Best Enchantments in Skyrim

PC RPG gaming is one of the best activities that you can consider partaking, especially in your free time. Among the best of these games include the classic Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The Skyrim is a mixture of medieval and Vikings times fights. Skyrim allows you to play as Dovahkiin, which is a form of a dragon.

In these battles, you fight against creatures that have superpowers. For you to secure a win, you need to have the best weapons in place. As such, you need to select the Skyrim best enchantments, which will help you attack an enemy quickly and secure victory. But which are the Skyrim best enchantments you can choose?

In this article, I give you a list of the best charms that will provide you with incredible gaming experience.


Banish (Effect)

For a magical experience, Skyrim Banish is one the most fun enchantments. The weapon sends summoned Daedra to the Oblivion. Once you wear it, it makes them disappear. You can describe its effects as a 1-hit kill.

Each spell has a specific effect variance that the banish uses. If you have the Oblivion Bidding Peak unlocked, the impact of Banish happens automatically to every bound weapon. 

We can consider this as the most profitable of all enchantment effects. With banish and a single soul gem, it is easy to build a dagger worth more than 2000 gold. Note that the spell affects only the summoned Daedra.

You will not be able to banish natural Daedra unless you kill them. Among its significant features include;

  • It’s a defensive mechanism enchantment,
  • ID: 000acbb 

Base Cost 9 and gives a banish effect.

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Paralyze Spell

The use of poisons to paralyze your target is one of the effective ways that will help you secure a win. The weapon will paralyze the target for up to 6 seconds. That gives you enough time to hurt your opponent hard enough to win the fight.

Until the poison wears off, your enemy will not be able to attack or move. Among the sources of the poison include Briar Heart, Canis Roots, Daedra Venin, Daedra Silk, Corkbulb Roots, Thorn Hook, and Rot Scale, among many others. 

Among its unique characteristics include;

  • ID: 00073f30
  • Base Cost: 5000
  • Base Mag: 0
  • Base Dur: 1

The base chance of paralyzing the target stands at 26%.

The paralysis effect has no cure and combining it with the Absorb Stamina, and the enchantment offers the best fight activities. It’s good to note, some of the creatures are, however, immune to the paralysis. 

Since it is a strong weapon, it works best for the PVE games. For the PVP, it can make you more of a superpower than your opponent. If the two players are pro, the weapon will serve better for the two.


Absorb Stamina

The Absorb stamina is one of the Skyrim best enchantments you should consider picking. It transfers from the target to the weapon holder points of stamina. It’s easy to compare the enchantment to Damage Stamina on the target, and a Restore Stamina for the attacker. The device comes up in two separate versions. Drainheart Sword is the recent development that is easy to disenchant. Its features are;

  • Costs: 0.2
  • ID: 0010f21f
  • The base cost of 22
  • Belongs to the type offensive

The device works best in that, and you get a guarantee that you’ll not run out of stamina when fighting. That gives you an upper hand in comparison to your enemies and enables you to win battles. The enchantment works best for the PVP mode.

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Absorb Health

Absorb health is another great weapon that you can consider in Skyrim. It absorbs a lump sum of health from the target to the weapon holder. The effect of the enchantment compares to Damage health for the target and Restore health for the attacker. The weapon ensures that your health remains at its best, giving you a chance to enjoy a good fight. Among its unique features include;

  • The item belongs to destruction school and offensive type
  • ID: 000aa155
  • Base Cost: 40

Absorb Magicka

The weapon transfers Magicka points from the target to the weapon holder. It plays as a Damage Magicka to the target and on the weapon bearer as a Restore Magicka. In the same way as the Absorb Health and Absorb stamina, Absorb Magicka increases Magicka at the expense of your target. Its effects are passive instead of being active.

Of its two versions, Drainspell Bow is the most effective of all. The characteristics for the Drainspell Bow include;

  • ID : 0010f221
  • Cost: 1.2.

In most of the cases, it is possible to see other reviews refer to it as Drain Magicka. That is so, as there appears to be no difference between the descriptions given for the two. 

Note that, you should consider using it when playing PVP video game mode. It’s among the best and closes our list of the best five enchantments in Skyrim.

These are the six Skyrim best enchantments that you can consider using in your fight. Using them assures you of increased chances of securing a win. Some such as the Banish and Paralysis will give you tremendous effects in comparison to other types.

What I recommend is, consider using a variety of them in one fight. That gives you an accumulated list of advantages and helps you secure a battle easily. If you love gaming at Skyrim, this is your chance to enhance your experience by taking the right weapons. Use these weapons, and you will have a different story to tell.

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