Fletching Guide for Old School Runescape

Undoubtedly, fletching is one of the most critical P2P skills that you will need in Old School Runescape. Usually, you will need a membership or BOND to activate it. But worry not. This skill is relatively easy to learn, and you will be an expert within a short time.  This fletching guide is going give best tips to level up fast.

Additionally, OSRS fletching is not such a complex skill. It comes in handy in crafting ranged weapons as well as their ammo. This way, for as long as you can utilize your skills, this would be a decent money-making method for you to embrace. 

This training will often involve combining two items into one. Usually, you will require three clicks to make up to 150 items. However, there are times that three clicks will result in 14 items, while two clicks give you ten pieces. It will all be dependent on the method you are using. 

Whereas you might spend a considerable amount of money if you want to learn relatively fast, you will be sure of getting value for money. But no, do not lose hope. That does not mean that we do not have affordable methods of learning. 

In this light, we explore some of the methods that you should consider in this pursuit. Our focus will be on both semi-AFK and click-intensive approaches. Further, we dwell on level 1 to 99 only. 


Arrow Shafts

This method is essential in making arrows. Usually, you will be free to cut them from logs using a knife. Each tier assures you of five extra fletching experience for every set of 15 arrow shafts. Further, you could attach 15 feathers to each of the shafts. Usually, this method will come in handy when handling levels 1 to 10. 

While at it, you could consider the Headless Arrows method. With this method, the player will be sure of netting approximately 35k for every hour of a fast fletching training method. Like the earlier method, you will need both shafts and feathers. It is ideal for level 1 to 25. Most often, you will spend about 15 minutes on this step. 



This method will often need regular fletching logs. Further, you will need to string them too. Besides being relatively fast, stringing these bows tends to be relatively profitable. While you will not make much from stringing, you will be sure of not losing so much. Feel free to string them if you want to level much faster. 

This level will often require about 3316 experience. As such, you will have to make about 332 logs into the longbow. It will be ideal for level 10 to 25. 


Oak Shortbows and Longbows 

Usually, string bows will come in handy for levels 25 to 35. With this method, the player will be sure of getting about 50k experience every hour. Often, you will need to start with short bows if you are between levels 20 and 25. Stringing would be a viable option for any bow you might want to consider. 

With longbows, you will need around 14 oak longbow as well as 14 bowstrings. Often, you will spend about 30 to 35 minutes for you to reach level 35 finally.  


Willow longbows 

This method will be the best for you as you approach level 35 to 37. You will be sure of getting around 65k experience with this method. However, you will require 14818 experience for you to get here. Further, you will need to flex about 446 logs into the shortbows. 

For you to string these willow longbows, you will need 14 bowstrings as well as 14 willow longbows. Given that you will use this approach to complete only two stages, it should not take you more than 20 minutes to complete. 


Steel darts 

This method tends to be much faster than stringing willow longbows. It guarantees you about 700k experience in an hour. However, it is much expensive, yet you will be sure of getting better training from this method. 

Often, you will need steel darts and feathers during this process. Such should be at a fast pace too. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that it could be relatively hard for you to craft your darts for more than an hour straight. Usually, this process will drain you and consume much of your time. 

You will appreciate this method whenever you are between levels 37 and 52. 

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Maple bows 

Nothing will be handier and more useful to you than the short bows method when you hit level 52. With these short bows, you will need a 65303 experience. This way, you will have to flex about 1307 logs into your short bows. 

As you progress to between level 60 and 70, you will find it valuable to consider maple longbows. This approach ill help in fletching Yew logs. Often, you will require around 1545 logs for you to go through. 

Yew Longbows 

Once you hit 70, it will be much easier for you to fletch Yew longbows. It is a decent method that you can rely on up to 99. Did you know that reaching this level will require you to gain up to 1248441 experience? As such, you will need 16646 registrations into your longbows. 

You will rely on this method for not only cutting logs but also improving your profitability in the long run. 
Further, you could rely on broad bolts at this stage. Usually, you will spend up to 300 slayer points. You will be sure of getting around 300k an hour from this method. 

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Adamant darts

With this training method, you will be confident of netting over 1m in an hour. Did you know that it is one of the fastest ways for you to consider? It will be the ideal method for you to rely on as you head to 99. 

While it could be relatively costly, you will appreciate how much time it could save you in the long run. In most cases, you will spend up to 100m on this method. 

For as long as you understand which method to rely on at which stage, you will be sure of getting the best. In your pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience, ensure that you understand these methods and apply them.

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