Firemaking Guide for Old School Runescape

Firemaking is an important skill to acquire in OSRS as you will use its various levels to achieve multiple targets. For instance, it is crucial for the cooking skill because it will enable you to cook from almost anywhere.

It is also instrumental in combination with woodcutting skill to set the Logs on fire immediately after cutting them down. You can, therefore, after train two skills in one instance. 

In this article, we will provide different methods of developing firemaking skills in Old School Runescape, for the guideline to get the best skills and tips to use if you want to get from level 1 to 99 pretty quickly. The following OSRS firemaking guide will be beneficial as you advance through the game.


Lighting Logs

Lighting logs is the simplest way of developing firemaking skills. Logs are also the main source of training; therefore, you will have to go this in one way or another. After lighting logs, you get awarded Experience Points (XP). 

Logs are obtained by chopping trees using woodcutting, or you can decide to purchase them from the Grand Exchange. Also, you can kill certain monsters like Swamp Crab to get logs.The important thing to remember is that each type of log requires a particular level of firemaking skill. As the player progresses through levels, it will enable one to light high-quality logs, therefore, gaining higher XP. 

For instance, with firemaking level 1, a player can only light regular logs, which award only 40 XP. In level one, you can burn the Achey tree, which gains you 40 XP. Reaching level 15, you light the Oaktree, which earns you 60 XP. Level 30 enables you to burn the Willow tree gaining you 90 XP. 

When you reach level 35, you can burn the Teak tree, which gives a user 105 XP. At level 42, burning the Arctic pine tree gains you 125 XP. On reaching level 45 of firemaking skill, a user can light up the Maple tree, which brings in 135 XP. At level 50, the player can light the Mahogany, which gains a total of 157.5 XP.

On reaching the higher levels, a player gets higher XP. On level 60, a player can burn the Yew tree, which earns 202.5 XP. Level 75 enables the player to burn Magic logs, gaining 303.8 XP in the process. From level 90-99 a player, you get the chance of burning the Redwood tree, which earns 350 XP. 

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Training in the Wintertodt Minigame

On getting to firemaking level 50, a player gets a chance to participate in the Windertodt minigame. It comes with its own set of benefits and challenges. One of the benefits of the minigame is that a player can train both firemaking and woodcutting skills.  The most crucial advantage of all, however, is getting the Pyromancer outfit. 

The challenge comes because the player will likely get damaged, and therefore, particular precaution is needed. It may also result in death without proper preparation. Therefore, food is a crucial requirement as it helps the player to heal. Other requirements include wearing warm gear such as gloves and boots that will reduce the amount of damage.

Players earn points during the game by attacking the boss the Brazier. You do this, lighting the boss with logs. You can then use the points to get various awards. To obtain a chest, you need a minimum of 500 points.

The minigame is also a useful money-making mission while training the firemaking levels. You can earn firemaking XP 100 times at the current level. You also get to collect valuable items like herbs and gems. 

If you are on firemaking level 50, you can earn 161k XP per hour. Level 60 gains you 193k XP per hour while level 70 gets you 226k XP an hour. If you are on the 80th level, you earn 258k XP each hour. Level 90 earns you 290k XP per hour while level 99 gets you 320k XP per hour.


Barbarian Firemaking

It is part of barbarian training, which usually starts speaking with Otto God blessed near the Barbarian Outpost. The user should have level 35 of firemaking experience to be able to ignite the Oak Log necessary for Barbarian Trainings. Bow firemaking is an integral part of Barbarian training.

You can ignite logs using different types of bows. However, Ogre, Dark, and crystal bows will not work. Lighting fires with bows requires one to have attained 20 levels or higher of firemaking experience.


Firemaking Quests

By participating in some or all of the quests will enable you to skip several firemaking levels. They give a chance to do firemaking training differently. The quests include Giant Dwarf, which gains the player 1500 XP. 
Heroes quest earns 1575 XP points while the Enlightened journey earns a user 4000 XP points. Making friends with my arm gives 5000 XP points, and the Enakhra’s quest earns 7000 XP points.


Alternative Firemaking Training Methods

Firemaking in OSRS doesn’t involve excellent money-making methods or techniques. Windertodt minigame is probably one of the suitable techniques for making money. You can light magic logs and Yew Logs. 

Lighting magic logs earns the player 303 XP for every set of Logs. You get these magic Logs by cutting down magic trees mainly found in many places. You require level 75 woodcutting to cut down a magic tree, but you also have the option of buying from the Grand Exchange. The exciting thing about lighting magic logs is that you get to earn 380k XP per hour.

Lighting Yew Logs gains a player 202 XP. You can get Yew trees in the woodcutting guild, but you can also buy from the Grand Exchange. You can also earn 300K XP per hour.

Crucial Firemaking items

As you progress through the levels, there are some items you will require to perform firemaking training. They are;


It is an essential item to have to complete firemaking training because you use it to fire the logs. You can purchase it from the general store, for example, the Khazard general store or by slaying monsters like Cave Bugs.

Pyromancer Outfit

Only obtainable through the Windertodt minigame, it can be a handy item to have. Each part of the outfit boosts XP points. With the full gear, you can get a total of 2.5% bonus boost. 

To light a fire, the player will require a log and tinderbox. With the advancement in the levels, and with Barbarian Training, you can make a fire with a bow. Use the above methods to gain the necessary firemaking skill to advance in OSRS.

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