Skyrim Hearthfire: Where to find clay, stones, wood, & glass

If you just bought land in Skyrim and you’re struggling to find or don’t know where to find clay and stones then here is your answer. These are essential items that you need to build your house in Skyrim.

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Quarried Stone Location

Quarried Stone Location

When you search for stones you want to go to a query near your land. In other words, find a place near your land with a lot of white rocks. If you look closely toward the ground, you will find a pickaxe. Grab the pickaxe and you should start mining right away in that same place.

You have an unlimited amount of stones supply, so don’t worry about ever running out of stones. Again, you should find the stone within a 5 – 10 meters from your land. The quarries are obvious to find and you shouldn’t have any issues.


Clay Deposit Location

skyrim where to find clay

As for clay, they are located in the woods and very near as well to your land area. You will spot the clay because it has lighter brown color just like dirt. The clay has an oval shape like a smudge on the ground. Once you find it, then mine normally like the stone.

Same as stones, you will have an unlimited supply of clay. If you don’t have the pickaxe, then you should be found near the query around the land. Clay should be around 10-15 meters away from the land.


Sawn Log Location

skyrim where to find wood

As for wood, you cannot mine free like clay and stones. You will have to buy wood but it is also an infinite amount of wood.

To find the vendor, travel to Riverwood. Then go to Hod and Gerdur’s house. It should be towards the right-hand side once you spawn at the location, opposite the river. Once you’re in the house, then speak to Hod.

You can 20 logs for 200 gold.

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Hearthfire Glass

If you need glass to make to alchemy laboratory, enchanter’s tower or maybe a display case for your house.

The glass is actually very easy to get. Glass can be bought from general goods merchants and can be found as random loot around the map.

Did I miss anything on where to find clay and stones? Let us know in the comments below. For more game tips and trick article here.

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