Dark Soul 3 Sorcerer Build

Dark Soul 3 is great at giving you many choices if types of characters. For someone new, a knight might be the best way to start but those who like spells and fighting from a distance then a sorcerer type character would suit better. If you’re going for that then here is my Dark Soul 3 sorcerer build that I used to at the beginning of the game.

Sorcerer build can be very difficult at first if you’re not used to keeping distance and casting range attacks. Like me, I went from an OP knight, tanking damage and trading blows, to a sorcerer pretty much avoid getting melee and NOT trading attacks. Two very different styles and might be hard going from one to another.

Another thing I notice is that you might develop your own unique as you go. You might find a strategy that works for you personally or/and you might feel comfortable with it. So take all these recommendations as a base point of view and make it unique as you go. Don’t worry about that too much as it comes naturally to you when you experiment with different styles as you go.

You need to start somewhere though, and here are some of the gear, spells, stats, and weapons that I used at the beginning of the game. Again, once you’re comfortable with the sorcerer playing style then you may develop a unique build as you become stronger.


Best DS3 Starting Sorcerer Gear
sorcerer robe

In Dark Soul 3 sorcerer build gear is perhaps the worse part of the build. The nature of a sorcerer is to keep a distance, attack from a distance, dodge and always step back. They are not known to tank damage or block anything. Although you can, it wouldn’t be so much of a sorcerer. Most of your gear will consist of light armor.

If you’re brand new at Dark Soul 3 with no prior experience of Dark Souls previous games then I wouldn’t recommend starting out with a sorcerer. Here is another article that goes over in detail the best starting characters for beginners.

These are some of the gear I used at the beginning of the game. The gears are Sorcerer Robe, Sorcerer Hood, Sorcerer Trousers, Sorcerer Gloves, & Sage Ring. They are found in Crucifixion Woods bonfire. At the opposite of the big crabs towards the small crabs. That hidden little room at the very end. Please note that there is a Lycanthrope he may be a pain to kill. Be patient and clear out the Lycanthrope.  The gear should drop right after you destroy the barrels


Sage Ring
ds3 sage ring

The Sage ring increases virtual Dexterity. Virtual dexterity is effective in decreasing spell casting time. The maximum casting speed is reached at 50 Dexterity. These rings allow low dexterity builds reach the casting speed cap. A must use for all beginners.

You can find the Sage ring from a corpse in the Castle Ruin. This is where you can summon Eygon at Road of Sacrifices. Then you jump into the hole on the ground next to the sign of Eygon. This ring will give +30 virtual dexterity. What that means that you will be casting a spell as if you had 30 dexterity.

The +1 version of the ring can be found in the rafters above the Grand Archives. Drop down from the roof where the winged knights are located. This upgraded version will give you +35 virtual dexterity. If by this time you have a lower dexterity than 35, then the ring would be a good idea to wear it.

The +2 version of the ring can be found in the Dancer bonfire. Just go up the ladder and head left to the Consumed King’s Garden. When riding the elevator down get ready to roll off halfway. Head right for an Estus Shard, then head left to the broken staircase. When on the staircase look behind you and you’ll see the ring. Same deal with this ring just higher virtual dexterity. This case is 40.


Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Effect
ds3 dragoncrest ring

The Bellowing Dragoncrest ring boosts sorcery damage by +20%.  This ring can be found in the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire. Go straight into the large room and then turn right, proceed until the end of the corridor and open the gate with the Jailbreaker’s Key. The ring is on the rocks below.


Young Dragon Ring 
ds3 young dragon ring

The Effect Boosts Young Dragon Ring sorceries damage by 12%. The ring is given by Orbeck of Vinheim after purchasing any 3 Sorceries, giving him any 1 Scroll and playing as any Class but a Sorcerer.


Cleric’s Candlestick
ds clerics candlestick

The Cleric’s Candlestick is a straight sword and also a catalyst.  This weapon could be useful for those sorcerers who know how to use it well. The sword gives you a lot of great move-set like hidden jumping attack which could be very useful in PvP.

You just need to keep in mind that the Cleric’s Candlestick cannot be infused or buffed. However, it can be reinforced with Titanite. This is a weapon is the Blue Flame from Dark Souls II. Since the sword is also a catalyst, the weapon has no heavy attacks. Also, the sword has a faith requirement but cannot cast miracles.

While not as deadly as standard swords and catalysts, due to its huge variety of move-sets, it is suitable to serve as an offhand weapon. Most of the time I have seen this weapon is in PvP. You may not 3-4 shot your opponent but will keep you fast and versatile.

