Overwatch How to Change Crosshair

Overwatch could be very competitive. Just the multilayer top ranks alone requires a lot of skills. One of those skills is shot as accurately and precisely as possible. Find out How to change crosshair in Overwatch and the best ones.

If you’re trying to get out of the Bronze league then looks for the best character crosshair below and head to this article on how to get out of the Bronze league in Overwatch.

If you feel as though some of these crosshair settings just aren’t the right settings for you then feel free to change them however you want.

If you want to improve your accuracy, you may have to go through a lot of experimentation to find the best fit for yourself.

Even though I will suggest crosshair changes from the default, you should still try to adjust even further to improve yourself.

Some of these can be a big help for most and may not be the ideal crosshairs for others. In some cases, the default crosshair can be a disadvantage to a lot of heroes but some are already fine as is.

Before getting into every hero, it’s important to note that you should always choose highlight colors such as green bright yellow or hot pink for your crosshair circle or dot. As those colors pop much more on your screen than darker colors.

For example, if we had red as our cross terms well a lot of enemy indicators. So, you should choose something light except for red but also but not too distracting.


I would suggest using a really small crosshair with barely a gap or no gap at all. Having a small cross for him not makes it easier for you to see what’s going on your screen.

It also makes sure that you aim as precisely as possible. Unlike someone like soldier where you want to have longer crosshairs to track where you are going to be focusing on.It would be tracking like you would with an automatic rifle.

it’s just a point-and-shoot when it comes to accuracy, so small crosshairs are the way to go. Especially you want to get as many consistent headshots possible.

So, make your length about 5 to 10 with the gap rolling 1 to 5. You should leave no gap at all. You could even go for a dot if you prefer that over the crosshairs.

Keep in mind, It’s a bit harder to keep track of on your screen when it’s just a dot. Other hands, the crosshair has got lines making it sort of more revealing.


overwatch crosshair reaper

Reaper not only has a widespread but his shotguns proved to be the deadliest. When you’re the closest to your target you can see the widespread due to the large circle spread.

An issue with that would be when going for headshots. Due to the circle being so big, it might a problem getting accurate shots to the head. If you decrease the circle size by half or more, then your chances of getting good headshot hits and kill increases by a whole lot.

This would be a better strategy if you’re going for a headshot strategy. That strategy could be effective for all-out rushing. You could leave the big default circle as is and target your opponent’s body. If you go for body shot that is another effective strategy for the Reaper.


overwatch crosshair roadhog

Roadhog is default is pretty decent but I would suggest trying out a really small crosshair with no gap. This would improve your accuracy with this shotgun.

I know that a lot of gamers says that shotgun does not need a small crosshair because of the shotgun spread. However, Roadhog has an ability to pull his opponents with hooks and having a small crosshair, it improves your accuracy a lot.


overwatch crosshair soldier 76

When using soldier 76, you want to find it a fairly small to medium sized gap. Don’t use a dot in the center of the sight so pasty down to zero but a long line the crosshair length.

It should be more on the bigger size something around 40. The lines will be beneficial for tracking when firing the long process. It will help you follow enemy heroes and get them in the middle of your target.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to get too carried away and make them too long where would be too distracting. You don’t want too much of the action to be covered up with your crosshair.


overwatch crosshair sombra

Sombra and Tracer also used stuns with the smaller spreads.

You may not want the crosshairs to be as long as soldiers.

They should help with tracking the pull with how much more fast in combat would you need.

Especially with tracer, it may seem more of a nuisance having lines as long.


overwatch crosshair genji

I would suggest something really similar to soldiers crosses but with an even smaller depth. The reason for that is tracking and it is not like he shoots an automatic assault rifle obviously the line should be as long as they could help you better understand the spread from his blades.

It isn’t the best indicator as you can’t have it as long as the spread from his attack but it’s better than not having the lines at all.

His primary needs your accuracy to be at its best so keeping that small gap in the middle. It is a great idea as it tells you exactly where the shuriken will end up.


overwatch crosshair zenyatta

He is another hero where you want to try and be as precise as you can. I would suggest tiny crosshairs with a rather small gap.

