Fishing Guide For Old School Runescape

Every player who sets foot on Tutorial Island will know how to fish by the time they leave. You cast a net into the water and draw some shrimp you cook. This humble skill will become one of your most essential skills in your adventures in Gielinor. Fishing provides you with a variety of fish you can sell or eat yourself.

In this OSRS fishing guide we will discuss the different ways to level up your fishing skill, for both Free-To-Play and Pay-To-Play. While there are plenty of ways players may want to go about leveling up their fishing skills, these are the highest rated and can also bring in a tidy profit!


Shrimp And Anchovy (FtP and PtP)


Regardless if you are a Pay-To-Play member or a Free-To-Play member, you’re going to have start somewhere. Hope you’re not sick of shrimp from Tutorial Island, because you’ll be dealing with them for the next twenty levels! Make sure you still have a small net handy, if you don’t buy one at the fish store in Lumbridge.

The absolute best place to catch shrimp is in Draynor Village, near the bank. A level 7 Dark Wizard will roam this area so it’s recommended you are at least level 10, so he won’t attack you. As the bank is nearby, you can store all your catches to sell for later. If you’re more interested in experience, just drop all your shrimp and continue to fish. At level 15 you’ll begin to catch anchovies, which like shrimp you can either bank or drop.


Sea Slug Quest (PtP)

For members who are interested in improving their fishing levels as fast as possible, the Sea Slug Quest is a great way to get some experience without having to spend time fishing. The quest can be found on the Fishing Platform, east of Witchaven, and while the quest is easy enough you do need level 30 in fire making to actually complete the quest.


Trout and Salmon (FtP and PtP)


If you want to get level 99 fishing as quickly as possible, then fishing for trout and salmon is the tried and trued method that fishing champions have been using for years. You need to have a level 20 fishing skill to start catching trout, and by level 30 fishing you’ll start catching salmon. For this method you’ll need a fly-fishing rod and feathers; to get all the way to level 99 fishing over three hundred thousand feathers will be needed.

Lumbridge, the fishing spots located across the river, and the Barbarian Village, the fishing spots by the eastern entrance, are the best spots for both free-to-play and pay-to-play players. With Lumbridge you have the convenience of a bank unlike the Barbarian Village where the nearest bank is in Varrock.

It’s common for players who want to keep their catch to fish in Lumbridge and for those that are after experience will fish in Barbarian Village and drop their catch. This also means players looking for free fish can always find some on hand at the Barbarian Village, but always ask another player if you can take their catch first.

For Pay-To-Play players there are a few extra fishing spots including outside the Farming Guild, Shilo Village which also has a bank, Seers’ Village which again has a nearby bank, and south of Baxtorian Falls. Keep these areas in mind if Lumbridge or Barbarian Village are crowded. You will need to complete a quest to have access to Shilo Village so this may not be your best option.

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Harpoon Fishing (FtP and PtP)

By level 35 fishing a player can start harpoon fishing, which of course requires a harpoon to use. For players looking to make a profit and don’t mind waiting awhile longer to reach level 99 fishing than get ready to set sail to Karamja or travel to Catherby!

For Free-To-Play players the only harpoon location is in Karamja, north of the banana plantation on an isolated dock. Normally it’s recommended to only start harpoon fishing at level 50, as you start catching swordfish which sell for more than tuna. As the trip to Karamja only cost 30 gp, start harpooning when you like and keep the tuna. They are in demand as much as other fish, and heal a fair 10 HP.

For Pay-To-Play players, while Karamja is viable due to the nearby Mor Ul Rek and its bank, your best option for harpooning is in Catherby as a bank is very close to stash your catch. As a Pay-To-Play player, at level 76 fishing you will begin to catch sharks. However, exclusively catching sharks is a waste of time and it’s better to just settle to dropping tuna and collecting both swordfish and sharks.


Lobster Pot (FtP and PtP)


Another method to make money while fishing is to fish for lobster. Lobsters are always in demand, healing 12 HP, and while their experience output is not as good as power-fishing salmon and trout, they can make a nice tidy profit.

In truth, the best fishing locations are the same ones from Harpoon Fishing. Karamja for Free-To-Play and Catherby for Pay-To-Play. For Free-To-Play players that have access to the Corsair Cove Resource Area, which you can reach after finishing both Dragon Slayer and The Corsair Curse, you can use this to bypass paying the 30 gp fare but given the quest requirements it’s easier to just pay the small fare.


Barbarian Fishing and Drift Net Anchors (PtP)

For Pay-To-Play members that want to get the best experience regardless of gaining profit or not, this is the best method for you. This method is a bit more complicated, as it requires you to have level 47 Fishing and level 44 Hunter and have access to Fossil Island. Here you can chase fish into drift nets for a price of 200 nummulites a day, or 20,000 nummulites for permanent access. While it can be done passively, for the best results chasing the fish shoals is required.

Once you have gotten to level 58 fishing, you can catch leaping salmon at the Barbarian Fishing. This rewards a player with both agility and strength training on top of fishing. Using the three-tick manipulation, where you cut a fish into roe and eat it and then fish will net you with more experience per hour than waiting for inventory to fill. You’ll also gain some cooking experience but creating the roe. 

Make sure you have started both Barbarian Training and have access to Fossil Island before you start this fishing training. It’s very easy to get sidetracked and you want to be focused in order to make it to level 99 fishing.

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