This is the only boss weapon that upgrades to +10 and is reinforced with regular Titanite. All the other boss weapons only go to +5 and are reinforced with Titanite Scale.

The Cleric’s Candlesticks can be Obtained by transposing the Soul of the Deacons of the Deep.


Scholar’s Candlestick

The Scholar’s Candlestick is a dagger that boosts your all the spells (Dark and Light spells) damage by 12.5%. It is recommended that you use this weapon on your off hand to acquire the bonuses for your primary spell weapon.

This weapon cannot be infused either. If you want to make more melee damage then reinforce with titanite. You can stack spell damage with other spell buff items. For example the Young Dragon Ring, Crown of Dusk, Bellowing Dragoncrest ring among other. Comment below if you know other items that may stack even more.

The location of this weapon can be bought from Shrine Handmaid. You give Greirat’s Ashes after doing the requirements for this weapon. Also, you can buy it from Greirat’s of the Undead Settlement for 3500 souls.

A free way would be killing scholars in the Grand Archive. They might drop the weapon. Maybe you’ll get lucky in your first few tries.

Court Sorcerer’s Staff
ds3 court sorcerer staff

The Court Sorcerer’s staff has the highest spell buff of all staff in Dark Soul 3. The staff provides 238 spell buff as long as you have your intellect stat at 60. Even if you don’t yet have that stat so high, the staff provides one the best spell buff of all staff. So if you intend to go full on spell casting then this staff could really help your damage output.

This staff is the most powerful in the game for non-dark sorceries. The Sage’s Crystal Staff out-damages it while its weapon art is active, and Izalith Staff does more damage with dark sorceries.

The location of this staff can drop from the mimic in the toxic swamp area of Profaned Capital. The mimic is on the second floor of the church looking building that is full of hand beasts.

Recommend Stats

Intellect is the heart and soul of this build. If you want a really strong sorcerer build then intellect is a vital part. The stat allows you to handle strong sorcerers weapons.

Attunement is vital for spells. Focus point (FP) is what your spell use for performing damage. The more you have, the more spells you can perform. Other stats like intellect are vital so is not recommended to just increase your attunement by itself.

Vigor is you health hit point (HP) stats. Just like another build, the health stats is important. For sorcerers may be very important if you’re new to the build. Sorcerers’  defense is not great. So you may have to develop skills in guarding yourself. Unless you have a shield, tanking damage or trading blows may not be a great idea for a sorcerer.

The other stats you may leave it at the base if you wish. It is up to you if you want to use your stats point to increase other than those stats for whatever reason. If you have any ideas for other stats comment below.

Great DS3 Starting Spells

ds3 soul stream

Spells, as you know, is what makes a good sorcerer. They provide your damage output and depending on what kind of sorcerer spells you use(light or dark) it may increase your health.

Soul Arrow is a great spell to start. It is great in the early because it uses very low FP. The spell works great for the early game in PvE and also PvP. Later in the game, you can upgrade to the Great Soul Arrow.

Farron Dart is another great in early game too. The dart is great for doing quick damage. I would say use the Farron Dart in combination with the Soul Arrow, especially in PvP. The dart can be used for finishing opponents with low HP. It is not recommended to use the dart as your primary spell because the damage output is just too little and will cost you some of your speed.

Farron Hail can deal with a lot of damage if you have all the right conditions. If you have all your spell buff items and gear and actually direct hit your opponent then you’re going to do serious damage in PvP and PvE. The only thing about this spell is that the range is not great so you may have your defense compromise using this spell effectively. Great PvP players are aware of this so you may have to be crafty to actually hit them with this spell.

Soul Spear is another great damage inducting spell. They are very costly on your FP but very effective on PvE and PvP. If you can land this shots then you’re going to do great damage about in the 400s and even 500s if you’re very buffed. It actually cost more than another powerhouse spell like the Great Heave Soul Arrow but the Soul Spear damage output is way better. Almost every spell is based on great timing so it doesn’t really matter how much damage they can do if you cannot hit them.

Soul Stream is the most ridiculous spell of the game (in a good way). If you can land this spell attack then you’re going to be overpowered. I say that because of the casting time of this spell. It is very bad. Unless your opponent is a statue or beginner noob or just anything that moves, it is going to be very difficult to land a direct hit. Effective ways to land successful hits is through surprise attacks. This method works well for PvP and PvE but once your opponent is aware of it then it recommends to not try it again. Unless you ready to tank damage, which as a sorcerer you opponent be doing.

This is far from a from the perfect beginning build but I don’t think there isn’t such thing as a perfect build. These are some of the items and spells to consider while building your ultimate sorcerer. If there is anything I missed that could be very useful then comment below.

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