Ghost Recon Wildlands Player Stats Explained

If you’re curious about your Ghost Recon Wildlands player stats or just want to compare your stats with your friends but don’t know how to read it, then this article is here for you.

Ghost Recon compared to other games, like Call of Duty, doesn’t have a very detailed player stats. They could have gone with a lot more stats but who cares how many times you prone on a dead body’s face.

The player stats are displayed compact and organized. All you need to learn is what they actually mean. Once you have that handled, then reading these stats should be second nature.

Also, if you’re a dedicated player, then the stats could give you hints on where you should improve. You could also compare your stats with your friend and see where you’re lacking. Assuming you’re a competitive and a stat maniac.

How to have access to your player stats? Go to the Ghost Recon Website and log in to your account. Then just simply click on your profile and there ya go.

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Average Kill Distance just tells you what distance you have kill the most. This is an important factor in determining your playstyle classification.

For example, a player that always snipes and it is tactical but is not silent then that player will be classified as an overwatch. But, if you like to go in close and loud then most likely you’ll be classified as a raider.

There are more classifications in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

ghost recond wildlands playstyle classification

The tactical bar is more complicated than almost all the stats in the game. The stat is based on how well you use your resources and how well you execute them.

Detecting enemies and then successfully killing them is one the main examples and getting detected lowers it. Using your mines, flashbangs, flares, and frags and other equipment and getting kills will also raise the stat.

Using silent weapons does not affect the stats. Do not worry about going loud on the battlefield.

Stealth kills is measure by undetected kills or melee take-downs. They key is to not get detected by the enemy and kill them without noticing you.

The best way is to go with silent guns if you want to raise it quickly. Although is not necessary to with silent only, just do not get detected.

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Lifetime – This is a hard stat to read. Most gamers say that is the total time of engaging in the gunfight. Few others say is the total amount of time you’ve stayed alive.

The first theory looks more appealing. If you know what is the correct answer then let us know in the comment.

Longest shot just tells you the longest distance that you have kill an enemy. If you’re a sniper gamer then should be over 100m. If you a rusher then it shouldn’t be that long. The longest shot would be 1652m

Precision stats just display the shots fired hitting your enemy. This is stat is usually really high for experience snipers and shotgun users. They only need to shot at most once or twice to kill an enemy.

As far as other guns, like assaults rifle, you will need to shoot multiples times before killing your opponent, therefore, more chances for you to miss.

Favorite 1st and 2nd gun just the two top guns you have used the most in term of skills and time. Nothing fancy here.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands longest shot (1652m)


Teammates revived is another simple stat. Just shows the count number of how many times you have revived your teammate through your all your gameplay. And shows if you’re a team guy or just like to go Rambo on your own disregarding everyone.

C4/Mines kills counts. There are a kill 7 enemies with C4 or mines trophy. That is a bit hard to do. If you want to complete this challenge then here is a Youtube video.

Drone used records the total amount of time that a player uses the drone in combat.

ghostrecon:wildland How to do c4 or mine kill 7 trophy


Total Airtime records the total amount of time that a player has spent in an air vehicle.

Total ground time records the total amount of time that a player has spent in a ground vehicle.

Parachute – The number of times that a player has open a parachute.

Map discovery simply tells you the percentage of the area you have explored.

Ghost Recon Wildlands player stats just simply reflect your playstyle. You shouldn’t worry too much about it. If it is working for you and you’re happy then these stats are a bunch of BS. “Improving” these stats means changing playing styles, which might be something hard, especially in the beginning.

If you’re a player that just loves to rush loud, then do not expect to have 100% tactical and silent. By any means, this does not indicate whether you’re a noobie or a pro. You could use the player stats to gather information about your enemies by countering their playstyles.

Did I miss anything? Do you have any suggestions? Then let us know in the comments below. Also, for more tips and tricks here. For more tricks and tips articles.

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