +0.25 in PC or +0.5 in PS3 stamina regeneration in combat
  • +4 damage vs. darkspawn

Value:10 gold coins, 98 silver


One-handed Melee Weapons

Oathkeeper Longsword

Oathkeeper is a sword of beauty and strength forged from the melted down greatsword Ice. Valyrian steel longsword forged from the melted down greatsword Ice. Once owned by Jaime Lannister, he gifted it to Brienne of Tarth so that she could find and protect Sansa Stark.

The foot-long blade of this sword is made out of steel and will serve a templar well on the battlefield. The hilt has been wrapped with leather, which makes holding it comfortable for even long periods of fighting in heated combat. It was commissioned by the Chantry to be used by its templars as recognition for completing all three quests given from the Chanter’s Board in Lothering.


  • Armor penetration: 2.6
  • Critical Chance: 2.4%
  • Damage: 8.4
  • Strength modifier: 1.0
  • Requirements: 15 Strength
  • Runes: 1

Other stats:

  • +10% to healing effects received
  • +1.5 armor penetration

Value: 2 gold coins, 65 silver

Vanguard Mace

This is an item for the courageous hero who fought Branka and her minions, defeating them in battle. This heroic collector was brave enough to fight Branka after she sided with Caridin at the end of A Paragon of Her Kind quest! This mighty sword is his prize from that epic battle.

This ring is looted from Branka if you sided with Caridin at the end of the A Paragon of Her Kind quest. It boosts fire and earth damage by 15%.


  • Armor penetration: 7.0
  • Critical Chance: 0.75%
  • Damage: 7.5
  • Strength modifier: 1.0
  • Requirements: 28 Strength
  • Runes: 2

Other stats:

  • +3 constitution
  • +3 strength
  • +1/+2 stamina regeneration in combat

Value: 8 gold coins, 75 silver


Ranged Weapons

You get all the benefits of the melee weapons together with an aim time and range stat.

  • The Range stat is the distance from your character to an opponent before you get penalties on the attack rolls.
  • The aim start is the length of time your character can aim a weapon before firing.

Far Song Longbow

While the Far Song Longbow has been stranded in the back of a dusty shop for decades, it still sings with mysterious power. But its history is long when varied – it almost hums with mystery. Sadly, the tale has been lost to time’s ravages– but you can still take up your own adventure on an epic quest if you’re feeling brave enough!

If a Warden abandons the village of Redcliffe during “A Village Under Siege” and kills its blacksmith Owen or tells him bad news about their quest (e.g., after speaking with Connor in Lost in Castle), then they will be able to purchase an item called Far Song from a new Blacksmith that appears at this point; however, even if one brings good news back to Owen’s apprentice he won’t appear until you revisit the town.


  • Armor penetration: 8.8
  • Critical Chance: 1.6%
  • Damage: 9.6
  • Strength modifier: 1.0
  • Requirements: 34 dexterity
  • Range: 46

Other stats:

  • +2 damage
  • Rapid aim
  • +10 attack
  • +3% ranged critical chance
  • +10% critical/backstab damage

Value: 100coins – Gold, 75 coins – silver

Imperium Crossbow

The Imperial Crossbow is without a doubt the best in the game. You can find it early on before Lothering gets overrun by darkspawn! Find the merchant who overcharges and then pickpocket him after you run off some pesky sisters nearby.

The Imperial Crossbow is a powerful weapon for any player, which can be obtained from the merchant in Lothering. To steal it from the merchant, one must first approach him and initiate a conversation with these words: “What are you selling?” The Warden will then have to choose between running off angry villagers or persuade the merchant not to leave town.


  • Armor penetration: 11.0
  • Critical Chance: 3.2%
  • Damage: 12.8
  • Requirements: 30 strength
  • Range: 52

Other stats:

  • -1 dexterity – console version
  • Increased damage vs. demons (PC version): + 2 damage

Value: 2 gold coins, 2 silver, 94 bronze


Staves Weapons

Wintersbreath Staff

Do you know when you’re playing Dragon Age and have just enough money to afford the staff your character has been eyeing? Well, now there’s a way for all of us who can’t get it. The best part is that this new item doesn’t need any special skills or experience points; anyone with some gold can buy it from Tranquil Proprietor at Wonders of Thedas!

The lyrium runes seem to glow, and it emits a sound reminiscent of wind blowing through the boughs of trees.