As well not as small as Mccree’s but make the gap slightly bigger as you have a bit more leeway.

A smaller crosshair would do well 10 for the crosshairs length at around 12 to 16 for the gap would you just fine.


overwatch crosshair bastion

With Bastion, I would go for a longer crosshair and a small to medium sized gap this is sort of like Soldier-76.

You want to be in situations where you want to be able to track on two targets much more easily Bastion crosshair doesn’t need to be as precise as soldier’s but when firing a bigger gap can be good. 

You can afford to be slightly off when playing as Bastion. Even more than Zenyatta so long crosshairs with a medium sized gap should do well for him.


overwatch crosshair junkrat

I would just go to the dot because your crosshairs aren’t really a good indicator of where exactly your vomit will hit.

As it has some travel time as well so get a dot so it can be the least distracting on your screen.

I would suggest you use crosshairs similar to McCree.


overwatch crosshair mei

Mei projectiles require you to aim more precisely as opposed to some other heroes such as Roadhog.

So if you want to have crosshairs that are not too big but actually quite small then you can. Even use a dot but that may be harder to see.


overwatch crosshair pharah

Pharah is kind of similar to Symmetra.

Rockets are slow and take time to travel so you may want to go with something that’s the least distracting.

Tiny crosshair may be the best choice for her.


overwatch crosshair torbjorn

Torbjorn is similar to Roadhog where you can shoot either short-range with a burst or long range.

It does require a bit more accuracy but honestly, you’ll spend most of your time with your normal crosshair.

You should go for smaller crosshairs as well something similar to a Mccree’s would do just fine.


overwatch crosshair widowmaker

You need to very precise with Widowmaker. What do I mean by that? If you’re going to use Widomaker then you should be going for headshots. The way to improve that is to have a similar crosshair style to soldiers.

However, you want them with even longer lines. Those lines are going to be a massive helpful in tracking.

If someone’s headed slightly to the left or slightly under the center of your crosshair and it’s on the line it’s much easier to follow it. It may seem a bit distracting though so I would suggest making your crosshairs very thin.

That is it, just have long crosshairs and a small gap.


overwatch crosshair ana

Ana is going to be another hero we’re a tiny crosshair. Small crosshair gives you the best probability to shoot snipers with high accuracy.

The default circle is a bit too big. At times, you think you got your opponent locked in the circle however, most of the time it ends up hitting nothing.

By having a tiny plus on your screen would help you ensure you actually do hit a target when he’s in your crosshair.

Ryan Hart

A hero unlike the rest because you won’t really be spending as much of your time attacking.

As you would be protecting your team but by the time you would be attacking.

A dot would do just fine. Sometimes you want to toss out a fire strike here and there and the dot would be good enough.

Also, it is to show you what direction you want to throw it


Orisa can go well with either a small circle or small cross.

She’s got a spread but smaller than normal.

Similar to Mccree’s crosshair but a little bit smaller.


Winston’s practically got aimbot so it doesn’t really matter what you to trim.

Just go to the tiny circle show your crosshairs are the least distracting as possible. Even for your sensitivity, you can max that it doesn’t really matter. It is not like you can’t really miss shot.

Why not have the ability to turn on people really quickly do this default circle which is a great indicator of his cannon spread.

The dot in the middle is nothing but a distraction so I would say get rid of that turn its opacity down to zero. There is really no benefit of having that dot in the middle.

Hanzo, Mercy,, Symetra, and Lucio

They are also fine with their default. know you can change those out but that doesn’t mean you can’t tinker with their settings to your liking.

Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments below and suggest a crosshair.

By any means, you can modify these suggested crosshairs to your likings. In fact, I would use it as starting point and then keep adjusting to my style.

Please note that changing your crosshair won’t do miracles for you.

Play hard and you will win a lot of games. How to get out of Bronze League tips and tricks. A great starting would be with the most efficient crosshair. More tips at the linked article.

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