  • Armor penetration: 40.0
  • Damage: 6.4 cold
  • Requirements: 36 magic
  • Range: 57.5
  • Restriction: Mage

Other Stats:

  • +3 spellpower
  • +10% cold damage
  • +25% cold resistance

Value: Gold- 18coins

Heaven’s Wrath

Wrath of Heaven is a powerful ability that spares no one in its path. It deals damage to demons and stuns nearby foes; embracing the Light modification increases its duration while Breath of Light heals you for every enemy Wrath of Heaven strikes. Etched into this staff’s length are stars from all overnight sky – it serves as a map through which we can follow our own celestial journey back home again!


  • Armor penetration: 35.0
  • Damage: 6
  • Requirements: 32 magic
  • Range: 56.25
  • Spell power: 6
  • Restriction: Mage

Other stats:

  • +5 spell power
  • +1/+2 mana regeneration in combat
  • +10% electricity damage

Value: 19 gold coins

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Determining the Best Weapon Choice

The choice of weapon will depend on the situation. Consider the following when picking:-

  • Two-handed weapons

Mauls are great for high attribute modifiers and armor penetration. Some examples include:

  • Ageless is Silverite and requires strength of 34. You get + 0.25 and 0.5% Stamina and Regeneration capabilities. It also gives + 4% damage in combat with Darkspawn.
  • Butterfly sword varies in material and requires strength within the range of 18 to 38. You get armor penetration and attack at +1.5% and +2.5% respectively.
  • Faith’s Edge is Silverite and requires strength of 34. You get +2% willpower, and +5% backstab damage.
  • One-Handed Weapons

Spears are great for speed and medium-to-high critical chance. Some options to consider include:-

  • Aodh, which is made of Silverite and requires strength of 27. You get +3% critical chance, +20% fire resistance and +1% fire damage
  • Fang varies in the material and requires dexterity stats 18. You get +3% and +5% cunning and melee critical chance. +6% attack and backstab damage, and +1% nature damage.
  • The Keening Blade comprises of Dragonborn material and requires 31% stats on strength. It gives + 2% +6% and +3% armor penetration, attack and cold damage respectively.
  • Maric’s Blade varies in the material and has no stats requirements. You get +3% on damage and dexterity, as well as + 2.5% armor penetration.
  • Bows

Longbows give 50/50 dexterity and strength. Crossbows equip you with 100-percent dexterity.

  • Sylvan Wood requires 26 strength. You get +3% and +6% dexterity and damage versus Darkspawn.
  • Imperium Crossbow requires 30 strength. you get +2% damage
  • Far Song requires 34 dexterity. the benefits are + 2% damage, + 3% critical chance, + 10% attack and backstab damage
  • Mages Eyes requires 34 dexterity. the benefits are + 3% critical chance, + 4% attack and backstab damage


Armors give your character protection, and the rating will determine the amount of damage every time a blow lands. Aim for higher ratings so that you suffer less damage.

Fatigue rating will increase or decrease depending on the skill levels. Opt for lower modifiers so that your character can use their skills a bit more. Higher ratings mean higher fatigue modifiers.

You must strike a delicate balancing act with your best weapons choices. For characters that you depend on for maximum damage, go for the lowest fatigue modifiers. Give heavy armor to characters that absorb maximum damage.

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Light armor

  • Battledress of the Provocateur requires 20 strength. You get +4% and + 5% dexterity and armor. +10% dodge attack, +1 percent regeneration and + 50% stamina
  • Bard’s Dancing Shoes requires no stats it gives + 6% defense and hostility reduction
  • Cadash Stompers requires strength 22. You get +2% dexterity, armor and critical chance on melee and ranged

Heavy Armor

  • Evon the Greats Mail requires strength 38. You get +2% regeneration, + 6% armor, + 10% dodge capabilities and defense.
  • Helm of Honnleath requires 20 strength. It gives you +2 percent in all that you do and +3% armor.

Massive Armor

  • Corruption requires strength 42. you get +5% and +1% dexterity and armor and +75% on spirit resistance
  • Effort Armor set gives you 2% constitution, +15% healing effects, +1% strength, +1% armor
  • Juggernaut Armor set gives you 20% resistance for fire, cold, electricity, nature, and spirit each. You also get +1% and +10% armor and metal resistance and +3% strength and constitution.

Other Accessories to Consider

You get tons of benefits from accessories such as a Ring of Ages, life-giver, Andruil’s Blessing, and the Spellward.

Pros and Cons

  • Dual wield weapons give high DPS, damage, and accuracy. They are, however, slow, can drain stamina, and the character has no shield.
  • Daggers and swords allow for dexterity and speed but offer low damage.
  • Heavy armors offer excellent protection but carry a fatigue penalty. They also draw more threats.

We have explored some of the best weapon choices in Dragon Age Origins. Pay attention to the crafting material for maximum strength and the highest DPS. Incorporate factors such as grips and runes to add to the power of the weapons.

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